Lezyne Super Pro GPS Review: Surprisingly Capable

Lezyne Super Pro GPS review

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This is my Lezyne Super Pro GPS review. It’s the first Lezyne bike computer I reviewed.

Although it looks like a calculator from the last century, it’s surprisingly capable.

I’ve been using it for the last couple of weeks and compared it with other bike computers from brands like Garmin and Wahoo.

I have found that the Super Pro GPS is suitable for people on a tight budget, beginners, and those preferring longer battery life over a fancy display.

You can buy it here (it’s also available at amazon.com) or read the entire review to learn more about its features, benefits, and disadvantages.

Let’s dive in.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS Pros & Cons

These are the main pros & cons of the Lezyne Super Pro GPS I found during its use.


  • Long battery life (up to 28 hrs)
  • Possibility to use it in a vertical and horizontal position
  • Customizable via a smartphone app
  • Quick startup time (~3 seconds)
  • Affordability


  • Outdated look
  • Small screen size
  • Low screen resolution
  • Hard to press buttons
  • Not compatible with Varia radars

Also available at amazon.com, trekbikes.com, and wiggle.com


I bought a used Super Pro GPS that was used for about a year. The previous owner didn’t reset it to the factory settings, so I had to delete the activities and adjust the settings. 

You probably wouldn’t guess, but you can set it up via a smartphone app, including the data fields or rider’s data.

It took me about 5-10 minutes to set everything up. So the process was not as smooth as with Wahoo bike computers

The more bike computers I test, the more I appreciate Wahoo’s simplicity.

My Experience

Below, I share my experience with Lezyne Super Pro GPS. I’ve been using it for a few weeks.


One of the biggest benefits and weaknesses of the Super Pro GPS is its non-touchscreen display. 

It’s monochromatic and low resolution, so it doesn’t require too much power. This translates into longer battery life.

Although it’s relatively small (only 2-inch), it can fit up to 8 data fields. But, of course, they are much smaller than on larger head units, causing a little worse readability.

The direct-sunlight readability is fine, and the system also allows you to change the color scheme (light/dark).

Battery Life

The claimed battery life of up to 28 hours is one of the main selling points of Super Pro GPS. 

For comparison, here is the claimed battery life of other bike computers:

My Super Pro GPS lasted about 16 and half hours (with a connected HR, power meter, and smartphone). So, it didn’t reach the claimed battery life by far. But it’s important to say it’s a year-old device. 

Also available at amazon.com, trekbikes.com, and wiggle.com


Lezyne Super Pro GPS has two control buttons on each side. It took me a while to figure out how they work. Some actions require a simple press, and others require a press and hold.

Luckily, the following graphics from the Lezyne manual is handy:

Lezyne Super Pro GPS instruction manual - how do the buttons work?
Lezyne Super Pro GPS instruction manual – buttons

As I mentioned earlier, this bike computer can be set up via a smartphone app, making things like customizing data fields much easier.

The overall user experience is not as smooth as on other bike computers like Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT v2 or Garmin Edge 1040. But it’s not too bad either. Just the learning curve is a little longer.

Super Pro GPS gets points thanks to its form factor because you can use it in a portrait or a landscape mode:

Lezyne Super Pro GPS - landscape mode
Landscape mode
Lezyne Super Pro GPS - portrait mode
Portrait mode

Most bike computers are designed to be used in portrait mode. I tried the landscape mode, but it feels unnatural. So I stick with the portrait mode.

On the other hand, the landscape mode feels more intuitive when browsing the menu because it illustrates the function of the buttons by showing small icons of what every button does.

Maps & Navigation

Lezyne Super Pro GPS is also surprisingly capable when using navigation. 

You can either load routes to it via .gpx files or create a route in the Lezyne Ally app. 

Unfortunately, the route creator won’t allow you to search for locations, so you must tap on a specific place on a map to choose it as the waypoint.

You also won’t be able to view the map directly on your device – I honestly don’t think it would be an enjoyable experience. So, this makes it smartphone-dependent. 

The turn-by-turn directions work fine. I followed them and didn’t get lost. But don’t expect a Garmin Edge or Wahoo ELEMNT-like experience.


Lezyne Super Pro GPS comes only with ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, unlike most modern bike computers that also feature Wi-Fi.

It can pair sensors like power meters, HR monitors, etc., and offers smart trainers’ control compatibility.

You can also look forward to compatibility with Strava and other 3rd party apps, including auto-sync.

Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with radars like Garmin Varia RTL515 or RTCT715.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS Alternatives

Here are some of the Lezyne Super Pro GPS alternatives worth considering.

  • Garmin Edge 130 Plus is an entry-level Garmin bike computer with a smaller screen size (1.8-inch) and 
  • Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT v1 is already discontinued but also features a monochromatic 2.2-inch display. You may find second-hand units online.
  • Coospo BC107 and BC200 are cheaper because they don’t offer as many features but are compatible with power meters.
  • iGPSport BSC300 has a colorful display, is packed with many features, and is much easier to use.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS FAQ

Lezyne Super Pro GPS Technical Specifications

Here is the summary of the technical specification of the Lezyne Super Pro GPS.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery life: 28 hours (MicroUSB)
  • Screen size: 2in / 50.8 mm
  • Touchscreen: No
  • Weight: 60g
  • Dimensions: 70.6×48.2×26 mm (2.8×1.9×1 in)
  • Strava live segments: Yes
  • Smart trainers control: Yes
  • Smart navigation (rerouting): Yes
  • Connectivity: ANT+, Bluetooth
  • Waterproofing: IPX7
  • Internal memory: n/a

My Verdict

When evaluating Lezyne Super Pro GPS, we cannot forget it was released in 2017 already. 

Based on today’s standards, display and form factor-wise, it’s outdated. However, it still offers great value for the money.

You will get a bike computer with long battery life, smartphone customizability, auto-rerouting feature, and much more.

Considering its affordable price, Lezyne Super Pro GPS is a great entry-level bike computer suitable for beginners.

Also available at amazon.com, trekbikes.com, and wiggle.com

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