Repente Quasar CR Review: Italian Craftsmanship Nailed it (Again)

Repente Quasar CR saddle detail

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Italy is a country that brought us Bianchi, Colnago, Wilier, and many other cycling brands. But have you ever heard about Repente?

If not, continue reading because, in this review, you learn more about this brand, its history, and more importantly, its sub 120g road bike saddle – Repente Quasar CR.

Spoiler alert: The Repente Quasar CR saddle is well-made, lightweight, and meets all the expectations you may have at this price point.

About Repente

Selle Repente is an Italian manufacturer of high-end bicycle saddles. They make saddles for road, MTB, triathlon, and gravel bikes. Repente does all its manufacturing in Italy.

Who Is Repente Quasar CR for?

Repente Quasar CR road bike saddle is for riders who look for a lightweight but padded saddle. Repente even claims it is the lightest padded bike saddle in the world.

It’s available in 142mm width only, so it’s suitable for riders with a sit-bones width between 110 to 130mm. Thanks to the pressure relief channel, it eases the pressure on the perineum area.

Repente Quasar CR Summary

Here is the summary of the main features and technical specifications of Repente Quasar CR.

Main Features

  • Hand-made in Italy
  • Lightweight
  • Carbon rails
  • Padded
  • Anti-slip cover
  • Good price-value ratio

Technical Specification

  • Length: 260 mm
  • Available width: 142 mm
  • Rails diameter: 7×9mm
  • Claimed weight: 119g (4.19 oz) ± 5%
  • Measured weight: 123g (4.34 oz)
  • Pressure relief channel: Yes

Things I Like About Repente Quasar CR

The anti-slip cover was the first difference I noticed between the Repente Quasar CR and my previous saddles.

I mostly owned slippery saddles, so my position always changed. With Quasar CR, my sit bones have enough support and stay in one place.

It takes a while to get used to it, and it also may not suit every rider. However, this surface treatment is useful because I can effectively push into the pedals.

The Quasar CR is also crazy light. It weighs only 123g. This weight makes it suitable for all weight weenies out there.

Repente Quasar CR weight on a kitchen scale (123g)
Weight of the Repente Quasar CR road bike saddle

All parts of Repente saddles are made in Italy, mainly in the Veneto area. The build quality is excellent. Check out the following pictures for reference:

Another thing I like is its length. I don’t fully understand the point of long-nose saddles except for the better look. However, I don’t find them practical.

Quasar CR costs about 199€ (~219 USD), which is a reasonable price considering its build quality and low weight. Competitors like Fizik offer mostly heavier and more expensive saddles. For example, Fizik Aliante 00 (165g) costs 275€ (~300 USD) on the official website.

Things I Don’t Like About Repente Quasar CR

There is only one thing I don’t like about Quasar CR. The pressure relief channel is not big enough for my bottom.

This results in pressure on my perineum area and discomfort. I’ve been using the Specialized Power Comp saddle with a larger cutout, and so far, I didn’t find a saddle that would suit me better. Unfortunately, it is much heavier (243g) than Quasar CR.

Repente Quasar CR on the left side and Specialized Power Comp on the right side on the wooden table (view from the top)
Comparison of Repente Quasar CR (left) and Specialized Power Comp (right)

Simply put, it doesn’t fit me 100%. Which is a shame, because it would have helped me save about 120g.

My Verdict

Choosing a saddle that will fit you is a process of trial and error.

I like Quasar CR for its high-quality build, low weight, and affordable price. Unfortunately, the pressure relief channel is not big enough for me, so I experience pressure in my perineum area.

I tried multiple fore-and-aft positions and tilts, but I couldn’t find the one position that would be comfortable for multi-hour rides.

If you don’t experience pressure on your perineum with flat saddles, Repente Quasar CR will most likely fit you.

The product for this review was kindly provided by the manufacturer. This did not influence my overall verdict or my opinion about the product.

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2 thoughts on “Repente Quasar CR Review: Italian Craftsmanship Nailed it (Again)”

  1. Salve io ho una specialized expert mimic 143…vorrei provare la sella repente poiché la specialized la trovo ingombrante all’interno coscia

    1. Hi, Tiziana,
      Yes, the Specialized Mirror/Power Comp is quite wide, it can rub your thighs. However, the Repente Quasar doesn’t have such a wide cutout, so keep that in mind.
      – Petr

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