iGPSport SRTL SR30 and Cycplus Radars Introduced at Eurobike 2023

Me holding the iGPSport STRL SR30 radar on the left side and Cycplus radar on the right side. They were introduced at Eurobike 2023.

iGPSport and Cycplus introduced their cycling radars at Eurobike 2023. 

They are yet to be launched in the market but have already generated buzz among cycling enthusiasts.

In this article, I summarize what I learned from the brand representatives. They also promised to send me a unit for review once they launch them.

So, will these radars be worthy competitors to Garmin, Magene, and Bryton radars? Based on the claimed specs, it seems so.

Watch my summary of the Eurobike Day 2, which includes clips of these radars.

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iGPSport SRTL SR30

The iGPSport SRTL SR30 is expected to be visible from a distance of up to 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) in a rear straight-line direction, which is comparable to the visibility of Garmin Varia RTL515.

This feature ensures that drivers can spot you from a significant distance, adding an extra layer of safety during your rides.

The SR30 radar will detect rear-approaching vehicles within a distance of 150 meters, which is again comparable to the performance of the best bicycle radars.

Of course, this radar will offer multiple taillight modes, allowing you to choose the appropriate mode for your visibility needs, whether you’re cycling during the day or night, in urban or rural environments.

Once the radar detects a vehicle, it will audibly alert you through your head unit and change the light pattern to alert the driver.

Thanks to the ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, it will be compatible with most bike computers. I’ve personally tried connecting it to my ELEMNT BOLT 2, and it worked flawlessly.

Additionally, it will come with an iGPSport smartphone app that can replace a head unit, as it will display cars approaching from behind.

I also inquired about the battery life. They initially mentioned up to 25 hours, which seemed quite high to me.

Upon further verification, they revised the information, stating that it should last up to 14 hours in day flash mode. However, the final numbers have not been confirmed yet.

Lastly, I must mention the presence of the USB-C charging port.

The iGPSport SRTL SR30 should be released in July 2023 and is expected to be priced around $119.

Cycplus Bicycle Radar

Another exciting radar introduced at Eurobike 2023 is the Cycplus bicycle radar. Its main selling point? Incredibly long battery life—up to 40 hours!

I spoke with the technical engineer, who explained that this battery life is possible thanks to new internals.

I cannot verify this claim as I am not an expert on these systems. However, I will test it once I get my hands on the radar.

Another unique feature of this radar will be the ability to synchronize with other Cycplus radars, so they will flash in the same pattern. Clever.

The other specifications should be similar to the radars we already know—USB-C, multiple light modes, etc.

The Cycplus radar should be available in July or September and cost around $149.


The iGPSport SRTL SR30 and Cycplus bicycle radar are two exciting radars that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Both are expected to be cheaper alternatives to Varia and direct competitors to Magene L508 or Bryton Gardia R300L.

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