About Me and CyclistsHub.com

My name is Petr Minařík (haha, do you dare to pronounce it?), and I am a founder of CyclistsHub.com. I founded this website with several goals.

The first goal was to help people when deciding what bike and bike accessories to buy. If you are a beginner, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options on the market. In every product review article, you find out how to choose the particular product to best suit your needs. No product will suit us all.

My second goal was to improve the information quality on the internet. My friends who run cycling stores always complain: “People are too ‘smart’. They read things on the internet, but it is bull**it.” Well, they were often right. I research every topic in detail to provide you with the most accurate and helpful information possible.

Last but not least, I believe that sharing know-how is important. Although I have never been a professional cyclist, I had the opportunity to ride with pros and gain their know-how. And now, I would love to share it with YOU.

If you find the content on Cyclists Hub helpful, please, consider donating. Every dollar helps. I reinvest earned money to provide you with even better content.

Road bike race ITT
Uphill individual time trial race

How Do I Choose the Best Products?

Before I choose products for my selections, I do extensive market research. I evaluate user reviews, reviews of influencers, and also well-known magazines and websites. If I have personal experiences with a product, I share them as well. I do the reviews as unbiased and objective as possible. I always try to put myself in my readers’ shoes and consider their needs. 

Let’s find the best cycling equipment for your needs!

My Story

Below, you learn more about me and about my ‘cycling’ story.

Painful Beginnings

I started riding a bike when I was 4 y.o. Honestly, I had to ask my mom to tell me when I started because I didn’t remember it anymore. Anyway, I abraded my knees and elbows countless times, but it did not stop me from riding. 

I loved every moment of it until one day when I had a horrible crash on my first – fixed gear bike. My brakes failed, and I crashed badly. 

Luckily, I wore a cycling helmet, and I didn’t break anything. Of course, I didn’t want to ride a bike for the days because I was scared that it can happen again.

However, before my wounds fully healed, I started cycling again.

First Sucesseses on a Bike

In elementary school, I had a teacher who was also very enthusiastic about cycling.

He discovered a series of competitions called “Young Cyclist”. Each competition had 4 basic disciplines:

  1. A test of traffic regulations,
  2. riding a bike according to traffic regulations,
  3. bike handling skills,
  4. and first aid. 

We competed in teams and individually, and because we devoted a lot of time to prepare, we were pretty successful. I even managed to win the solo edition of the same competition.

We then fought with my team our way to the regional round and once even to the national round.

Young Cyclists Article in Newspapers
Two articles in Czech newspapers

Short Break from Cycling

I took a break from cycling (I don’t count occasional driving between villages or to/from a grocery store) in high school. I’ve tried new sports like bodybuilding and street workout. I stopped enjoying it after two or three years.

I started watching the Tour de France and found it very exciting. I wanted to try road cycling.

Unfortunately, my financial situation was bad and I did not have enough money for a new road bike. Although I went on many summer jobs to save some bucks, I often had to pay other, more urgent expenses.

Cycling is not just a sport – it is a lifestyle.

Finding Myself in Cycling

At Christmas in 2014, I received a refurbished road bike from Favorit, an iconic Czech bike brand.

The (steel) road bike weighed over 25 lbs (12 kgs), but I didn’t care. I was happy to finally ride longer journeys without being tired after 15 miles (24 km).

The best thing about this bike was that I didn’t expect it at all!

Riding it motivated me to work even harder to save more money for a “proper road bike.” In the meantime, I have bought basic equipment such as road cycling shoes, a jersey, a floor pump, tools, etc.

In 2016, two years after the Favorit road bike, I finally made it. I bought a Canyon Endurance road bike. I couldn’t be happier!

Canyon Endurance AL in rapeseed field
The first road bike I bought

New Friends, Crashes, Stories, and Memories

First, I cycled alone. Once I got some confidence, I found a local cycling club and started to ride more regularly.

After a while, the first fracture also came. Can you guess which one it was? Yes, exactly – a collarbone. Here is how it happened.

I pulled my foot off the pedal during a sprint challenge and flew over the handlebars. I fell on my shoulder, abraded half of my back, and broke the collarbone.

Me in an ambulance
Me in an ambulance after the crash

Sh*t. I couldn’t ride a bike for 2 weeks. I missed it so much…

I started to train on my indoor trainer during the 3rd week of my rehabilitation. It was a great feeling to be in the saddle again.

Time passed and my wounds healed. Together with my new cycling friends, we visited beautiful places, including iconic climbs in Italy such as Passo Stelvio, Gavia Pass, Mortirolo Pass, etc.

Thanks to these experiences, I realized this:

Cycling is not only about performing the best watts. Cycling is about visiting beautiful places, experiencing the unexpected, feeling good about yourself, and most importantly, sharing these moments with your family, friends, and of course, fellow cyclists.

When the opportunity arose to create a website about cycling and share my passion for cycling, I did not hesitate.

I hope my content will benefit you and help you in YOUR cycling story.

Founder & Editor at CyclistsHub.com
– Petr

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