Lún HYPER 2023 Introduced: Should You Upgrade?

Lún HYPER R33 on WInspace T1500 frame

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Winspace just introduced the Lún HYPER 2023, the second generation of their ever-so-popular HYPER wheels that I already reviewed.

In this article, I will summarize what’s new, how much they cost, a little info from behind the scenes, and more.

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Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What’s New?

Lún HYPER 2023 come with 3 major changes:

  1. Wider rims & different rim profiles
  2. Lower weight
  3. Increased stiffness

The following picture shows the entire Lún HYPER 2023 lineup. You will notice different rim depths, weights, etc.

Lún HYPER 2023 range and technical specifications
Lún HYPER 2023 wheels range (click to enlarge)

Wider Rims & Different Rim Profiles

Many owners of the first generation of HYPERs pointed to the narrow rim width (19mm) that was optimized for 25mm tires.

With the growing popularity of 28mm and 30mm* tires, wider rims ensure a smoother transition between the tire and the rim and, therefore, better aerodynamics.

*The maximum tire width HYPER 2023 can accommodate is 47mm.

Lún HYPER 2023 - tire-rim transition
Wider tires ensure a smoother tire-rim transition | Source: winspace.cc

In addition, they improve comfort and cornering to make your ride even more enjoyable.

Another thing that surprised me was the rim profile.

While the D33/R33 rim depth climbing wheels have the same rim profile, the front and rear wheels of the D45/R45 and D67/R67 depths differ.

Lún HYPER 2023 rim profiles
Lún HYPER 2023 rim profiles

Winspace calls it F-Rapid design and explains it as follows:

“The front wheel is optimized for its leading-edge performance giving speed and stability in a variety of conditions with a wider rim profile. The rear wheel profile is taller and is optimized for lower yaw angles with an emphasis on trailing edge performance.”

Will this change make any difference? We will see.

Lower Weight

HYPERs were not super lightweight wheels. Their weight ranged from 1343 to 1608g (disc brake option) and 1267 to 1498g (rim brake option), depending on the rim depth.

HYPER 2023 wheels are about 6% lighter (30 to 100g) than HYPER 2020.

For comparison, Elitewheels DRIVE wheels are about 100-150g lighter than the HYPER 2020.

I hope the lighter HYPER 2023 will be as fast or faster on flats as their previous generation.

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Increased Stiffness

One of the most discussed features of HYPER wheels was their high stiffness.

HYPER 2023 come with an increased drive spoke angle, which leads to greater torsional stiffness and more direct power transfer.

Winspace claims the torsional stiffness is 15.7% higher. I am curious if I will be able to notice the difference when riding both generations of HYPER wheels side by side.

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Lún HYPER 2023 now come with a redundancy cover, improving aerodynamics and safety.

Lún HYPER 2023 - front hub detail 2
Front hub detail (redundancy cover)

What’s the Same?

HYPER 2023 come with the same, butterfly rim pattern, hubs, and spokes. Of course, they are still tubeless-ready and UCI approved.

As the saying goes:

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Lún HYPER vs. HYPER 2023 Technical Specifications

The following table compares the technical specifications of HYPER 2020 and 2023 wheels.

FeatureHYPER 2020HYPER 2023
Rim depths (front/rear wheel)38mm
Weight (disc)1343g (38mm)
1425g (50mm)
1608g (65mm)
1330g (D33)
1421g (D45)
1515g (D67)
Weight (rim)1267g (38mm)
1349g (50mm)
1498g (65mm)
1229g (R33)
1322g (R45)
1418g (R67)
Internal rim width19mm21mm
External rim width (front wheel)19mm27.6mm (D33, D45, R33, R45)
28mm (D67, R67)
External rim width (rear wheel)19mm27.6mm (D33, R33)
27.8mm (D45, R45)
28.5mm (D67, R67)
HubsWinspace hubs with over-sized 17mm axles and 6903 and 6803 bearingsWinspace hubs with over-sized 17mm axles and 6903 and 6803 bearings
Max. tire pressure120 PSI
Number of spokes (disc)21 (F) / 21 (R)
Number of spokes (rear)16 (F) / 21 (R)
Use the 'CYCLISTSHUB10' discount code to get 10% OFF.
Use the 'CYCLISTSHUB10' discount code to get 10% OFF.
Features comparison of the Lún HYPER 2020 and 2023 wheels.

Lún HYPER 2023 FAQ


Lún HYPER 2023 wheels are wider, lighter, and stiffer. They are newly available in different rim depths [front/rear] (35/35, 46/54, and 60/68mm). All depths are available for rim and disc brakes.

Additionally, the front and rear wheels have different rim profiles to maximize aerodynamic gains.

Spokes and hubs remained the same, as well as the rim pattern.

The price increased only by 100 USD. So when you use the following 10% discount code (CYCLISTSHUB10), you can get a pair for 1170 USD.

That’s still great value for the money, what do you think?

I can’t wait to try them and compare them with the HYPER 2020 that I reviewed. I am mainly curious to try the crosswind stability of HYPER 2023. The stability of the previous generation was not the best.

Use this Winspace discount code CYCLISTSHUB10 at winspace.cc or lunwheels.cc during checkout to get 10% OFF your purchase. Share this code via email

Preview picture credit: winspace.cc

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4 thoughts on “Lún HYPER 2023 Introduced: Should You Upgrade?”

  1. Actually I don´t like the new hypers when you ride 25 mm tires.

    According to the aerodynamics the old hyper should be faster then the new ones when riding 25 mm tires, simply because of the rim width. I would buy them if thhe external width would be 26 mm. I guess it is more marketing this time to offer a wider range of possible tires with the tradeoff that you cannot deliver the same performance for all tire sizes. It would be great if they would offer the same hypers with a smaller rim.

    1. Hi Sven,
      Well, I am not sure about this. In theory, the frontal area will be the same and the tire-rim transition improves with these wider rims, creating a more aerofoil-like shape.
      Unfortunately, I don’t have these wheels side by side to check out the transition and eventually do the tests.
      However, I dare to say that the differences will be marginal in the end (compared to changing your riding position).
      – Petr

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