Shapeheart Bike Phone Mount Review: Good but not Perfect

Detail of the Shapeheart Magnetic Bike Phone Pro Mount on my MTB handlebar.

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This is my review of Shapeheart magnetic bike phone mounts – the Pro and non-pro versions.

Shapeheart reached out to me and asked if I would review them. I said sure, but don’t think I will only write positive things about it.

They agreed, and about a week later, I received a package with two phone mounts and two extra phone sleeves for large phones.

So, did these mounts pass my tests, and do I recommend them?

Well, yes and no.

Continue reading for more info.

Who Is Shapeheart Magnetic Bike Phone Mount for?

Shapeheart bike phone mounts are not only for cyclists but also for motorbikes who use their smartphones to navigate their trips.

They will hold their phone securely on the handlebar (or stem) in a sleeve for easy access to the smartphone.

They are not for performance-oriented riders who want to see their training data. Those should prefer a bike computer for their more advanced metrics.

My Experience with Shapeheart Magnetic Bike Phone Mounts

I’ve been using these phone mounts for about two weeks on various terrains (paved, dirt, and forest roads) as well as on rough cobblestones to test them properly.

I didn’t want to risk breaking my new phone, so I used my old iPhone 6s. After all, I also needed to take photos on it, and I didn’t want to take my DSLR with me on rides.

Shapeheart Magnetic Bike Phone Pro Mount with iPhone 6s on MTB handlebar.
Shapeheart Magnetic Bike Phone Pro Mount with my iPhone 6s

I can confirm that the magnetic mechanism holds the phone securely.

Shapeheart Magnetic Bike Phone Pro Mount on MTB handlebar with iPhone 6s in a sleeve.
Shapeheart Magnetic Bike Phone Pro Mount with iPhone 6s sleeve

However, I generally don’t recommend using phone holders with expensive phones on rough terrain (e.g., trails). This is because there is always a risk of the phone falling out or the mount failing. But on paved asphalt roads, you don’t have to worry about anything with a quality mount.

What I like about this style holder is that you just put your phone in the sleeve and magnetically “stick” it to the holder. Removing it is just as easy. Watch the following video for illustration.

Attaching and detaching a phone from the Shapeheart bike phone mount

This system is faster and easier to use than other systems (clips, rubber bands). At the same time, you don’t have to worry about damaging your phone by pulling the clips (which happened to a friend).

The last thing I was interested in was waterproofing. At first glance, the sleeves appear to be waterproof. Shapeheart also claims it on the product page.

So I put a newspaper in the sleeve and used the tap to simulate rain. I was unpleasantly surprised by the results. After a while, the sleeve started to soak water from the sides, as you can see in the 2nd picture.

Then I simulated a more extreme scenario – i.e., riding through puddles without fenders and water splashing from underneath. So I turned the sleeve upside down and let the tap run again.

After a while, the water came in. The opening for the phone is not closable (for easier removal of the phone).

The conclusion of this test is clear. If you don’t have a waterproof phone and there’s a chance of heavy rain, this sleeve can get wet and water will probably get inside.

Shapeheart Phone Mounts Pros and Cons

Below, I summarized the pros and cons of the Shapeheart bike phone mounts.


  • Fast and quick smartphone attachment/detachment
  • Universal
  • The Pro version holds strong
  • You don’t risk damaging your phone by tightening clamps
  • You can control your phone
  • Many sleeve sizes available
  • FaceID works when the phone is in the sleeve


  • Rubber bands (non-pro version) are not strong enough and tend to shift when detaching the phone
  • The phone sleeves soak water
  • TouchID doesn’t work when the phone is in the sleeve

My Verdict

I honestly didn’t have high expectations for the Shapeheart bike mount. Firstly because I had never heard of this brand, and secondly, I was unsure about the magnetic attachment.

After about two weeks of testing, I have come to the conclusion that the fixed handlebar mount (Pro) is worth it.

The same cannot be said for the non-pro mount. If you use the included rubber bands, they don’t hold it strongly enough, so it tends to twist when detaching the phone.

The package also includes a silicone strap, which is stronger, but very short, so it’s a problem using it on wider handlebars/bars diameters.

Unfortunately, the sleeves are also not fully waterproof (although Shapeheart claims they are).

For these reasons, I cannot fully recommend them. However, if you decide to buy them, you can use the links below.

Also available at

The product for this review was kindly provided by the manufacturer. This did not influence my overall verdict or my opinion about the product.

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