OutdoorMaster Helmet Review – The Most Stylish Commuter Helmet?

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Style Helmet on a lawn

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This is my honest review of the OutdoorMaster skateboard-style helmet that you can also use for cycling, commuting, and plenty of other sports.

I’ve been testing it for the past few weeks, and in this review, you find out what I do and don’t like about it. I also lent it to my cousin (he is a passionate skateboarder) to share his experience with me.

I can tell you that my overall impressions are pretty good. Except for a few shortcomings, the positives are predominant. Which was a surprise for me considering the helmet’s affordable price.

Keep reading to find out whether or not the OutdoorMaster helmet is worth your money.

Who Is it for?

It’s clear from the shape of the helmet that it differentiates from standard cycling helmets. In fact, it was designed for skateboarders, but cyclists can use it too.

Some people even like skateboard-style helmets more because they look cleaner and are more elegant. On which side are you?

Let me summarize who this helmet is for.

If I won’t count skateboarders, the OutdoorMaster helmet is suitable for people who commute to or from work on their bike or electric scooter, casual cyclists, BMX riders, roller skaters, etc.

Skateboard-style helmets have a few downsides – they have much worse ventilation than road bike helmets (or helmets for MTB), and they look bulky. Therefore, they are not very suitable for roadies or MTB riders.

Although the helmet is also marketed as a helmet for mountain bikers, I disagree with this claim. Mountain bikers usually don’t wear skateboard-style helmets.

Who is it for?

  • Commuters
  • Casual cyclists
  • Skateboarders
  • Roller skaters
  • Scooter riders
  • BMX riders
  • E-bikers

Who is it not for?

  • Road cyclists
  • Mountain bikers

What’s in the Box?

The helmet comes in bubble wrap and a plastic bag. It includes:

  • Helmet
  • Spare padding
  • Manual
OutdoorMaster Helmet Contents
Helmet, spare padding, and instruction manual

OutdoorMaster Helmet Specifications

  • Available sizes
    • S 18.1-20in (46-51cm)
    • M 20-22.8in (51-58cm)
    • L 21.3-23.6in (54-60cm)
  • Weight: 0.98lb / 445g (size L)
  • Available in plenty of colors (black, white, red, green, and many more)
  • CPSC, ASTM, and CE certified
  • Adjustment dial

My Experience with OutdoorMaster Helmet

I must say at the outset that I am a passionate road cyclist. Therefore, my following experience is influenced by my experience with road cycling helmets.

The first and one of the most important features of a cycling helmet is the fit. This helmet does not fit me as well as my road cycling helmet. It is a little bit too wide for me. Luckily, you can adjust the size using the dial fit.

I used the OutdoorMaster helmet for short commuting within 5 miles (8 km) and for one mid-range training 15 miles (24.14 km). For short distances, it is perfect, but during the long ride, I had slight neck pain due to the helmet’s weight. It took a few rides to strengthen my neck muscles and get used to it.

I also expected much worse ventilation. But if you don’t climb long climbs, your head won’t overheat when riding. So thumbs up.

Overall, the helmet is well-built. I handed it to a few people without telling them the price. I asked them to tell me what they think about it. I received mostly positive and surprised reactions when I told them the price. Honestly, OutdoorMaster nailed it.

OutdoorMaster logo and branded rivet in detail
OutdoorMaster logo and branded rivets in detail

Let’s now take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of this helmet.

OutdoorMaster Helmet Pros

  • Nice, clean design
  • A large variety of colors available
  • Adjustable size thanks to dial fit
  • Adjustable side straps
  • Removable padding
  • Spare padding
  • Well built

OutdoorMaster Helmet Cons

  • Bad ventilation in hot weather
  • Pretty bulky
  • Heavy (compared to road cycling helmets)
  • No ventilation holes for storing sunglasses
  • No slot for an action camera (like GoPro)

OutdoorMaster Helmet Pros in Detail

Most skateboard cycling helmets look the same. They are not as diverse as road cycling helmets. But I like the OutdoorMaster helmet’s clean design. It has a decent logo on the left side and no other decals. It is available in multiple colors, so you can choose the one you like. I like the blue one – it almost perfectly matches my cycling kit.

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet Left Side
OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet Front Side
OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet Right Side

When choosing the right size, make sure to measure your head circumference. Use a soft tape measure or a string. If you are between 2 sizes, pick the larger size. You can adjust it thanks to the dial. And you will also be able to wear the helmet with a hat (a must-have in winter).

OutdoorMaster helmet comes with soft padding. I have to say the shape of the helmet does not fit me very well – I tried many helmets before I found the right one – but thanks to the padding, it does not push me anywhere, so it is not uncomfortable.

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet Inside Padding
Soft inner padding and dial fit for fit adjustment

If you have some experience with cycling helmets, you know that the padding wears out over time. That’s when the spare pieces come in handy. The padding of this helmet is made of 3 pieces (front, middle, and back). The included padding is the front and back piece, so keep that in mind.

Also available at outdoormaster.com (use the “cyclistshub15” code to get 15% off your purchase and free shipping)

OutdoorMaster Helmet Cons in Detail

As I outlined before, I expected the ventilation to be worse. But it is still not sufficient for hot summer weather. This is a problem that most skateboard-style helmets have. However, if you don’t spend long hours in the saddle and just need to get a grocery or take a short commute, you will be fine.

I have been using the size L of the OutdoorMaster helmet during my testing (it is the largest size available). And yes, it is pretty bulky. It is also twice as heavy (0.98lb / 445g, size L) as my road cycling helmet Agu Tesero (0.43lb / 196g, size L). But, the Tesero is also 2 times more expensive, and it is a comparison of 2 different categories.

OutdoorMaster Helmet Weight 445g
OutdoorMaster helmet weight (size L) – skateboard-style cycling helmet
Agu Tesero Weight 196g
Agu Tesero helmet weight (size L) – road cycling helmet

When I compared the weight of the other skateboard-style helmets on the market, most of them are around 0.95lb (430g). So the weight is +/- the same. It simply depends on the reference point.

My cousin had no problem with weight at all. He told me that he finds it pretty light and comfortable. It also seems that he will finally start to wear a helmet. That’s a win!

If you want to shoot videos from your rides as my cousin does, you will probably miss mount for an action camera like GoPro. This is a minor problem that you can solve with an adhesive mount.

One huge disadvantage for me is the lack of vent holes where I could put my sunglasses. This means that I have to use my jersey pockets to store them (e.g. when going uphill).

OutdoorMaster Helmet Alternatives

There are countless stylish helmets on the market. But only a few of them are worth it. Please don’t take me wrong; all bike helmets have to pass CPSC certification to be allowed to be sold on the US market and CE certification for the EU market. They will all protect your head in case of impact. But some helmets are poorly built – their shell peels off or is scratched; the helmet has insufficient padding, etc.

Anyway, back to OutdoorMaster alternatives. If you are looking for a more premium skateboard-style helmet ideal for cycling, I can recommend Nutcase helmets. For example, their Vio collection includes helmets with LED lights and a removable sun visor. On the other hand, they are twice as expensive as the OutdoorMaster helmet.

OutdoorMaster Helmet FAQ

My Verdict

Would I recommend the OutdoorMaster helmet? Yes. But, (there is always but, right?) it is not for everybody. And it doesn’t even try to. Skateboard-style helmets like this one are good for commuters, casual cyclists, and other athletes who combine more disciplines like cycling, skateboarding, BMX, roller skates, etc. It is not suitable for avid roadies or mountain bikers due to its higher weight and poorer ventilation than road cycling helmets.

However, the OutdoorMaster helmet offers an excellent value for the bucks. It is well built so you can be sure it will protect your head in case of a crash, it passed all necessary certifications, and it comes in plenty of colors & three sizes so everybody can choose the one they like.

Also available at outdoormaster.com (use the “cyclistshub15” code to get 15% off your purchase and free shipping)

The product for this review was kindly provided by the manufacturer. This did not influence my overall verdict or my opinion about the product.

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