Bike Radars

Bicycle radars have become popular, thanks to Garmin and their Varia lineup. The Varia RTL515 is a widely used gadget among road cyclists because it helps improve their road safety by alerting them about what’s happening behind them. The radar will notify the cyclist when an object, such as a car, approaches. It works like a high-tech bicycle mirror.

The Varia RCT715 is an upgraded version that includes a camera, allowing riders to capture footage as evidence if something goes wrong.

For a few years, Varia radars had no competitors. However, this changed on the Eurobike in 2022 when Magene introduced the L508 radar and Bryton their Gardia R300L.

I tested all these radars to find out which one is the best and worth buying. Read my reviews for in-depth info, or check out this RTL515 vs. L508 vs. R300 comparison.

You can also read more about less-known radars, such as iGPSport SRTL SR30 and MMWR W100 or the upcoming Cycplus radar.

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