Winspace G2 Review: Versatility at its Finest!

Winspace G2 Review: G2 in a nature

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This is the Winspace G2 frameset review where I interview one of many G2 owners. Angga is an endurance cyclist, and I interviewed him about G2 in-depth.

You learn if Angga’s mechanic experienced any issues when building it, what he likes and doesn’t like about the G2, and much more.

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Let’s dive in.

About Angga

Angga is a corporate worker who is enthusiastic about sports, especially running and cycling. Angga has completed several ultrarunning categories, both on-road and trail.

Since the pandemic covid-19, he’s cycling more than running, and he loves gravel and long-distance cycling.

Angga’s Winspace G2 Build Summary

Winspace G2 is a gravel bike frameset suitable for enthusiastic gravel riders, serious bike packers, or roadies who want to try something new – get dirty in terrain.

The G2 comes in multiple color options, including the funky ‘Mullet.’ Thanks to its up to 50mm tire clearance, you can equip it with wide, knobby tires that will handle even the roughest terrain.

Below is a summary of Angga’s build’s main features.

Angga’s Winspace G2 Build Main Features

  • Claimed Frame Weight (size M): 1080g
  • Weight (with pedals): 8.6 kg (size S, top tube – 54.2cm)
  • Wheels: Lún GRAPID 700c Gravel Wheelset 
  • Groupset: Shimano GRX RX810
  • Handlebar: Ritchey Venturemax
  • Saddle: WTB Silverado 
  • Tires: Panaracer Gravelking 700x35c / Continental GP 4-Season 700x28c
  • Bottom Bracket: Shimano SM-BBR60

NOTE: Winspace sizing is a little bit different from other manufacturers. Their sizes go by seat tube instead of top tube length. For example, the M size has a ’51cm’ seat tube, but the top tube is 55.9cm.

Winspace G2 Geometry Chart
Winspace G2 Geometry Chart

Winspace G2 Pros & Cons

Here, we summarized the pros and cons of the G2 frameset. 

Winspace G2 Frameset Pros

  • Available in 4 sizes (45, 48, 51, and 54 cm)
  • Available in multiple colors
  • High finish quality
  • Large inner triangle offering enough space for cargo
  • Very versatile (suitable for tough terrain or smooth tarmac, depending on what tires and wheels you use)
  • Well built (tolerances are on point)
  • Mounts for accessories like panniers, bottle cages, etc.
  • It comes in nice packaging (Winspace is known for its attention to detail)

Winspace G2 Frameset Cons

  • More expensive than other Chinese alternatives
  • The integrated handlebar is not included in the price
  • Internally tested but not UCI-approved
  • Chainstay only gives a slight gap with the chainring (it limits how big chainring you can use)

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Winspace G2 Build Experience

Could you describe the experiences with the build? Did your mechanic encounter any issues when building your G2?

I entrusted it to Rangga Panji from Pancalen Cycles to build this bike. He didn’t encounter any problems during the process because Winspace includes the components needed (headset, spacers, & derailleur hanger). The tolerances are also on point.

Winspace G2 additional parts
Winspace G2 additional parts
Winspace G2 Unboxed
Winspace G2 Unboxed

G2 fork steerer shape is designed for a full internal cable routing, but I don’t use a drop bar with an internal cable system. So, Rangga Panji made a custom carbon filler piece to fill the gap between the steerer, stem, and headset’s compression ring for safety reasons.

Winspace G2 headset - Credit of Rangga Panji_
Winspace G2 headset with a filler piece – Credit of Rangga Panji

Winspace also provides filler blocks to fill the gap, but the size is very small (less than an inch), so it doesn’t look safe to use, so we decided to use a custom one.

Finished Winspace G2 build - Credit of Rangga Panji
Finished Winspace G2 build – Credit of Rangga Panji

Angga’s Winspace G2 Riding Experience

Below, you learn more about Angga’s riding experience with G2 and how he compares this frameset with other bikes he owned.

Could you summarize your overall impressions from riding Winspace G2?

I have tried several gravel bike frames, whether made of steel, titanium, or carbon. I can say that the G2 is not inferior to other big brands. This bike is very agile in every terrain, and of course, it’s very light when going uphill. Overall, it’s fun to ride, and I have been enjoying it since the first ride.

I have used it in two Audax events in Indonesia in February and March 2022 for a distance of 200 km and 300 km. It felt good and comfy.

How is it to ride G2 compared to bikes you have already ridden?

If I compare G2 to another carbon gravel bike I tested on long-distance (Giant Revolt ADV 2), G2 is way better than Giant. It’s stiffer, more comfortable thanks to the more relaxed riding position, and lighter.

What are the things you like the most about the G2?

I like the character of this bike which is very versatile. I can make this bike whatever I want, from a gravel bike with wide tires to a road bike with narrow tires and a more aggressive riding position or a touring bike with lots of mounting points to attach whatever cargo I need. This especially applies to the inner triangle that offers enough space for cargo and bike bottles.

Angga tired after his ride on Winspace G2 - Credit of Eko Septo
Angga tired after he rode on Winspace G2 – Credit of Eko Septo

Is there anything you don’t like about the G2?

The chainstay only gives a slight gap with the chainring. I used a size 48/31T chainring from the GRX. However, the gap is so thin that I’m afraid the frame might get scratched one day. Indeed, the factory only recommends a maximum size of 46T outer chainring for 2X chainring, but it would be better if it could be installed in a larger size like 50T.

Winspace G2 Chainstays clearance
Winspace G2 Chainstays clearance

Winspace G2 Alternatives

If you feel that Winspace G2 is not the right fit for you, check out:

  • YOELEO G21 is similar in terms of appearance. It’s also cheaper, and the frameset includes a handlebar. But, its geometry is more performance-oriented thanks to the shorter head tube.

The following article includes more Chinese gravel bike frames.

Winspace Carbon Products FAQ


Angga, would you recommend the Winspace G2 frameset? Is it worth its price?

Of course, I would recommend the Winspace G2 to anyone who wants to experience a carbon frameset that meets all the criteria needed for a gravel bike. This frameset can be a better option instead of spending much more on a frameset from other big brands.

What are the overall costs of your build?

It was around 3,300 USD.

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    Hi. Thanks for the article. Very helpful. I am looking at purchasing a gravel bike and have heard getting a Chinese frameset is a good way to go. The thing is I have never bought a bike to build before. Only bought whole bikes. My cycle to work scheme have given me £1500 to buy a bike. Would it be possible to build a gravel bike gor this price.

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      Hi Lee,
      Yes, it will be possible, but I am not sure if the Cycle to work scheme covers it. Anyway, when you buy, for example, an ICAN gravel frame for 700 USD, you will still have enough money for a groupset and other parts. Winspace and YOELEO gravel frames are too expensive for your budget, though. Please, check out this article where you find Chinese gravel frames worth your attention. 🙂
      Let me know if you have any questions.
      – Petr

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