Exclusive Discounts

The best way to support Cyclists Hub and save money is by using exclusive discount codes I negotiated with the following brands.

Click on the brand’s logo to get the discount code and save on your next purchase. You will be redirected to a dedicated page with all the necessary info.

Using these discount codes, you get up to 15% off on selected products. Please, remember exceptions may apply.

Elitewheels logo
Elitewheels [15% off]
Turborocks logo on a white background.
Turborocks [4% off]
Winspace logo
Winspace [10% off]
Farsports Logo
Farsports [up to 150 USD off]
ICAN logo
ICAN [5% off]
Trifox logo
Trifox [8% off]
YOELEO [up to 10% off]
Superteam wheels logo
Superteam [5% off] Exclusive Discounts FAQ

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