Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL Road Bike Pedals Review

Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL Road Bike Pedals Review: Me holding these pedals in my hands

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This is my review of Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL pedals. One of the best road bike pedals on the market.

I’ve been using multiple pedals like Shimano Tiagra, Shimano 105, and others. In short (and by no surprise), the Shimano Ultegra ones are the best but also the most expensive.

Below, I highlight who they are good for, their advantages, disadvantages, and more.

Who Are Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL Pedals for?

Shimano Ultegra road bike pedals are suitable for enthusiastic riders who don’t want to pay a premium for Shimano Dura-Ace pedals.

Although the price of Ultegra pedals is not low either, they still provide better value for the money.

They are not suitable for people with a limited budget. Moreover, their added value (e.g., lower weight) is probably not worth it for beginners.

Shimano Ultegra Pedals Summary

Here is the summary of the main features and technical specifications of the Shimano Ultegra pedals.

Main Features

  • Carbon body
  • Steel bearings and body plate
  • Adjustable release tension
  • Wide platform for enough foot support
  • Also available with a 4mm wider axle

Technical Specification

Also available at,, and

Shimano Ultegra Pedals Features & Benefits

The main highlights of Shimano Ultegra pedals are their weight of 247g (319g with yellow Shimano cleats), durability, reliability, and balance.

I remember switching from Shimano Tiagra pedals to Ultegra and noticing the weight difference. However, after a few rides, I got used to it and forgot I use Ultegra pedals instead of the Tiagra ones.

As with all Shimano SPD SL pedals, you can expect great balance. This means they will always rotate into a position that allows easy clip-in.

Shimano Ultegra left pedal
Shimano Ultegra right pedal

NOTE: The Shimano Ultegra pedals are also available with a 4mm longer axle.

Naturally, the axles are removable and easily serviceable. So, you can regrease them when needed.

I prefer Shimano pedals over LOOKs because of the cleats and float. Shimano ones feel more natural and secure to me. But this is just my preference.

The performance differences between Shimano 105, Ultegra, and Dura-Ace pedals are minimal. You will mainly get a weight benefit.

However, their bearings, foot support (i.e., the large platform), balance, etc., are so similar that you probably won’t notice unless you are a marginal gains hunter.

Shimano Ultegra Pedals Alternatives

Here are a few Shimano Ultegra road bike pedals alternatives:

  • Shimano 105 road bike pedals (PD-R7000) – more affordable but slightly heavier (for about 20g).
  • Shimano Dura-Ace road bike pedals (PD-R9100) – lighter (for about 20g) but more expensive.
  • LOOK Keo Blade Carbon – basically lower weight (about 15g) and price point, but are compatible with the LOOK Keo cleats standard.

Shimano Ultegra Pedals FAQ

My Verdict

Shimano Ultegra pedals provide exactly what you expect from pedals. They have a large enough platform that offers great foot support. They are well-balanced for easy clipping in and have a low weight of 247g.

They are a bit pricey (especially compared to the Shimano 105 pedals), so I don’t recommend them for beginners or people on a tight budget.

Buy them if you are an enthusiastic rider with some money to spend or want to complete your Shimano Ultegra set.

Also available at,, and

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