State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD Review: Is It Really That Good?

State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD review: Brown gravel bike with custom graphics.

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Are you in search of an affordable bike that can handle any terrain? If yes, the State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD might be just what you need. This bike is built to take on any surface, from smooth tarmac to rough gravel.

But you may wonder, is it really worth the investment?

In this review, I will closely examine its features, performance, and value for money and compare it to other bikes in the same price range.

SPOILER ALERT: The State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD belongs among the best gravel bikes for under $2000 thanks to its customizable components, durable steel frame, and SRAM Rival XPLR electronic groupset. You can buy it here or continue reading for more info.

PS: If you own this bike and want to contribute your experience and insights, please, contact me.

Pros & Cons of the State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD

State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD is the higher-end version of the 6061 ALL-ROAD. It has better groupsets and other components and more relaxed geometry.

State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD Pros

  • Affordable
  • Customizable components (700c vs. 650b wheels, fork, and more)
  • Durable steel frame
  • Comfortable geometry
  • Electronic, 1X drivetrain
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Numerous mounting options
  • Platform pedals included
  • 700c and 650b wheels are tubeless-ready

State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD Cons

  • High weight
  • Some riders may prefer a 2X drivetrain for more gear options

Features of the State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD

Let’s quickly evaluate each feature of this bike and put it into a context with bikes in a similar price range.

Frame and Fork

The 4130 ALL-ROAD features a steel frame. Steel frames are known for their unique riding characteristics, ease of repair, and affordability, but they can be heavy. Steel frames also have rounded, thin tubes, which may be a preference for some riders.

Most gravel bikes in this price range (under $2000) have aluminum frames, which are lighter but less durable. Some gravel bikes even have carbon frames, which are lighter and stiffer.

Copper State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD - SRAM Rival XPLR gravel bike.
State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD | Source:

This being said, the steel frame doesn’t look that appealing, but I still believe it will find its fans.

You can choose a steel or carbon fork. The carbon fork is lighter and helps absorb vibrations, reducing fatigue during long rides.


The State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD has a 1×12-speed SRAM Rival XPLR AXS electronic groupset. This is one of its main selling points because very few competitors use electronic shifting in this price range.

Electronic groupsets require less maintenance and shift smoother than mechanical ones. You can learn more in my Electronic vs. mechanical groupsets comparison.

The advantage of a 1X drivetrain is simplicity (you only shift the rear derailleur), less chance of failure, and lower weight.

Copper State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD - SRAM Rival XPLR drivetrain detail.
SRAM drivetrain | Source:

However, gear jumps are larger, and you may not always find a gear that matches your preferred cadence.

The gear range is sufficient for fast rides on flat or downhill terrain and climbing relatively steep hills, thanks to the 42T chainring and 11-42T cassette.

Wheelset and Tires

The 4130 ALL-ROAD allows you to choose between 700c slick tires, more suitable for fast-paced riding, or 650b knobby high-volume tires for challenging terrain.

Copper State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD gravel bike.
State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD | Source:

Choose the tires that match your preferred terrain and riding style, or opt for both wheelsets included.

By the way, the wheels are tubeless-ready, which is not common for gravel bikes in this price range. Another point for the 4130!


The 4130 ALL-ROAD is equipped with SRAM Rival hydraulic disc brakes. Those require less force applied to the shift lever and have slightly different dosing than mechanical ones.

Copper State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD - SRAM Rival XPLR front disc brake detail.
Front mechanical disc brake | Source:

TIP: Read about the differences between mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes.

Many gravel bikes in this price range come with hydraulic brakes. Mechanical ones are fine too, but prefer the hydraulic ones if you can.

Accessories and Mounting Options

The 4130 ALL-ROAD has multiple mounting points for fenders, racks, and water bottle cages.

This makes it an ideal bike for bike packers as they can carry enough supplies for multi-day trips.

State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD - flared handlebar detail (view from the front).
4130 also has a flared handlebar | Source:

For comparison, the 6061 ALL-ROAD doesn’t offer more mounting points (unless you upgrade the fork), so it’s suitable for types of people.

Riding Experience

So, how does 4130 ALL-ROAD actually ride?

Comfort and Fit

The 4130 ALL-ROAD’s geometry is very relaxed, so you’ll sit in a more upright position suitable for less flexible riders. It’s also ideal for those who aren’t performance-oriented and want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Your neck and back shouldn’t experience as much discomfort or fatigue as with performance-oriented geometry.

On the other hand, the lower 6061 ALL-ROAD model has more aggressive geometry but is still pretty average.

Geometry comparison of the State Bicycle 4130 vs. 6061 ALL-ROAD using the tool.
Geometry comparison of the State Bicycle 4130 vs. 6061 ALL-ROAD | Source:

Remember that high-volume tires will make your ride more comfortable because they can absorb bumps and vibrations better.

This relaxed geometry also means that your center of gravity will be further back, making handling descents and technical sections easier.

On and Off-Road Performance

The 4130 ALL-ROAD with 700c wheels and slick tires shines on the road with its smooth and fast ride.

When it comes to off-road adventures, the wide tires (on 650b wheels) offer excellent grip and control on loose surfaces.

The relaxed geometry also helps with handling, giving you the confidence to navigate tricky trails.

State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD Alternatives

When comparing the State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD to other all-road bikes in the market, it stands out for its excellent value and customizability.

Some competitors, such as the Marin Nicasio and Poseidon X, offer similar features but no customizability.

State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD Specifications

  • Frame: 4130 Chromoly Steel with through axle dropouts (142mm spacing), with 2 water bottle mounts, rear mounts for rack and/or fenders
  • Available sizes: XS-L
  • Fork: 4130 Chromoly steel (upgrade available)
  • Wheels: 700c or 650b (tubeless compatible)
  • Tires: Vittoria Terreno Zero (700c, tubeless) or Vittoria Barzo (650b)
  • Brakes: SRAM Rival hydraulic
  • Drivetrain: SRAM Rival XPLR AXS (wireless electronic)
  • Pedals: Platform pedals included
  • Tire clearance: 53c or 2.1″ x 650b & 45c x 700c
  • Weight: ~28 lbs

State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD FAQ


In conclusion, the State Bicycle 4130 ALL-ROAD is a well-rounded gravel bike with a unique option to customize its components.

It’s also priced competitively, offering an excellent balance between performance, features, and customizability.

I recommend it for those who are just starting out with gravel biking, bike packers, or commuters who like to have fun.

Conversely, if you are more speed and performance-oriented, you should consider its alternatives.

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