Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v1 vs. v2 Early Comparison: Should You Upgrade?

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v1 in my hand with pink background on the left side vs. ROAM v2 (product picture) on the right side.

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This is my (early) comparison of Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v1 vs. ROAM v2.

I used both ROAM v1 for about two years. Unfortunately, ROAM v2 is not available for sale in my country yet. Once it is, I will buy it and update this comparison accordingly.

The main difference between ELEMNT ROAM v1 and v2 is that the ROAM v2 has larger storage, a more colorful display, a more accurate multi-band GPS, and refreshed design. Most other features remained the same.

So, is the ELEMNT ROAM v2 worth paying more?

Let’s find out.

ELEMNT ROAM v1 vs. v2: Technical Specifications

Here is the summary of the main differences between Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v1 vs. v2.

FeatureWahoo ELEMNT ROAM v1Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v2
Dimensions85×58×20 mm
3.35×2.28×0.79 in
90.5×59.5×20.5 mm
3.56×2.34×0.8 in
Screen size2.7″2.7″
Display colorsColored (8 colors)Colored (64 colors)
Claimed battery life
Real battery life¹
17 hours
14 hours²
17 hours
not tested yet
ButtonsHard to pressEasy to press
Smart navigation (rerouting)YesYes
Multi-band GNSSNoYes
ConnectivityANT+, Bluetooth, Wi-FiANT+, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Crash/incident detectionNoNo
Storage4 GB32 GB
Mounts in the boxOut front aero mount
Stem mount
Out front aero mount
Stem mount
More infoWahoo ELEMNT ROAM Reviewn/a
BuyCheck Price
Check Price (Amazon)
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Check Price (wiggle.co.uk)
This table compares the main features of ELEMNT ROAM v1 vs. v2.
¹Based on my unscientific testing - multiple rides with multiple connected sensors (HR, power meter, radar), and navigation turned on during about 30% of rides. Auto brightness on.
²Almost 2-year-old device.

What’s New?

ELEMNT ROAM v1 and ROAM v2 are similar to a large extent. So, what’s new?

  • Multi-band GPS (like on Garmin Edge 1040)
  • Display buttons (from recessed to more raised, like on BOLT v2)
  • Display colors (from 8 to 64 colors)
  • USB-C charging port (from MicroUSB)
  • Increased storage (from 4 to 64 GB)
  • Backup/restore (via Wahoo cloud)
  • Outdoor workout sync with Wahoo SYSTM
  • Supersapiens sensor support
  • Summit Climbing (similar to ClimbPro)*
  • Public route sharting (allows you to share your route with near-by ELEMNT owners)*
  • Slightly higher price

*These software features are not fully developed and should be added soon.

Features Comparison

Below, I compare these two bike computers’ most important features and differences.

Physical Dimensions & Weight

Regarding physical dimensions and weight, these two bike computers are similar.

The new ROAM v2 has redesigned buttons for easier use with gloves. They are not as recessed as those on ROAM v1.

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM - buttons detail
Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v1 – buttons detail
Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v2 - buttons detail.
Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v12- buttons detail

I am not sure about the mounts’ compatibility, however, considering similar dimensions, it’s likely they are.


The display size of 2.7-inch and resolution remained the same.

What changed is the number of colors it can display. While ROAM v1 could display only 8 colors, v2 bumped this up to 64.

Screen colors of Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v1 (product picture with the map shown).
Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v1 screen colors | Source: wahoofitness.com
Screen colors of Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v2 (product picture with the map shown).
Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v2 screen colors | Source: wahoofitness.com

They can show up to 11 data fields. By using the side buttons, you can change their size. For comparison, 3.5-inch Edge 1040 allows displaying 10 data fields at once only.

Control & User Friendliness

One of the things I love the most about Wahoo ELEMNT bike computers is their user-friendliness.

They combine simplicity, reliability, and functionality. For example, you can easily zoom the data fields using the side buttons to make them larger and easier to read.

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM zoomed data fields
Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v1 zoomed data fields

The user interface of ROAM v2 remained the same as on v1. So, the only change is the more raised buttons.

I had ROAM v1 for some time already, so the buttons became harder to press. This issue should be addressed with the new version.

Battery Life

For me, one of the biggest disappointments of ROAM v2 is the same battery life.

You see, Garmin Edge computers, especially the Edge 1040 line, has looong battery life exceeding 25 hours.

The claimed 17-hour battery life is sub-average. See the following chart for better context:

Based on my experience with ELEMNT bike computers, I believe they will last as promised (unlike the head units of other manufacturers).

But I expected more.

Maps & Navigation

ROAM v2 should be more accurate than v1, thanks to the multi-band GPS.

Only the highest-end bike computers have this functionality, so I am curious how it will perform.

One of the biggest downsides of ELEMNT bike computers is that they take ages to load the route.

We will see if this improved with the new generation or not. Tests coming soon.

Summit Climbing

Summit Climbing is an unfinished feature that should be similar to Garmin’s ClimbPro or Hammerhead’s CLIMBER.

I can’t wait to try this feature because I love climbing and miss the ClimbPro feature.

As for Garmin head units, it is available for pre-planned routes only. The good news is that via a software update, Summit Climbing should be available on ROAM v1 and BOLT v2.

Wahoo SYSTM Integration

If you do a lot of structured training and use apps like TrainingPeaks or TrainerRoad, you know these apps are integrated with Wahoo computers.

Wahoo (finally) integrated Wahoo SYSTM too. This means workouts from this app will be automatically synchronized with your head unit.

Of course, your workouts finished outdoors are counted toward your progress in SYSTM.

Other Features

One of the unique features of Wahoo ELEMNT bike computers is the LED strip. This functionality remained the same. remained the same.

Both ROAMs have LED strips on the left and the top side to indicate directions, your power, speed, HR, notifications, etc.

You can set custom notifications via the ELEMNT Companion app. I find this handy for reminding me when to recharge my Di2 and power meters or when to drink.

Wahoo extended this functionality with virtual Points of Interest. So, you can set a location from a particular location to get the custom notification.

The last ‘big’ news is the new USB-C charging port. It’s no surprise that an electronic device released in 2022 comes with it. But I had to mention it anyway.

That’s where the news end and where the chase starts. Wahoo bike computers miss some cool features, like Garmin’s ClimbPro (Hammerhead’s CLIMBER)*, accident detection, workout/recovery suggestions, and more.

*The Summit Climbing is currently beta.

So, while they are still good at what they do best – make easy-to-use products – the question is: Will it be enough?


My Verdict

The Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM v2 brought slight improvements:

  • Larger storage (from 4 to 32 GB)
  • More accurate GPS (from single-band to multi-band GPS)
  • Easier to press buttons (those we know from BOLT v2)
  • USB-C charging port
  • More colorful display

I believe ROAM v1 was one of the best bike computers on the market a few years ago. I loved using it, and I can’t wait to try ROAM v2.

I like its improvements, although the battery life could be longer. Based on the published info, I am not convinced the ROAM v2 is worth upgrading from v1.

Wahoo seems to be stuck and doesn’t innovate as other manufacturers (e.g., Hammerhead or Garmin). I expected more.

However, if you are considering a new bike computer, I still think ROAM v2 is worth your attention.

Do you plan to upgrade? Or what bike computers do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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