Eurobike 2023 Day 2: Asian Brands and Lots of Chinese Carbon!

Me next to Sava aero road bike with custom Eurobike 2023 graphics.

Watch my video summary of day 2, or read my written report below.

I sorted at least some of the sound issues from the Eurobike Day 1. I still have to improve the sound quality and my English, but this video is PUMPED with interesting tech – mainly from Asian brands.

What GCN Won’t Show You - Asian Brands, SAVA, L-Twoo, CYCPLUS, and MORE! | Eurobike: Day 2

And here is the written summary:

The second day wasn’t much easier than the first. I was editing the video from the first day until midnight. I ended up falling asleep while it was uploading. And in the morning, I realized I had uploaded it to the wrong channel. So, everything went wrong…

Nevertheless, I was looking forward to today because I had planned to explore a hall full of Asian manufacturers and brands.

First, I visited the Elitewheels booth, where I had left off the previous day. I had to reshoot the video because my previous attempt didn’t turn out well at all. Elitewheels has a lot of exciting things in store, including their high-end carbon wheels called DRIVE HELIX and new hubs, which they had on display as prototypes. We have something to look forward to.

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Next, I went to the Rockbros booth, where their carbon wheels caught my attention. This brand is mainly known for accessories, but they see an opportunity in selling carbon wheels.

Rockbros wheels with carbon spokes.
Rockbros wheels with carbon spokes

I stayed with the topic of wheels for a while. The Up-Vine brand presented wheels with Kevlar spokes, which I honestly saw for the first time. And their benefit? Well, you guessed it, they’re “lighter and stiffer.” Let’s see if I’ll get a chance to try them out.

Up-Vine road bike wheels with carbon, kevlar, or steel spokes.
Up-Vine wheels with carbon, kevlar, or steel spokes.

I also came across Mortop, a brand I had never heard of before, but they caught my attention with their carbon-Kevlar spokes. These spokes have carbon wrapped around Kevlar, which means that if the spoke gets damaged, it won’t completely snap. This is supposed to increase safety and prevent injuries caused by sharp carbon ends of the spoke.

Mortop carbon+kevlar spokes technology.
Mortop carbon+kevlar spokes technology

However, I discovered the most innovations at the Cycplus booth. They introduced pedal power meters with a battery life of up to twice as long as the Favero Assioma. Their accuracy, though, should remain the same (±1%). They are also supposed to be available for both Shimano SPD-SL and LOOK KEO systems. We’re talking about a price of around $500 for the dual-sided version. So, we’ll see.

Me holding Cycplus pedal power meter.
Cycplus pedal power meter

Their tiny pump Cube also deserves mention. It won the Eurobike award. They also introduced a new bicycle radar. The radar is expected to have a battery life of up to 40 hours. It also has a unique feature where the flashing frequency of the same radar units synchronizes. I’ve been promised one for review. I’m curious to try it out.

Me holding the Cycplus Bicycle Radar showing its front side.
Cycplus Bicycle Radar
Me holding the iGPSport SRTL SR30 bicycle radar.
iGPSport SRTL SR30 bicycle radar

At the iGPSport booth, I found another radar. It’s supposed to be more expensive than the L508 or R300L. Apart from its battery life of up to 25 hours (around 14 hours in day flash), it probably doesn’t offer any significant innovations.

Superteam introduced new high-end carbon wheels. What makes them unique is the wavy/shark rim design, which is meant to improve stability in crosswinds. Facts, or marketing bull*hit? I’m leaning toward the latter, but I can’t say for sure. Anyway, you can read my review of their other wheelset called Superteam All-Carbon Ultra 2023.

I was intrigued by a video demonstrating a patented seatpost dampener at one booth. I personally tried it out, and it seems to have really improved riding comfort. However, it sacrifices weight, appearance, and compatibility with proprietary seatposts.

The Farsports booth was very inconspicuous, but I have experience with their wheels. I got to feel their lightest model, the “AIR,” weighing just 1180g with a height of 40mm, and their super lightweight handlebar+stem combo weighs only 280g. Unbelievable.

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I couldn’t miss the Winspace/Lún booth either. They are the reason why Chinese carbon is so popular. I examined their Lún MEGA wheels, which have patented spoke technology. These spokes are lighter

Winspace booth with Lún HYPER and MEGA wheels.
Winspace booth with Lún MEGA wheels

and stiffer than standard carbon spokes. A pair of MEGA wheels is 50g lighter than the HYPER 2023 model but almost twice as expensive. Will they be worth it? We’ll see—I should receive them for review (and the HYPER 2023 as well).

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I had to document RideNow because of their controversial tube packaging. It’s clearly inspired by Durex…

I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out the L-Twoo 12-speed wireless groupset. My initial impression wasn’t great—the shifting wasn’t very smooth. Despite hearing good things about this set, I was rather disappointed.

L-Twoo road bike 12spd wireless groupset packed in a box.
L-Twoo road bike 12spd wireless groupset

However, I returned the next day to shoot a vertical video for shorts, and the experience was completely different. They apparently made adjustments to the set, resulting in more precise shifting. In that state, it actually made sense, and I would consider buying one.

Finally, I discovered Blktec wheels, which boasted a unique spoke design. And the advantages? Well, you know how it goes…

I left the trade show a little early to be able to edit and publish the video and then have dinner with great company (I will tell who in the next report). It was my reward for the whole day.

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