The Best Wahoo Black Friday Deals of 2022

Best Wahoo deals: Multiple Wahoo products with custom graphics.

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NOTE: Most of the Wahoo BFCM 2022 deals are over. Save this page to bookmarks and come back next year for a new selection.

This article includes the best Wahoo Black Friday deals. I summarized them to save you time browsing online stores.

The best three Wahoo deals are:

  1. Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v1 is discounted from $380 to $199 (47% savings).
  2. Wahoo KICKR v5 is discounted from $1199 to $799 (33% savings).
  3. Wahoo KICKR Bike v1 is discounted from $3799 to $1999 (47% savings).

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you find interesting Wahoo deals.

Let’s dive in.

NOTE: The discounts are often calculated from Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

Recommended Stores Selling Wahoo Products

Before we jump onto the individual deals, here are some US online bike stores having great deals on Wahoo products:

Check out or if you are located in the UK.

Black Friday 2022 deals on
Some of the deals on the website.

The Best Wahoo Black Friday Deals

Wahoo heavily discounted their ROAM bike computers and some of the smart trainers.

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM Review: Turned-on ROAM with a blurred flowering pink tree
Read my Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM review for more info

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v1 (47% OFF | from $380 to $199)

Although the ROAM v2 was introduced recently, the first generation of ROAM is still fully sufficient for most cyclists today.

It offers a colored display, 2 LED strips, full on-device navigation, and up to 17 hours of battery life.

This deal is hard to beat for this price.

Also available at

Wahoo KICKR v5 from the right side on a wooden floor and white background.
Read my Wahoo KICKR v5 review for more info

Wahoo KICKR v5 (33% OFF | from $1199 to $799)

KICKR v5 is currently often discounted because v6 was recently introduced.

But it still belongs among the best smart bike trainers on the market.

Moreover, with current discounts, its price-value ratio is hard to beat.

Wahoo KICKR Bike on a Wahoo KICKR trainer mat in front of a TV
Read this Wahoo KICKR Bike v1 review for more info

Wahoo KICKR Bike v1 (47% OFF | from $3799 to $1999)

KICKR Bike v1 belongs among the best smart bikes on the market.

This is because not only it offers all the parameters as competitors, but it can tilt based on the gradient you ride. Cool, huh?

So, if you want to have a silent trainer for an immersive indoor cycling experience, this one is to consider.

Wahoo KICKR Snap on a white background.
Wahoo KICKR Snap

Wahoo KICKR Snap (25% OFF | from $400 to $299)

Wahoo’s entry-level wheel-on trainer, KICKR Snap, is well-built and can adjust resistance based on third-party apps.

If you are just starting with indoor cycling, you should consider Snap as one of the options.

Also available at

Wahoo KICKR Core on a white background.
Wahoo KICKR Core

Wahoo KICKR Core (22% OFF | from $900 to $699)

KICKR Core is a mid-range smart trainer with lower accuracy and resistance than high-end units.

It’s a good choice if you want to upgrade from a wheel-on trainer but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Also available at

Wahoo ELEMNT Rival on a white background.
Wahoo ELEMNT Rival

Wahoo ELEMNT Rival (13% OFF | from $379 to $329)

ELEMNT Rival are Wahoo’s first smartwatches they introduced.

They are not perfect, but it’s rare to see them discounted.

Get them with a $50 discount.

Wahoo KICKR Axis feet upgrade on a white background.
Wahoo KICKR Axis feet upgrade kit

Wahoo KICKR Axis Upgrade Kit (40% OFF | from $80 to $48)

This KICKR Axis feet upgrade kit ensures your KICKR trainer will rock from side to side a little.

It will improve your riding comfort because your saddle will not be rigid, acting like sandpaper.

Although I rather recommend using a rocker plate, this is a good budget option for KICKR owners.

Also available at

Didn’t find what you were looking for?? Browse these Black Friday cycling deals.

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