YOELEO R11 Review: An Ultimate Climbing Machine?

YOELEO R11 frameset review: Golden/green R11 with Lún HYPER wheels and SRAM RED groupset

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This is the YOELEO R11 frameset review. This build is equipped with SRAM Red groupset and Lún HYPER wheels.

You find out whether or not this frameset is good for climbing, races, and training. What to expect from it, how it compares to YOELEO R12, and more.

Spoiler alert: YOELEO R11 is one of the best Chinese lightweight road bike frames.

About Artur

After my first interview about Artur’s experience with YOELEO R12, we stayed in touch and discussed bikes regularly.

Artur is a cycling enthusiast from Poland who likes building bikes independently. He already built the R12 for his father and some other bikes.

His idea for this build was to build a bike for the next 4-5 years with the most modern construction and the newest gears. At first, he thought about R21, but the geometry convinced him to pick R11.

YOELEO R11 Disc Build Summary

R11 is a lightweight road bike frameset from YOELEO. It includes the frame, fork, seatpost, and integrated handlebar (its dimensions are optionable).

You can also order a complete bike from YOELEO, but building it by yourself is probably a better deal because you can choose the parts you like.

Here is the summary of Artur’s newest build.

Artur’s YOELEO R11 Build Main Features

  • Official Frameset Weight (size 54): 850g (frame), 390g (fork), 204g (seatpost)
  • This build weight (with pedals): 7.7 kg (frame size 54) 
  • Wheels: Lún HYPER 50mm (use ‘cyclistshub10‘ discount code to get 10% off)
  • Groupset: SRAM Force AXS + SRAM RED crankset and cassette
  • Saddle: Rockbros carbon 103 (136g)
  • Tires: Schwalbe Pro One TT TLE Addix

Artur built an ultimate climbing machine that weighs just around 7.7 kg (with pedals and accessories) [frame size 54]. When we consider it comes with disc brakes, 50mm deep wheels, and not the lightest saddle and other components like bottle cages, this is a pretty low weight.

Of course, weight is not the only factor you consider when buying a bike. So let’s take a closer look at Artur’s build.

Below, we highlighted the main advantages and disadvantages of the R11 frameset. 

YOELEO R11 Frameset Pros

  • Available for rim or disc brakes
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Available in multiple colors, you can also submit your unique design 
  • You can choose the handlebar size (width & stem length)
  • Fully integrated cable routing
  • Unmatched price-value ratio 
  • Tire clearance for up to 32mm tires
  • Two plug-in through-axles are included

YOELEO R11 Frameset Cons

  • Way too long bike computer mount
  • No information regarding max torque [nm] for handlebar mount bolts and stem
  • No bar tape limit marker on the handlebar 

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Artur’s Build Experience

Here I ask Artur a few questions regarding the build. 

Did you encounter any issues during the build? For example, were the BB tolerances and internal cable routing on point?

YOELEO website states that R11 uses BB86. I picked Koegel BB, and it fits like a hand to a glove. Everything was well made, and it fits well. I don’t remember encountering any issues during the build. 

The YOELEO frames have housing for internal cable routing to prevent cables from hitting the frame and causing noises, right? 

All new systems from SRAM and Shimano are more or less cableless. I picked SRAM, which has no cables related to the front derailleur or rear derailleur. The front and rear brakes have internal cable housing. 

Anything else you would like to share with bike builders?

It’s not rocket science. If you have all information and you pay attention to documentation. Patience is also a very important thing. I recommend all people do it by themself. However, you will need some special tools like an internal bearing press tool, a bleeding set for shortening brake cables, or a torque wrench, which are crucial.

Artur’s Riding Experience

In this section, I ask Artur about his riding experience and how he compares R11 with YOELEO R12 and other bikes.

How does the R11 differ from the R12 in terms of riding experience?

It is hard to compare them because I think it depends on individual aspects. R11 geometry suits me way much better (it’s less aggressive). Maybe it feels a little bit stiffer, but the difference is small.

Does the R11 flex?

No, it is a hell of a stiff bike. But on the other hand, it is good at absorbing vibrations caused by the road surface.

What are the things you like the most about the R11?

I would say that all bikes I’ve ridden were like wearing somebody’s suit. This R11 which I built, is like a tailor-made suit. I guess thanks to the Trek Madone-like geometry that fits me well and the components I chose.

Is there anything you don’t like about the R11?

For now, nothing. The frame is well made and well painted. But the truth is the plug-in through-axles, which YOELEO delivered, are just rubbish. 

YOELEO R11 Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to the R11 lightweight frame. I included mainly Chinese road bike frames because mainstream manufacturers don’t sell lightweight carbon road bike frames for around $1,000 (they are several times more expensive).

YOELEO Carbon Products FAQ


Artur, would you recommend the YOELEO R11 frameset? Is it worth its price?

Yes, definitely. Although the color didn’t look like in the pictures, I like the real colors more than those on the website.

What are the overall costs of your build?

I had a discount on the YOELEO frameset. Anyway, due to the SRAM problems with availability from SRAM and their ridiculously high prices, I paid around 5,125$.

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8 thoughts on “YOELEO R11 Review: An Ultimate Climbing Machine?”

  1. Problems with my R 11 rim brake build. Ordered R11 Took about two plus weeks to get frame. Looked good.
    Issues on build

    Bontrager rear direct mount brake will not work as it hits frame even with spacers. Had to get Shimano which is much heavier

    Old Sram red crank did not work even with longer Stages spindle The BB 86 works much better with Shimano cranks

    Bottom bracket shell was slightly undersized, so had to lightly sand with PVC pipe with sandpaper glued on Bearings were rough until sanded.
    Handle bar stem bolts had one set with bad threads. Taking long time and three emails to get them to send out new ones
    Seatpost has to be very tight to not slip. At least 10 nm Seatpost only in setback. Yoleo does not know if any other D shaped posts will fit. So if you do have issue with post will have to wait over two weeks to get another one
    Frame paint does look good. Build quality is fair as bottom bracket is issue that could be bad for too tight a fit. If you need a zero setback seatpost, you could be out of luck Not sure if Giant, Cervelo, Scott might fit. Yoleo does not know if others would work

    So, overall, would not order again. I have been biking and racing since 1980 Am 71 years old. Built up several bikes over the years. This one had to most overall issues to deal with. May end up using different handlebar and stem combo as I am not sure if I should trust Yoleo one piece bar and stem. Will continue to see if anyone makes seatpost that might fit. Emailed Darimo as they do make posts in D shape for other brands.

    1. Hi Kim,
      Thanks for sharing your experience!
      I think that proprietary seatposts are pretty common (in the end, manufacturers try to keep the customers in their ecosystem). I used some carbon paste to avoid seatpost slippage, and it works fine.
      I also didn’t notice any issues with the handlebar+stem combo. It’s stiff and hard as a rock. 😀
      Do you plan to do a new bike build? If so, what frames do you consider?
      – Petr

      1. Follow up on Yoeleo build Howdy Petr Have not been able to find seatpost yet that is same. I have all carbon railed saddles so had to order steel rail saddle to work with seatpost. Setback is more that ideal for girlfriend who is riding bike. I have done two more builds. Did get Winspace rim brake. Lighter than Yoeleo. Bottom bracket was sized correctly with Kogel bottom bracket fitting great. Direct brakes on sale from Cane Creek worked great with not fit issues. Winspace wheels. Dura Ace crank and 13.5 pound build with Time titanium pedals. Girlfriend is 107 pounds. She likes Winspace better than Yoeleo as ride seems a bit more forgiving. Yoeleo is stiff and does handle well.

        I also build up Trek Emonda 2022 rim brake SLR It went very well with no issue with BB or brakes. Super light at 13.6 pounds in 54 cm for me.
        Yoeleo did finally send bolts that were in bad shape in handlebars. Linda replies fast to emails

        Dont plan on Yoeleo again as issues with Bottom Bracket. Brake fit. Long time . almost a month on replacement parts.

        The Winspace uses standard 27 2 seatpost So any works.

        If seatpost would break, Could be a month in getting replacement. I would think, they should know if another company uses same size.

          1. Howdy from West Virginia again. Winpace was better build the no issues with bottom bracket sizing like on Yoeleo that was a bit tight and needed to be sanded lightly. Direct mount brakes fit better on Winspace. Seatpost is standard on Winspace. Winspace was a bit lighter as no heavy paint on it. So Winspace was much better build with no issies. Ride quality by girlfriend was better on Winspace as she said it just felt better more like her Fuji Sl that she loves. That bike also had issues with too tight bottom bracket. I was looking for new frame to have rim brakes as they are quickly going away. I was considering Yoeleo as at the time Winspace had none in my size and Trek did not either. Also looked at Chapter 2 frames. I ended up with Trek as one was back in stock. It was easy build with no issues with bottom bracket at all. Brakes worked great as they fit well. Found Bontrager direct mount on sale. Only issue with Trek was flimsy cable guide on bottom of frame I ordered two to to have in stock. Trek is my bike and It handles great. A bit better that my Fuji Sl on downhill sweeping turns. Just more solid. I have seven bikes now as does my girlfriend. I have mountain bike Niner, Cross bike Focus, Gravel Fuji Jari, Trek Emonda. Fuji Sl and old Titanium. Also have Specilaized Shiv Sport for time trials.I have built up four of the seven.

  2. Hey Petr,
    good review from the R11.
    I am planning a lightweight build.
    But I cant decide between vanyar Disc and R11 Disc.
    Vanyar Disc is lighter, cheaper and has a unique paintjob.
    R11 is more Aero, modern geometry and stiffer.
    Weights in 54 are around :
    R11 1050gr. in ud Carbon
    Vanyar 1000gr. in Black matt

    Which would you prefer?
    Hint, my Aeroad weights 7.3kg with 35mm Carbon rims. Maybe my project is a little bit to hard to catch 7kg.

    1. Hi,
      I would try Vanyar just to see its paint job. 😀 I think that the aerodynamics of the frames is irrelevant in this case. I am not sure about the stiffness. 🙂
      Let me know which one you decide on.

      – Petr

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