Garmin Edge 830 vs. Edge 840 (Solar): Which One to Buy?

Garmin Edge 830 vs. Edge 840: Me holding Garmin Edge 830 on the left side, and Edge 840 on the right side.

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This is my early comparison of Garmin Edge 830 vs. Edge 840 (Solar). Garmin released the Edge 840 and Edge 840 Solar on the 11th of April, 2023.

In this article, you will learn about their differences, and I will also try to help you decide if you should upgrade from 830 or other bike computers.

The main difference between Garmin Edge 830 and 840 is that the 840 has a new user interface, USB-C charging port, and is available in Solar option. Additionally, 840 offers new ClimbPro, Real-Time Stamina, Power Guide, features, 32GB storage, and multi-band GNSS. However, it’s more expensive than the 830.

I think the Edge 840 is the best value bike computer from the new four because it has a touchscreen display, making it much easier to use, and buttons for those who prefer them.

NOTE: I am currently testing these cycling computers and will update this article soon.

Edge 830 vs. Edge 840 The Basics

Here is the summary of the main features and differences between Garmin Edge 830 vs. Edge 840 (Solar).

FeatureGarmin Edge 830Garmin Edge 840 (Solar)
Dimensions50×82×20 mm
1.9×3.2×0.8 in
58×85×20 mm
2.3×3.4×0.8 in
Weight79g85g (89g)
Screen size2.6″2.6″
Display colorsColoredColored
Claimed battery life
Real battery life¹
20 hours
13.37 hours²
26 hours (32 hours)
24.25 hours (Edge 840)
ButtonsEasy to pressEasy to press
Smart navigation (rerouting)YesYes
Multi-band GNSSNoYes
ConnectivityANT+, Bluetooth, Wi-FiANT+, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Start-up time∼14s∼13s
Crash/incident detectionYesYes
Mounts in the boxOut front mount
Stem mount
Out front mount
Stem mount
More infoGarmin Edge 830 ReviewEdge 840 review
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Check Price (Solar)
Check Price (
This table compares the main features of Garmin Edge 830 vs. 840 (Solar).
¹Based on my unscientific testing - multiple rides with multiple connected sensors (HR, power meter, radar), and navigation turned on during about 30% of rides. Auto brightness on.
²Almost 2-year-old device. I bought the Garmin Edge 830 second-hand. Based on the battery life results, it was probably older than 2 years.

Edge 830 vs. Edge 840 What’s New?

Here are the most important upgrades of the Edge 840 compared to the Edge 830:

  • Edge 840 is available in the Solar option
  • Edge 840 has increased battery life from 20 to 26 hours (compared to the Edge 530 and 830)
  • Edge 840 has larger internal storage (from 16GB to 32GB)
  • New ClimbPro (doesn’t require having a preplanned route)
  • Revamped user interface (the same one known from Edge 1040)
  • Power Guide and Real-Time Stamina features
  • Simplified setup/pairing process
  • More accurate GPS (Multi-band GNSS)
  • Increased price
  • And many more

Edge 830 vs. Edge 840 What’s the Same?

Both bike computers have the same:

  • box contents (mounts, tether, charging cable, documentation)
  • display size and resolution
  • water resistance (IPX7) 
  • maps
  • sensors
  • connectivity
  • safety features

They do everything you expect from a bike computer. These features include turn-by-turn navigation, Strava live segments, auto-sync with 3rd party apps, compatibility with 3rd party sensors, etc.

Edge 830 and 840 are also available in bundles that include additional sensors.

Edge 830 vs. Edge 840 Features Comparison

Below, I compare the essential features of Edge 830 and 840.

Garmin Edge 840 (Solar) from multiple angles.
Garmin Edge 840 | Source:

Ease of Setup

Garmin simplified the setup process on the Edge 840 (and 540). You still have to pair it with the Garmin Connect smartphone app, go through the setup guide, and pair it with sensors.

But now, you can scan a QR code (as on Wahoo ELEMNT computers), and the 840 can also import your settings from the Garmin Connect cloud.

NEW Garmin EDGE 540/840 Series GPS: What's New // Hands-On // Road Tested

After that, you can use your smartphone app to set up the data fields and other details, which is likely faster than on the device since it doesn’t have a touchscreen display.

Winner: Edge 840


The Edge 830 and 840 have the same display size (2.6″), similar to the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM’s 2.7-inch display.

Garmin Edge 830 review: Me holding the Garmin Edge 830, showing the data page.
Garmin Edge 830 display
Me holding the Garmin Edge 840 and showing its front side.
Garmin Edge 840 display

When comparing the screens of the Garmin Edge 830 vs. Edge 840, their resolution, number of colors, and data fields they can display are the same.

However, it’s important to note that the Edge 840 Solar’s display is slightly dimmer than the non-solar version.

Winner: It’s a draw

Control & User Friendliness

The 840 is easier to control, thanks to the revamped user interface we know from the Edge 1040 or Explore 2.

Setting up the device using a smartphone app is also great. However, the Garmin Connect app is less user-friendly than the Wahoo ELEMNT app.

One of the major differences, however, is that the 840 (Solar) has the same physical buttons as the 540. The 830 had only three buttons.

That’s why I believe the 840 is the best choice because it satisfies touchscreen users and those who prefer buttons.

Winner: Edge 840

Battery Life

Edge 830 has a claimed battery life of 20 hours, while the 840 has 26 hours.

The Edge 840 Solar pushes it to 32 hours in ideal conditions because the solar panel can add up to 25 minutes per hour of riding.

The battery life increase is pretty disappointing, and the smaller solar panel also doesn’t give the head unit as much juice as the Edge 1040 Solar, which adds up to 42 minutes.

So, I think you can skip the Solar options. If you do ultra-endurance events, you will probably buy the Edge 1040 Solar anyway.

TIP: You might be interested in this comparison of the Edge 840 and Edge 1040.

Winner: Edge 840

Maps & Navigation

Edge 830 and 840 offer the same navigation features. These include turn-by-turn directions, recalculating routes, courses, popularity heatmap, etc.

Garmin Edge 840 navigation page.
Navigation | Source:

It’s a shame that you must connect to a PC (Mac) to update maps. An update via WiFi is not possible.

Another feature worth mentioning is the better GPS accuracy on the Edge 840 thanks to the multi-band GNSS.

Winner: Edge 840


Garmin Edge bike computers offer the following features I want to highlight:

  • ClimbPro is better on the Edge 840 because it doesn’t require having a pre-planned route, and it shows more detailed gradients.
  • Edge 840 also has new features like Real-Time Stamina and Power Guide.
  • Both these bike computers have features like MTB Dynamics and Incident/crash detection.
Garmin Edge 540 Solar, Hammerhead Karoo 2, Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt v2 and Garmin Edge 840 on my handlebar with the ClimbPro, Climber, or Summit features open.
Testing ClimbPro-like features in the Dolomites

Winner: Edge 840

Total score: Garmin Edge 830 (0) | Garmin Edge 840 (5) | It’s a draw (1)

Edge 830 vs. Edge 840 FAQ

My Verdict

The clear winner between the Garmin Edge 830 and 840 is the Edge 840, which isn’t surprising. The question is whether the difference is worth the extra $100, as the Edge 830 is currently discounted to $349.

I think it is because it brings many new features and also physical buttons. The 840 Solar for $549 is not as tempting anymore because it doesn’t extend the battery life as much and is only $50 less than the flagship Edge 1040.

What are your thoughts? Which Garmin Edge bike computer from the current lineup is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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