Garmin Edge 140 Predictions: What and When Can We Expect?

Garmin Edge 140 Predictions.

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Garmin Edge 540 and 840 were introduced not so long ago. So the last Edge bike computer waiting for an update is the Edge 130 Plus.

In this article, I will try to predict possible changes, improvements, and pricing based on the newly introduced models.

For all predictions, I provide a confidence score. It will be interesting to look back to see if and where I was wrong.

When will Garmin introduce the Edge 140?
I don’t think Garmin Edge 140 will be introduced in 2023. My guess is Q1 or Q2 of 2024. (Confidence score: 3/5)
What will be the price of the Edge 140?
I expect a price bump from $199 to $249. (Confidence score: 4/5)
Will there be Edge 140 Solar?
Due to the small screen size, I don’t think Edge 140 Solar makes sense, and therefore, I don’t think it will be introduced. (Confidence score: 5/5)

What Will Be New?

I am sure the Edge 140 will get the revamped user interface we know from Edge 1040, Edge 540, and Edge 840. (Confidence score: 5/5)

We will also be able to customize the data fields using the Garmin Connect smartphone app. (Confidence score: 5/5)

We will see a switch from the MicroUSB port to USB-C. MicroUSB is an outdated technology, so it makes no sense to stick with it. (Confidence score: 5/5)

The ports of the Garmin Edge 1040 (USB-C) vs. 1030 Plus (MicroUSB)
MicroUSB vs. USB-C charging port

The Edge 140 will likely receive the Real-Time Stamina and Power Guide features. Garmin will probably include these features in entry-level bike computers as well. They were first introduced on the flagship Edge 1040 and later on the Edge 540 and 840. (Confidence score: 4/5)

I don’t think we will see an Edge 140 Solar. The release of the Solar version of the 540 was already surprising. Since the 130 Plus is even smaller, Solar doesn’t make much sense. For comparison, here is the efficiency of the 1040 Solar and 540/840 Solar: 42 vs. 25 minutes extra in ideal conditions. (Confidence score: 4/5)

The Edge 140 will have a longer battery life. I estimate an increase from 12 to at least 15 or 16 hours. (Confidence score: 4/5)

I couldn’t find the current storage capacity, but I don’t expect any significant changes here. (Confidence score: 4/5)

On the other hand, I expect that we could see the implementation of the new ClimbPro, which will no longer require a planned route and display more information about the climb. (Confidence score: 4/5)

Garmin Edge 540 Solar, Hammerhead Karoo 2, Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt v2 and Garmin Edge 840 on my handlebar with the ClimbPro, Climber, or Summit features open.
ClimbPro on the Edge 540 Solar and 840 vs. Climber (Karoo 2) vs. Summit (BOLT v2)

The use of multi-band GNSS is also a big question mark. Personally, I don’t think it’s likely. (Confidence score: 3/5)

The last thing to consider is the display. The 130 Plus has a monochrome display. Will the Edge 140 have a color display? It’s hard to say, but it would be nice. (Confidence score: 2/5)

What Will Remain the Same?

I assume that the display size and device dimensions will remain the same. Additionally, it will remain purely button-based. (Confidence score: 5/5)

Similarly, the 140 will still be able to communicate with smart trainers, detect incidents, and so on. (Confidence score: 5/5)

Garmin Edge 140 FAQ

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with my predictions on when the Edge 140 will be introduced, how much will it cost, and what improvements it will get?

Let me know in the comments below, and don’t hesitate to add your predictions. I am looking forward to reading them all.

In the meantime, you can read my article summarizing Garmin Edge bike computers or check out the best bike computers on the market.

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