Lún HYPER SE Review: The Best Value Wheels from Winspace?

Lún HYPER SE D45 review: HYPER SE wheels outside in a park between yellow fallen leaves.

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I’ve been riding Lún HYPER SE wheels for about 1000 km, and in this review, I share my experience with them.

You learn how they passed my in-house quality control checks, how they ride, and how they compare to other Chinese carbon road bike wheels I tested.


Based on my ride experience, I believe HYPER SE is the best-value wheelset from Winspace. It’s $300 cheaper than HYPER while providing 99% of the performance. The main differences are only the steel vs. ceramic bearings and rim finish. The weight difference is marginal.

Due to their stiffness, I recommend them more for performance-oriented riders and those who live in an area with smooth roads. Otherwise, you’ll have to compensate for the stiffness with lower pressures. Another downside is the worse crosswind stability compared to the competition. You can buy the wheels at winspace.cc or lunwheels.cc. Use code CYCLISTSHUB10 for 10% off.

My HYPER SE wheels scoring at a glance:
Crosswind Stability 4/5 | Stiffness 5/5 | Riding Comfort 3/5 | Speed Maintenance 5/5 | Tire On 5/5 | Trueness 5/5 | Spoke Tension 5/5 | Dishing 4/5 | Price 3/5 | OVERALL 4.3/5
More about this road wheels scoring.

The Best VALUE Wheels from Winspace? Lún HYPER SE 23 Review!
My video review of the Lún HYPER SE wheels

Lún (Winspace) HYPER SE Summary

HYPER SE are a more affordable version of the HYPER 2023 wheels. The main difference is that HYPER SE have steel bearings and are slightly heavier. They also have different rim finishes.

Lún offers their HYPER SE wheels:

  • for disc (D) or rim (R) brakes
  • in multiple rim depths (33mm, 46/54mm, 60/68mm) (F/R)
  • with in-house hubs (Lún HYPER SE Hubs)
  • with Shimano, SRAM XDR, or Campagnolo freehub body

Let’s check their features more in-depth.

Main Features

Here is a quick summary of the features and specs of the Lún HYPER SE wheels.

Main Features

  • Clincher (tubeless-ready)
  • In-house developed Lún HYPER hubs with steel bearings
  • Preinstalled tubeless rim tape
  • Very stiff
  • Fast on flats
  • Crosswind stability is worse than the competition
  • Tubeless valves are included
  • Spare spokes are not included
  • UCI-approved
  • 2-year warranty

Technical Specification

  • Brake Type: Disc (rim brake option is available)
  • Weight (with rim tape installed)
    1. Front Wheel: 654g
    2. Rear Wheel: 803g
    3. Measured weight: 1457g
    4. Claimed weight: 1428g (±25g)
  • Measured rim width:
    • Internal: 21.0mm
    • External: 27.6mm
  • Rim depth: 46/54mm
  • Spokes: Carbon spokes
  • Hubs: Lún HYPER SE hubs
  • Rider’s weight limit: 135kg (297lb)

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Also available at lunwheels.cc

First Impressions and Unboxing

Lún HYPER SE wheels came in a branded black box. They took advantage of every opportunity to strengthen their branding.

The wheels were scratch-free and well-protected. It’s also great that the tubeless rim tape was already installed, so I save time (and money) installing it. See the following pictures for more details.

In-House Tests

I always have high expectations from premium products. So, I conducted the following tests before I started using the wheels:

Lateral and Radial Trueness

I put both wheels on a truing stand and double-checked their lateral and radial trueness.

The results were great, as both wheels were (almost) perfectly true (lateral and radial-wise).

The HYPER SE wheels reached one of the best results of all the Chinese wheels I have tested so far.

Spoke Tension

The spoke tension was also near perfect. Check out the following pictures of the spoke tension readings.

Rim Centering (Dishing)

Surprisingly, the dishing (how well-centered the hub is) ended worse. I could see about a 0.5mm gap.

A Look Inside

Compared to the other carbon wheels I’ve reviewed, the HYPER SE’s inner rim structure looked a little worse as I found epoxy residue on it. Otherwise, it looked smooth and almost wrinkle-free.

The Difficulty of Putting the Tire On

HYPER SE wheels are tubeless-ready, so, as always, I tried to put my Tufo Comtura 4 TR 28mm tires on. I had a great experience with Lún HYPER 2020 in this aspect. So, how did the HYPER SE end?

Putting the tires on was so easy that I didn’t need tire levers. However, it needs to be said that I’ve already used these tires for a few hundred kilometers, so they are softer.

However, I could seat them with a floor pump without a tire sealant. I believe the factory-installed rim tape also helped.

The table below shows the individual criteria of all wheels I tested and my rating.

Reviewed WheelsetBuyAverage
Crosswind StabilityStiffness & ResponsivityRiding ComfortSpeed maintenanceTire On¹Lateral and
Radial Trueness
Spoke TensionRim CenteringPriceRim depthWeight (F | R | Pair)Rim Width (I | E) Note
YOELEO C50|50 SAT DB PROCheck Price
Check Price (yoeleoeurope.com)
4.343454555450mm705g, 830g, 1535g18.5mm
Affordable and easy-to-service wheels suitable for flats and steady efforts.
Lún HYPER 50mmCheck Price
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4.035355444350mm650g, 779g, 1429g19mm
Stiff, responsive, and lightweight wheels suitable for hilly and mountainous terrain. Not too stable in crosswinds.
Elitewheels DRIVE 45mm DiscCheck Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB to get 15% OFF
4.055343445345mm562g, 718g, 1280g21.4mm
Stiff, responsive, and lightweight wheels suitable for hilly and mountainous terrain. Not too fast on flats.
Farsports Ventoux SCheck Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB150 to get 150 USD OFF
4.055453444245mm637g, 755g, 1392g19.2mm
Stiff, responsive, and premium wheels suitable for most terrains.
YOELEO C50|50 SAT DB PRO 2022Check Price
Check Price (yoeleoeurope.com)
4.143444545450mm705g, 830g, 1535g18.5mm
Affordable and easy-to-service wheels suitable for flats and steady efforts but with too loud hubs.
Trifox WT11Check Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB to get 8 % OFF
3.842545433450mm769g, 874g, 1643g18.4mm
Affordable and comfortable, but not well assembled.
Farsports WaveCheck Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB50 to get 50 USD OFF
4.253455543445/50mm736g, 880g, 1616g21.0mm
Affordable, easy-to-service, unique-looking wheels suitable for flats and steady efforts.
Superteam All-Carbon Ultra 2023Check Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB to get 5% OFF
4.644555555350mm633g, 769g, 1402g21.3mm
Not overly stiff, but responsive. Stable in crosswinds and ideal for most terrains, questionable reliability.
Lún HYPER SE 2023Check Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB10 to get 10% OFF
4.345355554346/54mm654g, 803g, 1457g21.3mm
Better than HYPER 2020 in all aspects. I believe they provide better value for money than HYPER 23.
Lún MEGACheck Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB10 to get 10% OFF
4.155255554146/54mm616g, 782g, 1398g20.8mm
The stiffest wheels I tested. Ideal for smooth roads or racing, but they are not comfortable.
My scoring of the Chinese carbon road bike wheels with a note and other technical details.
The scale for each feature is 1-5 points, where 5 is the best. The rating can be retrospectively adjusted based on the comparison with other wheelsets (more about this scoring).
¹How difficult it is to put a Tufo Comtura 4 TR 28mm tubeless tire on and properly seat it.

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Also available at lunwheels.cc

Riding Experience

I enjoyed riding the HYPER SE 2023 more than the HYPER 2020 because I find them more stable in crosswinds and maybe even faster.

Maybe it’s a combination of a lower rim in the front and a deeper one in the rear. Maybe it’s the smoother transition between tire and rim. And maybe it’s a placebo. Honestly, if you didn’t tell me which wheels I was riding, I probably wouldn’t know.

Lún HYPER SE tire-rim transition detail in a park between yellow fallen leaves.
Tire-rim transition detail

The HYPER and HYPER SE wheels are so similar that unless you absolutely want the unique look of HYPERs, I recommend buying the HYPER SE. You’ll save $300. Although I haven’t tried the HYPER 2023, they will be 99% the same because they only differ in the ceramic bearings. 

Theoretically, a rim around 50mm is ideal for flats, hilly terrain, and not-too-steep hills. Does this also apply in practice? 

I find the HYPER SE similarly fast on the flats as the heavier YOELEO SAT PRO 2022 or the 50g lighter Farsports Ventoux S. They keep the momentum well and are fun to ride fast because it doesn’t require as much effort, especially with the tailwind.

However, in crosswinds, you have to start paying more attention. Crosswind stability is one of the most notable weaknesses of the HYPER series.

Although it is better than the HYPER 2020 due to the 4mm lower front rim, you still need to concentrate and, most importantly, hold on to the handlebar. It’s still worse compared to competing wheels.

For example, the Farsports Wave, which has a wave-like rim profile of 45/50mm, are more stable. The same applies to Superteam All-Carbon Ultra 2023 50mm with 5.2mm wide carbon spokes. It’s interesting, as theoretically, the Superteam wheels have more surface area for the wind to push against, so I would expect worse crosswind stability.

The high stiffness of the HYPER SE wheels does have a positive effect on acceleration, sprints, and riding from the saddle but a negative effect on ride comfort. So the question is, what is your riding style, and what is the quality of the roads you ride most often? 

I feel more fatigued from long rides of 3 hours or more on super stiff wheels than on softer but more comfortable wheels. Stiff wheels transmit more shock and vibration to the frame and the body, contributing to fatigue. That’s why I blow 5-10 PSI less pressure on stiffer wheels.

The ride comfort is often overlooked when choosing new wheels. It is difficult to quantify, and you must rely more on the feeling or experience of the reviewer. 

When it comes to agility in steep climbs, I have to highlight my favorite Elitewheels DRIVE climbing wheels. These are much lighter and more responsive than the HYPER SE. Once you hit climbs steeper than 8%, you start to feel HYPERs are not as fast.

On the other hand, when riding false flats and shallow gradients, they are great and benefit from their aerodynamics and momentum. 

As a final point, I want to mention durability. HYPER wheels are known for it. They can withstand a lot. Although I haven’t put tens of thousands of kilometers on them, you can find plenty of long-term reviews validating their quality. 

Use this Winspace discount code CYCLISTSHUB10 at winspace.cc or lunwheels.cc during checkout to get 10% OFF your purchase. Share this code via email.

Also available at lunwheels.cc

Lún HYPER SE Alternatives

Below are a few examples of Lún HYPER SE wheels alternatives:

  • Farsports Wave are more comfortable and stable crosswinds but not as stiff and fast. You can learn more in my Farsports Wave review.
  • Elitewheels DRIVE are lighter, more agile, and more stable in crosswinds but slower on flats. You can learn more in my Elitewheels DRIVE review.
  • YOELEO SAT PRO 2022 are heavier and similarly fast on flats but more affordable, comfortable, and stable in crosswinds. You can learn more in my YOELEO SAT PRO 2022 review.
  • Lún HYPER 2023 have ceramic bearings and a more unique rim finish. But ride-wise, they will most likely be similar. You can learn more in my Lún HYPER 2023 article.

Winspace Wheels FAQ

My Verdict

I recommend the HYPER SE D45 wheels to racers and performance-oriented riders. They will appreciate their stiffness and speed, especially on flats and rolling terrain. 

On the other hand, they are not as comfortable as steel-spoked wheels. So, when deciding, consider the quality of the roads in your area or whether you’re willing to compensate for the stiffness with lower tire pressures.

The HYPER SE does have better crosswind stability than previous generation HYPERs, but it’s still worse than competing wheels.

I appreciate that HYPER wheels come with tubeless tape already applied and tubeless valves.

Considering their price and differences with higher-end HYPER 2023 or even MEGA wheels, I believe Lún HYPER SE are the best value wheels from Winspace.

Use this Winspace discount code CYCLISTSHUB10 at winspace.cc or lunwheels.cc during checkout to get 10% OFF your purchase. Share this code via email.

Also available at lunwheels.cc

The product for this review was kindly provided by the manufacturer. This did not influence my overall verdict or my opinion about the product.

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    I’ve been using Hyper SE for about 500 kms and I agree with your conclusions. They are fast, stiff, but not too comfortable.

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