The 7 Best Bike Trainer Brands in 2023

Blurred logos of the best bike trainer brands

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These are the best bike trainer brands. I selected them based on their popularity and reviews among riders worldwide.

You will also learn which of their trainers belong to the most popular ones, where they are made, and much more.

I sorted the brands in alphabetical order. Which one is your favorite?


Elite logo

About Elite

Elite is a well-established Italian manufacturer of bike trainers and other bike accessories such as bike bottles, bottle cages, etc. They even sponsor multiple professional cycling teams.

Elite offers low-end to high-end bike trainers (wheel-on and direct-drive), bicycle rollers, and bike trainer accessories.

The Elite Novo Force (wheel-on), Elite Direto XR (smart trainer), and Elite Arion (rollers) are some of their most popular bike trainers.

Elite trainers are also available at and

Feedback Sports

Feedback Sports logo

About Feedback Sports

  • Origin: USA
  • Established: 2004
  • Website:
  • Popular trainers: Feedback Sports Omnium Over-Drive, Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive
  • Where are Feedback Sports trainers made: Taiwan

Feedback Sports is not known primarily for their bike trainers but rather for their tools and bike accessories.

However, their Omnium rollers are so unique that I couldn’t miss them from this list. They keep the fork fixed while allowing your rear wheel to spin on cylinders.

Omnium rollers are super-portable and flexible, ideal for pre-race warm-ups and post-race cool downs.


Kinetic logo

About Kinetic

Kinetic has a rich history of developing bike trainers. Among their most unique technology innovations belongs the Rock and Roll system. It allows your bike to swing from side to side in the bike trainer. This motion leads to better comfort and more enjoyable rides.

Their trainers are designed and assembled in the USA. Therefore, you can expect high quality, reliability, and longevity.


Magene logo

About Magene

  • Origin: China
  • Established: 2015
  • Website:
  • Popular trainers: Magene T100, Magene T300
  • Where are Magene trainers made: China

Magene is a relatively new player among bike trainer manufacturers. Besides trainers, they also develop and manufacture bike computers, power meters, and other bike accessories.

Their trainers provide great value for the money. For example, the Magene T100 is one of the most affordable direct-drive trainers on the market.

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Saris logo

About Saris

  • Origin: USA
  • Established: 1973
  • Website:
  • Popular trainers: Saris H3, Saris Fluid2, Saris Rollers
  • Where are Saris trainers made: USA

Saris is a US manufacturer of bike racks and other accessories. Their portfolio also includes a wide selection of bike trainers.

Their trainers were formerly branded as CycleOps bike trainers. They are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the US.

Saris smart trainers (especially the Saris H3) are known for their highly accurate and responsive ERG mode (one of the best in the business).


Tacx logo

About Tacx

Tacx is one of the most established brands in the bike trainers industry. It was acquired by Garmin in 2017, but thanks to Tacx’s strong brand name, Garmin decided to preserve it.

You can buy entry-level, mid-range, and high-end bike trainers from Tacx, like the Tacx NEO Bike. They are one of the leading brands in the industry, so you can expect nothing but the best.

Tacx bike trainers are also at and

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Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo logo

About Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo completes the big three bike trainer manufacturers (Elite, Tacx, Wahoo).

They are known for their line of KICKR trainers, but they also manufacture bike computers, sports watches, indoor cycling accessories, and much more.

Once you enter their ecosystem, it is pretty hard to leave it because everything works well together (their strategy is similar to Apple’s).

Wahoo SYSTM (formerly the Sufferfest) is also worth mentioning. This indoor cycling app belongs to one of the best you can use.

Wahoo bike trainers are also at and

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