Elves Falath EVO: Is It Worth Your Attention (and Money)?

Grey/black Elves Falath EVO 2023 aero road bike with Orome 50mm wheels and Shimano 105 Di2 groupset.

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The Falath EVO is a newly introduced high-performance aero road bike frameset from Elves.

I have a pretty good grasp of Chinese carbon frames. After all, I ride one myself. So I want to share my thoughts on it.

After looking at the Falath EVO, I immediately thought this frame could become quite popular.

So in this article, I will try to evaluate it based on the information we know so far.

I will also put it in context with Chinese and Western carbon frames.

Let’s get into it.

Key Features

Let’s take a look at EVO’s key features.

UCI Approval, ISO, and EN Safety Requirements

Many are still skeptical of Chinese frames because they are unsure of their quality. And I admit that you can still come across poor-quality frames.

However, this is not the case with Elves. All their frames meet the safety requirements of ISO 4210-6:2023 and EN 14766.

Earlier, I also interviewed the Elves Vanyar and Falath Pro owners, who are happy with them.

Additionally, Falath EVO is UCI approved. It meets the UCI technical requirements so you can use it in official UCI events.


The main point of discussion of this frame is certainly its aerodynamics. At first glance, it looks fast.

I want to highlight a few features. The first is the integrated cockpit, which seamlessly connects to the top tube.

You can use the handlebars with spacers to increase the stack. However, your riding position will be higher and probably less aero.

Elves Falath EVO handlebar without spacers (top picture) and with spacers (bottom picture).
Elves Falath EVO handlebar with and without spacers

But the important thing is to have the position adjusted so that it is comfortable for you and you can stay in it for longer periods.

Next is the relatively small gap between the front wheel and the down tube. But the truth is that bikes like the Cannondale SystemSix or Cervélo S5 have it better addressed. See the following photos.

Elves Falath EVO (top) vs. Cannondale SystemSix (bottom).
Elves Falath EVO vs. Cannondale SystemSix
Elves Falath EVO (top) vs. Cervelo S5 (bottom).
Elves Falath EVO vs. Cervelo S5

Of course, more elongated tubes (including fork, frame, and seat tube) are also simulating an aerofoil-like shape to reduce the coefficient of drag (CdA) or a reinforced bottom bracket area.

Finally, the rear-end and dropped seat stays are similar to, for example, the one we know from the Canyon Aeroad.

Elves Falath EVO (top) vs. Canyon Aeroad (bottom).
Elves Falath EVO vs. Canyon Aeroad

But all these features must affect weight because more material is used, right? Yes. The frame weighs 1105g in size 54 (XL).

For comparison, Canyon Aeroad CF SLX weighs 990g.

Tire Clearance

Elves Falath EVO has a massive tire clearance of up to 32mm tire clearance*, offering you greater versatility and a smoother ride.

*Cervelo S5 has up to 34mm tire clearance, Canyon Aeroad 30mm, Trek Madone SLR 28mm

But you shouldn’t forget that the frontal area increases with wider tires, and depending on the rim width, you get a worse tire-rim transition. These will probably result in the aerodynamic drag coefficient (CdA). You can watch this video for more information

Some aero bikes even use a combination of 25mm tires in the front and 28mm in the rear. Many of them still use only 25mm tires.

On the other hand, you will have much better riding comfort, as the larger tire volume helps absorb road vibrations.

So, the benefits of increased comfort and improved grip on challenging roads may outweigh any minor reductions in aerodynamics for some riders.


At first glance, the geometry of the Falath EVO seems aggressive, especially thanks to the slammed handlebar.

However, after comparing it to a few aero bikes, you can see that it’s not that aggressive. This should mean a more comfortable riding position that even less flexible and experienced riders can endure.

For geometry comparisons, I recommend using the bikeinsights.com tool.

Available Colors and Customizations

Although the range of colors is rich and Elves is known for its high-quality paint job, you can order a custom design for an extra cost.

7 different Elves Falath EVO colors in 2023.
Elves Falath EVO 2023 colors | Source: Elves

As for integrated handlebars, I recommend combining the Falath EVO with the Falath EVO handlebars. Elves offer widths of 36, 38, 40, and 42 cm and stem lengths of 90, 100, 110, 120, and 130mm.

Watch the following video from Jourdain Coleman for more info.

Elves Falath Evo 2023: Unbox, Review & In-Depth Analysis… the Ultimate $1100 Carbon Racing Frame??

Elves Falath EVO vs. Chinese Alternatives

The three main branded Chinese alternatives to Falath EVO are Winspace T1500, ICAN A22, and YOELEO R12.

Falath EVO looks the fastest, but again, we don’t have any comparable data.

Price-wise, the EVO is the golden mean. The T1500 and R12 are more expensive alternatives, with the R12 not even being a pure aero frame. Although marketed as such, realistically, it’s more of an all-rounder.

The ICAN A22 is the most affordable, costing 2/3 of the Falath EVO while offering decent quality (source). However, it doesn’t look as aero optimized, and you get the narrower color offer.

I don’t consider non-branded frames for the reasons described in my article about the worth of Chinese carbon frames.

Elves Falath EVO Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Aero (Toray T800+T1000), EPS molding technology
  • Frame weight: 1005-1205g (depending on frame size)
  • BB: Press fit PF30
  • Tire clearance: 32mm
  • Seatpost weight: 250g
  • Fork weight: 415g
  • UCI approved, meets EN 14766 and ISO 4210-6:2023
  • Fully integrated cable routing
  • Warranty: 5 years

Elves Falath EVO FAQ


The Elves Falath EVO looks promising. Except for the high-quality paint jobs Elves is known for, it also looks fast.

Unfortunately, Elves has not published any whitepaper providing detailed aero data. So we’ll have to wait for a comparison with competing frames.

But if you’re not exactly a marginal gains hunter, the EVO seems like an interesting alternative to western aero frames.

What do you think of the EVO? Would you consider buying one? If so, you can take advantage of an exclusive cyclistshub.com discount.

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  1. Profile picture of Petr Minarik - the founder of cyclistshub.com

    The most aero frame ever produced (I’m not joking) is from Rollingstone in China. The Rollingstone Force. It’s discontinued now in a size 51.5, it has a 394 reach with 507.5 stack. It also has a tiny head tube and a 76.5 degree seat tube angle.

    It wasn’t popular because it is the most aggressive frame you can buy anywhere. Not comfortable for all people. It is indeed comfortable, though. 😉

    Made in the same factory in Shanghai as Canyon.

  2. Profile picture of Petr Minarik - the founder of cyclistshub.com

    Hi Petr,
    I wanted to order a frame with the discount code. But I cant apply the code anywhere.
    Do you know how to activate? Elves didnt respond to my question.
    Can I use the code fir the handlebar or wheels also?
    greetz tschulez

    1. Profile picture of Petr Minarik - the founder of cyclistshub.com

      Hey, Tschulez,
      I’m sorry. I forgot to remove the code from this article. The Elves didn’t extend my code because they want to push local distributors.
      Thank you for your understanding.
      – Petr

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