The 11 Best Bike Bells That Will Keep You Safe in 2022

Best Bike Bells: A detail of a bike bell in the night

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After comparing more than 100 bells, I selected the best bike bell you can buy – it is the Pioneeryao bike bell. Below I explain why I think it is the best and worth your money.

You will also learn 3 main reasons to use a bike bell and when to use it, and how to choose it to fit your bike.

What Is the Best Bike Bell?

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1. Pioneeryao Bike Bell (Best Bike Bell Overall)

The Pioneeryao bell offers 4 color options (silver, black, glossy gold, and matt gold).

It is almost completely made out of metal. Thanks to it, it delivers a loud and crisp sound and good durability. For this reason, I think it is the best bike bell for MTB and hybrid bikes.

If you opt for this bicycle bell, here is a quick installation tip: Make sure to lose the screws a bit. The installation will be much easier (yet, it is quite simple already).

The Pioneeryao bike bell fits 22 – 26 mm diameter handlebars.

2. BONMIXC Bike Bell

The bike bell by BONMIXC is available in different colors (gold and silver) and 1 or 2 packs.

There are also 2 different designs (modern and classic). I like the classic design more – it is cleaner and available in the matt finish in black, gold, or silver.

Thanks to the brass, the sound of the bell is loud and clear.

The BONMIXC bike bell fits 21 – 23 mm diameter handlebars.

3. Firmstrong Bike Bell

The Firmstrong bell is my personal favorite bicycle bell. It comes in the widest variety of colors – blue, black, red, vanilla, chrome, white, purple, and mint – so you can match it with the color of your bike.

Firmstrong bell is well known for its characteristic ‘bell sound’ so people will immediately understand what to do.

This bell fits handlebars that are around 25 mm in diameter. This means it is perfect for beach cruiser bikes.

4. Greallthy Bike Bell

The Greallthy bell offers an excellent price/value ratio. Its design is super simplistic and won’t rust over time. Thanks to the 6 available colors, it will be easy for you to match the bell with your bike’s color.

The sound of the bell is loud and clear. What I especially like is the super simple attachment mechanism. You can attach the bell with only 1 screw.

The Greallthy bike bell fits 22.2 – 25.4 mm diameter handlebars.

5. JAOK Bike Bell

The JAOK bike bell was inspired by a ring. It is very tiny so that it won’t take much space on your handlebar. But it is still loud enough so others will hear it.

The manufacturer claims the bell loudness is somewhere between 85-95 dB. That is the same noise as you can experience in a subway.

Unfortunately, this bike bell is available in blue color only.

The JAOK bike bell fits 22 – 31 mm diameter handlebars, and it is perfect for drop bars.

6. ANDERZS Bike Bell

The ANDERZS bicycle bell is available in chrome finish only, and it is sold in 2 packs. The surface is protected by anti-rust coating, so you don’t have to be worried about rust.

According to ANDERZS, the noise produced by this bell reaches levels of 90-100 dB. This is a noise level similar to a ride in a subway.

The attachment mechanism is straightforward, and thus, the bell is easy to attach.

The ANDERZS bike bell fits 21 – 23 mm diameter handlebars.

7. LYCAON Bike Bell

This LYCAON bike bell is like the previous one. The difference is that the LYCAON is available in black, blue, yellow, green, red, and silver colors. It is also sold in 2 packs as well as a single pack.

An anti-rusting layer protects the surface, so you don’t have to be afraid to ride with the bell in the rain.

LYCAON bike bell is one of the cheapest bells on the market, so the quality is not the best. Yet, the LYCAON is loud enough and easy to install.

The LYCAON bike bell fits 20 – 23 mm diameter handlebars.

8. Kickstand Bike Bell

This Kickstand bike bell is available in the largest variety of colors. If you are sensitive about the color of your bike accessories, this one is for you.

The bell is super simple, loud enough, and lightweight. This may be the reason why it belongs to one of the most popular bicycle bells.

The Kickstand bike bell fits handlebars that are around 22.2 mm in diameter.

9. Mirrycle Incredibell Bike Bell

My list of bells could not be complete without an iconic Mirrycle bike bell. It’s available in black, brass, and silver finishes.

If you look closely, you notice it has a different ringing mechanism than the other bells on this list. It provides a loud sound that resonates thanks to the alloy dome.

The Mirrycle Incredibell bike bell fits 21.7 – 26 mm diameter handlebars.

10. Schwinn Bike Bell

Schwinn is a well-known bike brand. They also produce cycling accessories, including bike bells. Schwinn bike bell is simple but functional.

It is easy to install, so you don’t need any tool thanks to the inbuild plastic screw).

If you look for a bike bell compatible with the Schwinn bicycle, this one is the one.

11. Knog Oi Bike Bell

The last bell on this list is the Knog Oi bike bell. It is very similar to JAOK Bike Bell. The difference is that it is available in copper, brass, silver, and black finishes.

It takes very little space, yet it is loud and made of premium materials. Thanks to its sleek design and low weight, I think it is the best bike bell for a road bike.

The Knog Oi is sold in 2 sizes (small and large). The small bell fits 22.2 mm handlebars diameter and the large 31.8 mm diameter handlebars.

Bike BellsAvailable Colors 2 PackHandlebar DiameterBuy
Black, Gold, SilverYes21 - 23 mmCheck Price
Pioneeryao Bike Bell
Black, Gold, SilverNo22 - 36 mmCheck Price
Firmstrong Bike BellBlue, Black, Red, Vanilla,
Chrome, White, Purple, Mint
No24 - 26 mmCheck Price
Greallthy Bike BellBlack, Blue, Green, Red, Pink,
No22.2 - 25.4 mm
Check Price
JAOK Bike BellBlueNo22 - 31 mmCheck Price
ANDERZS Bike BellSilverYes21 - 23 mmCheck Price
LYCAON Bike BellBlack, Blue, Yellow, Green,
Red, Silver
Yes20 - 23 mmCheck Price
Kickstand Bike BellBlue, Red, Berry, Black, Green, Orange,
Pink, Yellow, Purple, and more...
No22.2 mmCheck Price
Mirrycle Incredibell Bike BellBlack, Silver, BrassNo21.7 - 26 mmCheck Price
Schwinn Bike BellSilverNo-Check Price
Knog Oi Bike BellBrass, Copper, Silver, BlackNo22.2 mm or 31.8 mmCheck Price
List of the best bike bells with info about the available colors, pieces in the box, and handlebar diameter compatibility.

My Verdict

My favorite bell from this selection is the Pioneeryao bike bell. I like its minimalistic style, and the fact is it is made almost completely from metal. It also comes in 3 different colors (black, gold, silver). You can attach the bell to 22 – 26 mm diameter handlebars. Thanks to the clever and original attachment mechanism, its installation is effortless. And, of course, the sound of the bell is loud enough so you can notify others well in advance.

Why Use Bike Bell? Here Are 3 Reasons…

In case you are not sure whether you should buy a bike bell or not, here are 3 reasons why you should.

Best Bike Bells: A detail of a bike bell in the night
Using bike bells is not just about your safety, but also about the safety of others

1. You Increase Your Own Safety

With a bike bell, you will notify pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists that you are there. In traffic, participants must know about themselves. If they do, they can respect each other and avoid an accident. In the Best Bike Mirrors article, I mentioned the number 857. This is the number of cyclists who died after a car accident in the USA in 2018. Let’s lower this number together.

TIP: Use one of the best bike wheel lights to increase your visibility at night.

2. You Increase the Safety of Others

When you use a bike bell, you don’t just increase your safety but also others’ safety. Imagine a situation where you walk along a bike path and a cyclist you don’t know about is approaching from behind. Then he will not leave enough space between you and himself, and at the same time, you deviate from your direction. The cyclist will hit you. This is not a situation you want to experience…

Feel free to read more about bicycle safety. The article includes 20+ safety tips.

3. You Follow Good Manners

There is one more benefit of using a bell – you don’t have to scream. Use the bell instead. Thus, you follow good manners. We all should respect some unwritten rules and etiquette. It is the same as saying ‘Hello’ when you enter your local store.

Using a bell is not an insult. It’s a show of mutual respect.

Before You Buy a Bike Bell…

Before you decide to buy a new bicycle bell, make sure you pick the right one for your handlebar diameter. I made it pretty easy for you because you can find the diameters of the bells in the table above.

Most of the bells will fit the majority of handlebars. But you can also pick the wrong size of the bell. And it will cost you time and money. To prevent this, measure your handlebar diameter. Watch the following video if you don’t know how to do it, or continue reading the handlebar size standards.

Measure the diameter of your handlebar before you buy a bell

Handlebar Diameter Standards

There are many types of handlebars. In the selection below, you can see the most popular types. These diameters are the diameters of the grip area – the area where you attach the bike bell.

  • 23.8 mm – Road bikes
  • 22.2 mm – BMX, kids, and mountain bikes
  • Various diameters – Hybrid, city, commuter, trek, fitness bikes


Best Bike Bell FAQ

This post is regularly updated to provide you with the most up-to-date tips on products. If you find a product that is not up to date, please, contact me.

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