State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD Review: Is It Worth It?

Dark Woodland State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD gravel bike in front of a wall with a custom graphics.

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Looking for a great all-terrain bike that performs well? Look no further than the State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD! In this review, I will help you decide if this bike is for you.

I evaluated the bike’s features, read reviews from other owners, and compared it to other gravel bikes in the same price range.

In short, the 6061 ALL-ROAD is one of the best gravel bikes for under $1500. It offers customization of its components and an unmatched price-value ratio.

You can purchase the bike here or continue reading for more information.

Pros & Cons of the State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD

State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD is the higher-end version of the 4130 ALL-ROAD. It has an aluminum frame, carbon fork, and State Bicycle drivetrain. They also differ in components.

State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD Pros

  • Affordable
  • Customizable components (700c vs. 650b wheels, fork, and more)
  • Comfortable geometry
  • 1X drivetrain
  • 700c and 650b wheels are tubeless-ready
  • Flared handlebar for more leverage when riding out of the saddle

State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD Cons

  • Some riders may prefer a 2X drivetrain for more gear options
  • Pedals are not included
  • No additional mounting points on the fork (you have to pay extra for an upgraded fork)

Features of the State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD

Let me evaluate each feature of this bike and put it into a context with bikes in a similar price range.

Frame and Fork

The 6061 ALL-ROAD features an aluminum frame. Aluminum is relatively lightweight, stiff, and affordable.

Most gravel bikes in this price range (under $1500) have aluminum frames and lighter carbon forks, which are better at absorbing vibrations than steel or aluminum ones.

Dark Woodland State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD gravel bike.
State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD | Source:

Surprisingly, the cheaper 6061 ALL-ROAD has aluminum frame with partially internal cable routing, while the more expensive 4130 ALL-ROAD has a steel frame with external cable routing.


The State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD comes equipped with a 1×11-speed drivetrain. With Shimano and SRAM dominating the market, State Bicycle Co.’s custom drivetrain is a unique feature that sets it apart.

While many gravel bikes in the same price range feature Shimano Sora (2X), Tiagra (2X), or GRX (1X), the State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD stands out with its 1X drivetrain.

Dark Woodland State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD drivetrain detail.
1X Drivetrain | Source:

The simplicity of the 1X drivetrain is a significant advantage, with the ability to shift only the rear derailleur reducing the chance of failure and the weight overall weight.

However, the downside to this system is the larger gear jumps, which may not always allow you to find a gear that matches your preferred cadence.

Despite these limitations, the gear ratios of the State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD’s 1X drivetrain are sufficient for fast rides on flat or downhill terrain, as well as climbing relatively steep hills.

With a 42T chainring and 11-42T cassette, this bike is versatile and can easily handle various terrains.

Wheelset and Tires

One of the biggest value-adds of State Bicycle’s bikes is the ability to customize the components, and the 6061 ALL-ROAD is no exception.

Dark Woodland State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD gravel bike.
Dark Woodland State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD | Source:

With the 6061 ALL-ROAD, you can choose between 700c wheels with slick tires, which are ideal for fast-paced riding, or 650b wheels with knobby high-volume tires for more challenging terrain. You can even purchase both sets of wheels to switch between them as needed.

So, I recommend choosing the type of wheel that best suits the terrain you plan on riding the most. Keep in mind that wider tires are better suited for more demanding terrain.


The 6061 ALL-ROAD has State Bicycle Co. All-Road 1 Flat-Mount mechanical disc brakes.

The 6061 ALL-ROAD won’t surprise you when it comes to stopping power. Mechanical disc brakes require more force applied to the shift lever and have slightly different dosing.

Dark Woodland State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD front mechanical disc brake detail.
Front disc brake | Source:

TIP: Read about the differences between mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes.

However, almost no gravel bikes in this price range come with hydraulic brakes. You don’t have to worry about mechanical ones being ineffective, as they are much better than rim brakes.

Accessories and Mounting Options

With its multiple mounting points for fenders, racks, and water bottle cages, the 6061 ALL-ROAD is a versatile bike. This feature makes it the perfect choice for bike packers, allowing them to carry enough supplies for multi-day trips.

Dark Woodland State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD flared handlebar detail (view from the front).
6061 also has flared handlebar | Source:

Whether you need to attach fenders to protect yourself from the elements or racks to carry your gear, the 6061 ALL-ROAD has you covered. And with the ability to mount multiple water bottle cages, you can stay hydrated throughout your journey without making frequent stops.

Riding Experience

Let’s take a look at the geometry and performance.

Comfort and Fit

6061 ALL-ROAD strikes a balance between comfort and performance. It has a less relaxed geometry than the 4031, but you will still sit relatively upright.

This means less pressure on your back and neck, which is especially appreciated during longer rides.

The following pictures shows the geometry difference between the higher-end 4130 ALL-ROAD and the 6061 ALL-ROAD.

Geometry comparison of the State Bicycle 4130 vs. 6061 ALL-ROAD using the tool.
Geometry comparison of the State Bicycle 4130 vs. 6061 ALL-ROAD | Source:

Thanks to the higher-volume tires, the 6061 ALL-ROAD provides better riding comfort than road bikes. However, keep in mind that these tires are slower on smooth roads.

On and Off-Road Performance

Equipped with 700c wheels and slick tires, the 6061 ALL-ROAD delivers a smooth and fast ride that shines on the road.

However, on off-road adventures, the wide tires on 650b wheels provide excellent grip and control on loose surfaces.

Switching between the two sets of wheels allows you to optimize the bike’s performance based on your preferred terrain.

State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD Alternatives

Compared to other gravel bikes, the State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD distinguishes itself with its excellent value and customizability.

While some alternatives, like the Marin Gestalt 2, Co-op ADV 2.2, or Salsa Journeyer, offer similar features, they lack the same level of customizability that the 6061 ALL-ROAD provides.

This flexibility allows you to personalize the bike to your specific needs, making it an even better value overall.

State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD Specifications

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum with through axle dropouts (142mm spacing)
  • Available sizes: XS-L
  • Fork: Carbon fork (upgrade available)
  • Wheels: 700c or 650b (tubeless compatible)
  • Tires: Vittoria Terreno Zero (700c) or Vittoria Terreno Dry (650b), both tubeless
  • Brakes: State Bicycle Co. All-Road 1 Flat-Mount Disc
  • Drivetrain: State Bicycle Co. All-Road (1×11spd)
  • Pedals: Not included
  • Tire clearance: 53c or 2.1″ x 650b & 45c x 700c
  • Weight: between 21-23lbs

State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD FAQ


The State Bicycle 6061 ALL-ROAD is an excellent choice for riders seeking a versatile and durable bike for both on-road and off-road adventures.

It is affordable and comes with decent components. You will also be able to customize some of them based on your preference and budget.

While the 4031 ALL-ROAD is a better option for multi-day adventures thanks to its more relaxed geometry and additional mounting points, the 6061 ALL-ROAD is more suitable for those more performance-oriented.

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