The 8 Best Bike Bells Actually Bought, Tested, and Ranked [2023]

Best Bike Bells: Me holding dropbar handlebar with eight bicycle bells in front of trees.

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After browsing over 100 bells, I narrowed the list to just a few. Then, I bought them, tested their noisiness, build quality, etc., and put them into this selection of the best bike bells.

I also shot videos of every bell so you can actually hear how they sound!

And the winner? Pioneeryao bike bell – it’s well built, has high noisiness exceeding 110 dB (the highest in my tests), has a long noise duration, and is available in multiple colors.

Continue reading to learn about bike bells and how to choose one.

How Did I Choose the Best Bike Bells?

I researched hundreds of bells, which I narrowed down based on customer reviews to just a few models.

Then, I bought them and tested multiple features, like their noisiness, noise duration, build quality, etc.

Whichever of these bells you buy, you can be sure it will serve its purpose.

What Is the Best Bike Bell?

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1. Pioneeryao Bell (Best Bike Bell Overall)

The noisiest bike bell in this roundup…

Main Features

  • Noisiness: ~110.6 dB (highest in my testing)
  • Sound duration: 8s
  • Build quality: 5/5
  • Ease of installation: 3/5
  • Weight: 46g
  • For handlebar diameter: S: 22 – 26 mm, L: 30 – 36 mm

The Pioneeryao bell is almost completely made out of metal. Thanks to it, it delivers a loud, crisp, and long sound and excellent durability. It’s also the loudest bell in this roundup.

Its installation is a little more complicated due to the metal sheets, but I am sure you will make it.

Pioneeryao Classic Bell sound

If you opt for this bicycle bell, here is a quick installation tip: Make sure to lose the screws a bit. The installation will be much easier.

It fits 22 – 26 mm or 30 – 36 mm diameter handlebars.

2. Greallthy Bell

Bike bell for those who appreciate wide color selection…

Main Features

  • Noisiness: ~107.8 dB
  • Sound duration: 7s
  • Build quality: 5/5
  • Ease of installation: 4/5
  • Weight: 63g
  • For handlebar diameter: 22.2 – 25.4 mm

The Greallthy bell offers an excellent price/value ratio.

Its design is simple and available in multiple colors, so it will be easy for you to match it with your bike.

Greallthy Classic Bike Bell sound

The sound of the bell is loud and clear, and it feels well-made. It’s definitely one of the surprises from my tests.

It fits 22.2 – 25.4 mm diameter handlebars, so it’s suitable for various bike types.

3. Pro Bike Tool Bell

Easy to install and well-made bicycle bell…

Main Features

  • Noisiness: ~94.7 dB
  • Sound duration: 4s
  • Build quality: 5/5
  • Ease of installation: 5/5
  • Weight: 38g
  • For handlebar diameter: 19.2 – 31.8 mm

The Pro Bike Tool bike bell is characteristic of its high-quality construction (it’s made of metals) and easy installation.

Thanks to the rubber bands, you can attach it to your handlebar within seconds. And you don’t need any tools!

It’s a shame that this bell has a relatively short noise duration and is not a little louder.

Pro Bike Tool Bell sound

But it’s still loud enough to notify those around you.

It fits 19.2 – 31.8 mm diameter handlebars, and thanks to the rubber bands, it’s also suitable for drop handlebars of road and gravel bikes.

4. Knog Oi Classic Bell

Bike bell with the most beautiful sound and longest sound duration…

Main Features

  • Noisiness: ~87.5 dB
  • Sound duration: 11s
  • Build quality: 4/5
  • Ease of installation: 4/5
  • Weight: 25g
  • For handlebar diameter: 22.2 or 31.8 mm

The Knog Oi Classic bike bell looks like a ring. Although it has the lowest peak noisiness, its noise is the most beautiful and pleasant.

Knog Oi Classic Bike Bell sound

It takes very little space and looks sleek, also thanks to the outer ring.

Its downside is that the plastic piece and the spring are not too durable.

You also have to be careful where you install it. If you tighten it too much, it won’t create a loud enough noise.

Therefore, choose the right size. It’s available in 2 sizes (small and large). The small bell fits 22.2 mm handlebars diameter and the large 31.8 mm diameter handlebars.

5. Mudder Bell

One of the best budget bike bells on the market…

Main Features

  • Noisiness: ~106.8 dB
  • Sound duration: 2s
  • Build quality: 3/5
  • Ease of installation: 5/5
  • Weight: 24g
  • For handlebar diameter: 22 – 35 mm

The Mudder bicycle bell is sold in 2 packs.

Its build quality is relatively low, and it feels cheap. But this is not surprising at this price point.

It has loud peak noisiness that surpasses 106 dB. However, the sound lasts for a short time (just around 2 seconds).

Mudder Bike Bell sound

On the other hand, its installation is effortless, thanks to the rubber bands.

Its low weight and flexible attachment mechanism make it suitable for road cyclists.

6. Sportout Bell

Bike bell with a beautiful sound…

Main Features

  • Noisiness: ~107 dB
  • Sound duration: 9s
  • Build quality: 5/5
  • Ease of installation: 4/5
  • Weight: 40g
  • For handlebar diameter: 22.2 – 22.8 mm

Sportout bike bell is a tiny bell suitable for a narrow-diameter handlebar.

It surprised me with its high noisiness and long, beautiful sound.

Sportout Bike Bell sound

Of course, it comes with a hex wrench, so you can install it even if you don’t have the tools at home.

7. Crane Japan Bell

One of the most well-made bells on this list…

Main Features

  • Noisiness: ~108.4 dB
  • Sound duration: 8s
  • Build quality: 5/5
  • Ease of installation: 4/5
  • Weight: 56g
  • For handlebar diameter: 22.2 – 31.8 mm

This Crane Japan bike bell is one of the most well-made bells on this list.

It feels premium, thanks to the used materials. It also won’t let you down regarding its noisiness and sound duration.

Crane Japan Bike Bell sound

The only thing I dislike is the attachment mechanism which requires a little patience.

But it’s secure and suitable for multiple handlebar diameters and, therefore, bike types.

8. Timber MTB Bell (Best Bike Bell for Mountain Bikers)

Bike bell like no other…

Main Features

  • Noisiness: ~101 dB
  • Sound duration: 1s
  • Build quality: 5/5
  • Ease of installation: 4/5
  • Weight: 75g
  • For handlebar diameter: 22.2 or 31.8 mm

My list of bells could not be complete without an iconic Timber mountain bike trail bell.

It has two modes – ring and stealth mode. When in stealth mode, it doesn’t cause any noise.

Timber Bike Bell sound

But once you switch to the ring mode, it will ring every time you hit a bump. This makes it suitable for trail riding because you won’t have time to ring manually.

For this reason, it’s the best mountain bike bell. Remember, it’s not suitable for commuting.

Honorable Mentions

The following bells are worth mentioning and could also be a good choice:

Bike BellsNoisinessSound DurationBuild QualityEase of InstallationHandlebar DiameterBuy
Pioneeryao Classic Bell110.6 dB8s53S: 22 - 26 mm
L: 30 - 36 mm
Check Price
Pro Bike Tool Bell
94.7 dB4s5519.2 - 31.8 mmCheck Price
Mudder Bike Bell
106.8 dB2s3522 - 35 mmCheck Price
Sportout Bell107 dB9s5422.2 - 22.8 mmCheck Price
Crane Bell108.4 dB8s5422.2 - 31.8 mmCheck Price
Greallthy Classic Bell107.8 dB7s5422.2 - 25.4 mmCheck Price
Timber MTB Bell101 dB1s5422.2 or 31.8 mmCheck Price
Knog Classic Bell87.5 dB11s4422.2 or 31.8 mmCheck Price
List of the best bike bells with info about the noisiness, sound duration, build quality, and handlebar diameter compatibility.
Build quality, ease of installation (1-5, more is better)

My Verdict

My favorite bell from this selection is the Pioneeryao bike bell. I like its minimalistic style and build quality (it’s made almost completely from metal).

It also comes in different colors and has a secure attachment.

And, of course, its noisiness is loud enough (the loudest of all bells), so you can notify others well in advance.

How to Choose a Bike Bell?

Before buying a new bicycle bell, pick the right one for your handlebar diameter.

Most of the bells will fit the majority of handlebars. But it’s not always the case.

So, measure your handlebar diameter (watch the following video on how to do it) or check out the handlebar diameter standards below.

How to Measure Pipe Diameter Size Free Tool Download!
Measure the diameter of your handlebar before you buy a bell

Handlebar Diameter Standards

There are many types of handlebars. Below, you can see the most popular types.

These diameters are the diameters of the grip area – the area where you attach the bike bell.

  • 23.8 mm – Road bikes
  • 22.2 mm – BMX, kids, and mountain bikes
  • Various diameters – Hybrid, city, commuter, trek, fitness bikes

Noisiness & Sound Duration

Most bike bells are loud enough to notify others. Unfortunately, many manufacturers don’t state the noisiness of their bells.

Therefore, you have to rely on independent reviews like this one. The following chart shows the noisiness of the best bicycle bells.

Another feature you can consider is the sound duration. The following chart shows how long the sound of the bell approximately lasts.

Ease of Installation

Bells use multiple attachment mechanisms. Here are the most popular ones with their pros and cons.

  1. A plastic clamp – requires a hex wrench (usually included in the packing). It’s secure but takes more time to install.
  2. A steel strap – is more secure than a plastic clamp but more difficult to install. It requires a hex wrench to tighten the screw at the top of the bell.
  3. A rubber band – is very easy to install because it doesn’t require any tools, but the mount is not too secure, and the bell can move.

The following chart shows the ease of installation on a scale from 1 to 5, where 5 is the easiest installation.

Weight and Build Quality

The weight can provide information about the build quality.

Heavier bells are usually made of metals and are more quality than plastic bells.

Why Use Bike Bell? Here Are 3 Reasons…

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy a bike bell.

Best Bike Bells: A detail of a bike bell in the night
Using bike bells is not just about your safety but also the safety of others

1. You Increase Your Own Safety

With a bike bell, you will notify pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists that you are there. In traffic, participants must know about themselves. If they do, they can respect each other and avoid an accident. In the Best Bike Mirrors article, I mentioned the number 857. This is the number of cyclists who died after a car accident in the USA in 2018. Let’s lower this number together.

TIP: Use one of the best bike wheel lights to increase your visibility at night.

2. You Increase the Safety of Others

When you use a bike bell, you don’t just increase your safety but also others’ safety. Imagine a situation where you walk along a bike path, and a cyclist you don’t know about is approaching from behind. Then he will not leave enough space between you and himself, and at the same time, you deviate from your direction. The cyclist will hit you. This is not a situation you want to experience…

Feel free to read more about bicycle safety. The article includes 20+ safety tips.

3. You Follow Good Manners

One more benefit of using a bell is that you don’t have to yell. Use the bell instead. Thus, you follow good manners. We all should respect some unwritten rules and etiquette. It is the same as saying ‘Hello’ when you enter your local store.

Using a bell is not an insult. It’s a show of mutual respect.

Bicycle Bells FAQ

This post is regularly updated to provide the most up-to-date product tips. If you find a product that is not up to date, please, contact me.

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