The 4 Best Chinese Gravel Bike Frames in 2021

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This is a selection of the best Chinese carbon gravel bike frames that you can buy. I spent more than 5 hours researching the various options on the market, so you don’t have to.

Below, you also learn how to choose a gravel bike frame, what to be aware of when buying Chinese carbon parts, and more info about the delivery & import fees from China.

As a bonus, I have negotiated exclusive discounts for some of the below-listed frames for you.

Let’s get into it!

What Are the Best Chinese Gravel Bike Frames?

The frames below are manufactured by established Chinese manufacturers who test their frames to meet quality standards. All frames are covered by at least a 2-year warranty.

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To find out more about the delivery times and import fees, read the FAQ section.

Triaero X-Gravel Frameset

ICANX Gravelcarbongravelbikeframesetflatmount 1
Triaero X-Gravel Frameset | Source:

Main Features

  • Frame weight: 1230g (size 54cm)
  • Fork weight: 395g
  • Max tire size: MTB-29er x 1.95inch or Road disc-700C x 45mm
  • Bottom bracket: BSA
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Crash replacement: Yes (15% discount)
  • Compatible with additional accessories like racks and bottle cages

If you look for a gravel bike frame with good accessories compatibility, the Triaero X-Gravel is the right option for you.

It is compatible with front and rear racks to extend your storage capacity. So if you plan to go for multi-day trips, you can take the necessary equipment like a tent, spare clothes, food, etc., with you.

The frame has 6 bike bottle cages mounts (one bottle from each side of the fork and 4 mounts on the frame), so you will not run out of water after a day.

Just note, the geometry of the frame is more performance-oriented, so it will push you into a more aggressive, aerodynamic position that may not be comfortable for less flexible riders.

The packing includes a frame, fork, seatpost, and headset. The handlebar is not included. You can browse them here.

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YOELEO G2 Frameset

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YOELEO G2 Frameset | Source:

Main Features

  • Frame weight: 1040g (size 54cm)
  • Fork weight: 460g
  • Max tire size: 700*41C or 650B*1.9″
  • Bottom bracket: BB86
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Crash replacement: n/a
  • Compatible with additional accessories like racks and bottle cages

If you like a boxier design, the YOELEO G2 frameset is made for you. Its geometry is more comfort-oriented but it will handle races as well.

What is great about YOELEO framesets, you can opt for handlebar size (width and stem length). A correctly selected size will improve your overall fit and riding experience.

You can also choose from many colors (chameleon, yellow, dark blue, black, yellow, red, and more).

The main downside of G2 is that it is not fully compatible with internal cable routing. This may not be an issue for riders who don’t look for building clean-looking gravel bike.

The packing includes the frame, seatpost, fork, and optionable handlebar.

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Winspace G2 Gravel

2021 g2 rre side 4
Winspace G2 Gravel | Source:

Main Features

  • Frame weight: 1080g (size 54cm)
  • Fork weight: n/a
  • Max tire size: 700x35C / 650B*2.0″ (size XS), 700x50C / 650B*2.0″ (sizes S, M, L)
  • Bottom bracket: BSA
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Crash replacement: n/a
  • Comfort oriented geometry
  • Compatible with additional accessories like racks and bottle cages
  • Chainstays designed for mud clearing
  • Internal or external cable routing

Winspace G2 Gravel is a frame for those DIYers and gravel riders, who need a comfortable frame with wide tire clearance for their built.

Wisnpace designed the geometry of G2 with comfort in mind. It is more relaxed than on other gravel bike frames on this list.

G2 provides up to 50mm tire clearance. So wide tires will support you in the most demanding terrains. So if you are into an MTB-like terrain, G2 is a frame that allows equipping your gravel with high-volume, knobby tires that can handle it.

Constructers also added bottle cage and panniers/bags mounts to the frame. With the extra cargo space, you can take self-supported multi-day bike packing trips.

This frameset includes frame, fork, seatpost, spare derailleur hanger, headset, and DI2 cable stopper. It is available in multiple colors (red, blue, green, black) and sizes (XS, S, M, L).

Unfortunately, the handlebar is not included but you can check out this article to browse road bike handlebars.

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Rinasclta Gravel Bike Frameset

carbon gravel bike frame.jpg
Rinasclta Gravel Bike Frameset | Source:

Main Features

  • Frame weight: 1200g (size 54cm)
  • Fork weight: 478g (with thru-axle)
  • Seatpost weight: 199g
  • Handlebar weight 300g
  • Max tire size: 700*40mm
  • Bottom bracket: BB386
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Crash replacement: n/a
  • Optionable handlebar size
  • Fully-internal cable routing
  • Compatible with additional accessories like racks and bottle cages

This gravel bike frameset by Rinasclta is super minimalistic and clean – thanks to fully internal cable routing, slot for Di2 port, integrated handlebar, and a complete absence of any decals.

Before you order it, you can choose the handlebar size (width + stem length) and the finish (UD glossy, UD matte, or your own).

You can let Rinasclta paint the bike using up to 4 colors. You can also submit your own artwork with or without logos to make your dream design come true.

The frame itself is compatible with additional bottle cage mounts and racks making it ideal for bike touring and multi-day trips.

If you are performance and aero-oriented, I am sure you will appreciate the frameset aerodynamic design and its performance – it will be fast.

The only minor downside is a narrower tire clearance than the Triaero X-Gravel. But it will still allow you to use up to 700*40mm tires that handle rough gravel.

This frameset includes frame, fork, clamp, hanger, seatpost, and integrated handlebar.

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ProductWeightTire ClearanceWarrantyBB 
Triaero X-Gravel Frameset1230g700C*45mm
3 yearsBSACheck Price
YOELEO G2 Frameset1040g700*41C
3 yearsBB86Check Price
Winspace G2 Gravel1080g700*50C
3 yearsBSACheck Price (use 'cyclistshub10' code to get 10% off
Rinasclta Gravel Bike Frameset1200g700*40mm2 yearsBB386Check Price (use 'cyclistshub10' code to get 10 USD off

My Verdict

The best Chinese gravel bike frame for bike touring and multi-day trips is the Triaero X-Gravel Frameset.

It is compatible with front and rear racks, so you can equip your bike with panniers to store essentials like spare clothes, food, tent, sleeping bag, etc.

The frame also has 6 mounts for a bottle cage, so you can take a lot of water with you as well.

Another benefit is ICAN’s crash replacement policy and 3-year warranty.

The best performance-oriented Chinese gravel bike frame is the YOELEO G2 Gravel Frameset.

It weighs a respectable 1040g and is stiff, so it will respond to your every pedal stroke quickly, making it a great racing machine.

YOELEO also allows you to choose the handlebar size (width + stem length), color (including custom paint), and internal or outside cable routing fork.

How to Choose the Best Chinese Gravel Bike Frame?

This section includes a few tips on finding a Chinese gravel bike frame worth your money that you can rely on.

  1. Buy carbon parts only from established and trustworthy Chinese manufacturers who cover their products by warranty.
  2. Make sure the frame is branded. Avoid buying counterfeit or unbranded carbon products.
  3. And last but not least, check whether or not the frame passed extensive testing & quality control. Feel free to contact the customer support of the manufacturer to find out more details about their processes.

Below, I explain what other features to consider when choosing a new gravel bike frame. If you want to learn more about gravel bikes, check the How to Choose a Gravel Bike Guide.

Weight, Stiffness, and Durability

The weight of the frame may vary depending on the price and size of the frame. Just keep in mind that the lightest frame may not be the best choice. Stiffness and durability are also important – especially for a gravel bike frame.

Did you know that a complete painting can add around 3.5unces (100g)?

How to find out whether or not the frame is stiff and durable?

Well, that’s a good question. We know how to quantify stiffness, but usually, you won’t get this information when buying a bike frame. So, you have to either rely on other customers’ reviews and their feeling or trust the claims of the manufacturer.

Frankly, most manufacturers will tell you their frame is “lightweight and/or stiff.” But the general rule of thumb is that the lighter the frame, the lower its riders’ weight limit.

This means that heavier riders may feel that the frame twists when putting it under pressure.

Durability is also pretty abstract. Gravel bike frames have to be durable to withstand difficult terrain. I am not saying that road bike frames do not have to be durable. But I believe you get my point – you don’t want your new frame to crack on the first trail.

So, make sure to double-check with the manufacturer whether or not it passed extensive testing to make sure you can rely on it.

Tire Clearance

Depending on the terrain you want to ride in, you should not forget about the tire clearance and the maximum tire size.

Wider tire clearance will allow you to use wider tires suitable for more demanding terrain. The CyclingTips team did a pretty good job at defining various gravel surfaces.

GradeDefinitionSuggested Tire Size
1Tarmac, bad paved roads with cobbles700×25 – 700×32
2Dirt roads700×28 – 700×35
3Light gravel 700×32 – 700×38
4Rough gravel700×35 – 700×40+
5MTB terrain700×38+ / 650b


Feel free to watch their full video below to find out more about what tire width is suitable for what terrain and why.

Bottom Bracket

When you build a new gravel bike, you must consider the frames’ compatibility with a bottom bracket (BB).

There are 2 basic types of bottom bracketsthreaded and press fit. I can fully recommend the following detailed guides on BB standards to find out more information about them.

Nevertheless, both guides can be summarized in one sentence. Make sure you buy a BB that is compatible with the frame or vice versa. If you already have a BB, look for a compatible frame.

Groupset Compatibility

The groupset compatibility is luckily pretty simple. Most modern carbon gravel bike frames are compatible with mechanical and electric groupsets from manufacturers like Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, etc.

Frames differ with how they designed the cable routing. The vast majority features partially internal cable routing. Fully-internal cable routing is not very common on gravel bike frames.

Acessories Compatibility

Gravel bikes are known for their versatility and accessories compatibility. Especially if you plan to take multi-day trips, you should look for frames compatible with additional bike bottle cages or racks.

They will effectively extend your storage capacity so you can take all things you need for your adventure with you.

Frames not compatible with additional accessories are better for more performance-oriented riders who look for a “road bike that handles dirt roads” and don’t need to take as much “cargo.”

Size & Color Option

The last 2 things to consider are the frame sizecolor. Gravel bike frames use the same sizing as road bikes. This means the size is given in descriptive sizes like M, L, XL…, or in centimeters (48, 50, 52cm…).

In my guide on Choosing a bike size, you can calculate your bike size using an interactive calculator or use a bike size chart to determine the correct size based on your inseam length.

TIP: Use the Bikeinsights tool for comparing geometries of not only gravel bike frames.

The color is up to your preference. Some Chinese manufacturers also offer you to upload your own designs. Make sure to contact the manufacturers’ customer support for more info.

Just remember, the paint alone may add around 100g to the frame’s weight. So if the weight is important for you, buy a frame without any paint job.

Chinese Carbon Gravel Bike Frames FAQ

This post is regularly updated to provide you with the most up-to-date tips on products. If you find a product that is not up to date, please, contact me.

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