Bryton Gardia R300 Radar: Here is What We Know so Far

Screenshot from GPLama video - Bryton Gardia R300

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Bryton introduced the Gardia R300 radar with taillight during the Eurobike 2022 fair.

I summarized what we know about it in this article. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available for sale, and further information on its reliability is unavailable.

However, together with Magene L508, these two cycling radars should compete with the established Varia RTL515.

So, will they be competitive?

It seems so.

Bryton Gardia R300 Summary

Thanks to people who visited Eurobike (GPLama, DC Rainmaker, etc.), we know that Bryton hesitates to release more information about their Gardia R300 online.

It’s not completely clear why when they had the product at their booth, together with information booklets.

However, one thing is clear. Competition is good for consumers.

Varia RTL515 had no competitor for a long time. Now it has two new ones.

This should help to improve the bike radars’ quality and eventually reduce their price. Furthermore, we will have more options to choose from.

So, how does Gardia R300 differs from Varia RTL515? (By the way, pretty similar names, huh?)

Bryton Gardia R300 vs. Garmin Varia RTL515

The following table summarizes the technical specifications of Gardia R300 and Varia RTL515.

FeatureBryton Gardia R300Varia RTL515
Dimensions97×20.9×40 mm
3.82×0.82×1.57 in
98.6×19.7×39.6 mm
3.9×0.8×1.6 in
Claimed battery life9 hours high solid
12 hours low solid
10 hours group ride (peloton)
22 hours night flash
27 hours day flash
6 hours solid
8 hours peloton
6 hours night flash
16 hours day flash
LumensUp to 6520 (solid mode)
8 (peloton mode)
29 (night flash)
65 (day flash)
Light modesHigh/low solid, group ride (peloton), flash, no lightSolid, peloton, night flash, day flash
Water resistanceIPX7IPX7
Viewing angle220°220°
Horizontal detection anglen/a40°
ProtocolsBluetooth, ANT+Bluetooth, ANT+
BuyNot available for sale yetCheck Price
Check Price (
Check Price (
This table compares the main features of Bryton Gardia R300 vs. Garmin Varia RTL515.
Updated: 19/07/2022

Bryton Gardia R300 is a little larger than Varia RTL515 but pretty similar.

It’s not compatible with Garmin mounts because Bryton uses its own mounts.

Gardia R300 has 6 modes:

  • High solid
  • Low solid
  • Group ride (probably the same mode as Peloton mode)
  • Night flash
  • Day flash
  • LED off

Based on the naming of the modes, I expect the high solid mode will be like the ‘Solid mode’ on Varia with higher lumens and the ‘Low solid’ mode with lower lumens.

The group ride will probably be the same as Peloton mode, so the radar will automatically detect you are in a group. The other three modes are self-explanatory.

What caught the attention of many people is the long battery life. Up to 27 hrs in the ‘Day flash’ mode is about 11 hours more than on Varia.

However, we will see what’s the reality. So far, Gardia R300 seems too good to be true. Or am I underestimating Bryton?

Things to Consider Before Buying Bryton Gardia R300

Garmin Varia RTL515 is highly reliable. That’s exactly what you should expect from a bike radar.

Varia radars may give you false positives, meaning they show a car that’s not there. But they never miss one (false negative).

Remember, if you buy a device like this cycling radar, you should have zero tolerance for false negatives. But you also shouldn’t 100% rely on Varia (or other radars) and use your other senses while riding.

There are no reviews of the Bryton Gardia R300 yet. So, we don’t know if it’s reliable or not.

Therefore, I recommend waiting before you can make an educated decision based on reviews.

Bryton Gardia R300 FAQ


The MSRP of the Gardia R300 should be 129.95€. Although Bryton didn’t unveil the price for the US market, considering the current exchange rate, it will probably be similar.

This means Gardia should be cheaper than Varia while offering better specs.

However, as noted earlier, there are no reviews of it yet, so we don’t know how reliable it is.

Therefore, I recommend waiting before you decide to pull the trigger.

Preview picture source: Screenshot from GPLama video

2 thoughts on “Bryton Gardia R300 Radar: Here is What We Know so Far”

  1. Looking forward to hearing information about when these will be available in Australia. Hopefully it’ll work well with the Bryton 420.

    Also, I think you’ve made a typo:
    >But they never miss one (false positive).
    >…you should have zero tolerance for false positives.

    I think you meant false negative?

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