Eurobike 2023 Day 3: Campy First Impressions and More Cool Tech!

Me next to Strock road bike with Campagnolo Super Record WRL with custom Eurobike 2023 graphics.

Watch my video summary of day 3, or read my written report below.

I apologize for the reduced sound quality, especially outdoors. I’ll need to equip myself with a different type of microphone for the next Eurobike.

Campy Riding Impressions, New 12spd Wireless Chinese Groupset, and More Cool Bikes! | Eurobike Day 3

Guys, let me be completely honest. The third day was hell for me. I hadn’t slept properly for three days, and I had a terrible hangover. The previous evening, I spent time with Hambini, Peak Torque, and others. I learned a lot of interesting things, but unfortunately, I can’t talk about most of them.

Anyway, in the morning, I contemplated whether to ditch the filming. I felt awful. But when I saw the reactions and views from the first and second days of Eurobike, I had to push through.

The goal was to visit the outdoor areas and cover the products I had forgotten or didn’t fit into the previous edits.

Little did I know that I would run into Moritz from Storck, but let’s go in order.

After reviewing the initial shots, I had to delete them completely. I was mumbling complete nonsense. My head wasn’t functioning.

Fortunately, I managed to get myself together afterward. Based on a suggestion from one of the commenters, I found Wheeltop and their 12-speed wireless electronic groupset. The exact specifications and price haven’t been specified yet, but it’s expected to range between $300 and $400. This aggressive pricing is likely set to penetrate the market.

This groupset has an integrated battery in both the RD and FD. The shifters are a combination of SRAM and Shimano. So, you shift the FD with just one button and the RD with buttons similar to Shimano Di2.

I visited Magene, where I wanted to try out their new ecosystem. Their bike computers will be able to connect lights, sensors, and the L508 radar. I particularly liked the haptic feedback on the armband HR sensor when the radar detects a car. Mega cool!

Magene also introduced its new bike computer – the C606. It seems to be a direct competitor to touch-screen bike computers. I tried out its controls, and it provided good responsiveness. However, during filming, the computer was relatively slow. It was still a prototype, after all.

I also discovered several other cool bikes, such as Nino Schurter’s special edition bike to celebrate his 34 World Cup victories, Canyon Aeroad from Paris-Roubaix of Mathieu van der Poel, and Mads Pedersen’s Trek Madone. I was also intrigued by Taco van der Hoorn and Ben Healey’s bikes with super narrow handlebars. And the cherry on top was the Scott Foil RC Liquid and Loïc Bruni’s Specialized downhill bike.

Nino Schurter Scott Spark 34 WC wins special (top tube with Nino's signiture detail).
Nino Schurter Scott Spark 34 WC wins special
Loïc Bruni Specialized downhill bike.
Loïc Bruni downhill bike

However, the day’s biggest highlight was testing the Campagnolo Super Record WRL. I dare say I was one of the few people who had the opportunity to try out the set. And my impressions? Not very positive.

Normal shifting is fast and precise. No problem there. But the shifting performance was very poor at higher watts, let alone during a sprint. It felt like the chain skips. To have some fresh comparison, I borrowed a bike with Shimano 105 Di2 afterward. The 105 won, hands down.

Furthermore, I couldn’t get used to the very unintuitive shift buttons. And, of course, there’s the appearance and price. This groupset simply didn’t turn out well. Only someone who doesn’t understand bikes would buy it. I even think that die-hard Campagnolo fans will have a reason to switch to Shimano or SRAM.

Anyway, due to my fatigue, it was time to go and take some rest. I didn’t manage to finish the third video on Friday, and I edited it on Saturday morning and even on the train on my way home, where, by the way, I’m writing this report. Anyway, it gained the most views in the first 2 hours of all my videos. Incredible.

So, please allow me to express my gratitude for all the feedback. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine they would be watched so much and that I would surpass 1000 subscribers. That was my goal for this year, and look. It only took a visit to Eurobike “a little bit of work.”

I felt like I didn’t belong among other press people when I visited the press center. I met “big fishes” like DC Rainmaker, GP Lama, or Ollie from GCN. The first two also run a “one-man show” and are humble, but the bigger outlets usually have better equipment, more people, more experience, and more resources. So it’s easy to be afraid when you only have iPhone and poor English. But somehow, I made it. My videos got tons of views. Thanks to all of you.

So, again, THANK YOU!
– Petr

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