Lake CX332 Review: Premium Shoes for Wide Feet Cyclists

Lake CX332 review: Chameleon LakeCX332 with custom graphics

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This is a Lake CX332 review.

You will learn whether these road cycling shoes are worth your attention or you should look elsewhere.


Lake CX332 are one of the best premium road cycling shoes for people with wide feet. You can heat-mold them to maximize your riding comfort. They are also available in different widths and colors. On the other hand, they are expensive and could have better ventilation. You can buy them here (or at or continue reading for more info.

Lake CX332 Pros & Cons

I found the following pros & cons of Lake CX332.

Lake CX332 Pros

  • Upper made from kangaroo leather
  • Stiff yet comfortable
  • Heat-moldable
  • Available in 3 widths
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Available for 4-hole cleats
  • 2 BOA dials for precise fastening
  • Replaceable heel

Lake CX332 Cons

  • They could be lighter (522g/pair, size 42)
  • They could be better ventilated
  • Sole curvature and thickness require compensating for the higher stack by increasing your saddle height

Lake CX332 Summary

The Lake CX332 are high-end road cycling shoes with the upper made from kangaroo leather.

Black, white, purple chameleon, and green chameleon Lake CX332
Some of the available colors

The leather stretches around your feet over time, providing excellent comfort.

The fastening system consists of 2 BOA dials that ensure a tight and precise fit. As a result, you won’t experience excessive pressure or hotspots on your forefoot.

Detail on 2 BOA dials on Lake CX332 road cycling shoes
Detail on 2 BOA dials

You can also mold the carbon heel cups for an even better fit. I also recommend using cycling insoles.

Detail on the heel cup on Lake CX332 road cycling shoes
Heat-moldable heel cup

The upper is perforated to provide ventilation, but it’s not as effective as on Giro Imperial shoes, for example.

Detail on the perforated upper of the Lake CX332 road cycling shoes
Perforated upper

The Lake CX332 shoes are perfect for riders with wide feet because they are available in 3 widths (standard, wide, and extra wide). See the sizing section for more info.

Another downside for some riders could be the sole curvature and thickness. If you are sensitive to your bike fit, you will have to adjust your saddle because of the increased stack.

They also could be lighter. Yes, they are lighter than most Sidi’s, but a weight under 500g/pair would be nice.

Also available at

Lake CX332 Sizing

The following table shows the sizing for Lake CX301, CX302, CX332, and CX403 road cycling shoes.

Shoe lengthWidth (mm)
mm*EURegularWideExtra Wide
224.5 - 2273683
230.5 - 2343785
234.5 - 23737.585
237.5 - 2403887
240.5 - 24338.587
243.5 - 246398897.8100.24
246.5 - 25039.58898.8101.24
250.5 - 253408999.8102.24
253.5 - 25640.590100.8103.24
256.5 - 2604191101.8104.24
260.5 - 26341.592102.8105.24
263.5 - 2664293103.8106.24
266.5 - 27042.594104.8107.24
270.5 - 2734395105.8108.24
273.5 - 27643.596106.8109.24
276.5 - 2804497107.8110.24
280.5 - 28344.598108.8111.24
283.5 - 2864599109.8112.24
286.5 - 29045.5100110.8113.24
290.5 - 29346101111.8114.24
293.5 - 29646.5103112.8115.24
296.5 - 30047103113.8116.24
303.5 - 30648105115.8118.24
309.5 - 31349
313.5 - 316.550108119.8122.24
This table shows the sizing of the Lake CX301, CX302, CX332, CX403 road cycling shoes.
*Add +5mm to your measured length to get the correct shoe length.

To choose the correct size, follow the Lake sizing guide.

Lake Road Cycling Shoes Lineup Explained

Lake offers multiple shoes (CX) ranging from entry-level to premium.

The CX1xx line starts at around $170. The upper of these shoes is made of Clarino Microfiber. They only have one BOA dial and nylon sole and are not heat moldable.

The CX2xx line ranges from around $240 to $380. These mid-range shoes feature 2 BOA dials, are lighter, have carbon soles are heat moldable.

The CX3xx and 4xx lines are similar to the CX2xx line. I didn’t find many differences except their lower weight and higher price, which ranges from $370 to $560.


Lake CX 332 are high-end road cycling shoes that you can heat-mold at home to ensure the best fit possible.

They are available in three widths and are popular among riders with wide feet.

With proper care, these shoes will last you for years, thanks to their Kangaroo leather upper.

Furthermore, it will stretch and wrap your feet like a glove, providing excellent comfort.

The only main disadvantages of these shoes are their higher price and worse ventilation compared to some alternatives.

They also have a higher stack because of the shoe curvature and sole thickness, so you will need to compensate it with the saddle height.

Also available at

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