Elite Novo Force Review: Quality Italian Bike Trainer (2022)

Elite Novo Force Review: The wheel-on trainer on a wooden floor.

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This is my Elite Novo Force bike trainer review.

I’ve been owning it for about 4 years now, so I share my experience with it below.

You learn whether it is worth the money, what to expect, how it compares with a cheaper wheel-on trainer and much more.

Let’s dive in!

Who Is Elite Novo Force Bike Trainer for?

The Elite Novo Force bike trainer is ideal for beginners and people who appreciate quality and sturdiness.

Because it is a dumb bike trainer, you won’t connect it to indoor cycling apps. However, if you have a power meter or a speed with cadence sensor, eventually the Elite Misuro B sensor, you can use it with Zwift, ROUVY, and other 3rd party apps.

Like all wheel-on trainers, it’s noisier than direct-drive trainers, so it’s not suitable for people who look for a quiet trainer.

Elite Novo Force Bike Trainer Summary

Here is the summary of the main features and the technical specification of the Elite Novo Force magnetic bike trainer.

Main Features

  • Quality and sturdy construction
  • Cylinder made of Elastogel for reduced tire wear and better traction
  • Easy to set up
  • Road like feel
  • Relatively noisy
  • Great portability

Technical Specification

  • Maximum resistance: 690W
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Noisiness (3th gear on the trainer, 5th on the bike)
    • 63 dB at 80 RPM (16.2 mph | 26 km/h)
    • 64.5 dB at 90 RPM (17.4 mph | 28 km/h)
    • 67.5 dB at 100 RPM (18.6 mph | 30 km/h)
  • Bike compatibility: Bikes with 130-135 x 5 mm QR (adapter for through-axles available)

Also available at competitivecyclist.com and performancebike.com

Inside the Box & Trainer Set Up

I don’t have the original box anymore because I bought this trainer many years ago. However, it doesn’t come with an included front wheel riser as the Sportneer bike trainer does. So, you have to buy it separately or use a stack of books.

As with all wheel-on trainers, it does come with a steel quick-release skewer that ensures proper compatibility with the mounting system.

You can also make it compatible with disc brake bikes by using the Elite through-axle adaptor (code: 1020008). But, remember, you will have to buy it separately because it’s not included.

Elite Novo Force Bike Trainer Features & Benefits

Below I explain the pros and cons of the Novo Force in detail.

Quality and Sturdy Construction

This bike trainer has a well-made construction you can rely on. You don’t have to be afraid of breaking it. It will hold your bike securely, and even if you do sprint drills out of the saddle, it is relatively difficult to turn it over.

Compared to the Sportneer bike trainer, the Novo Force feels more premium, and its price difference is justifiable.

Elastogel Cylinder

The cylinder made of elastogel is a relatively minor detail with a great impact. It reduces the tire wear, so they last you longer. I usually use my old road tires (not new ones) to take the maximum out of them.

detail on a cylinder touching the tire
Cylinder and tire detail

It also feels that the traction of the elastogel is better than the traction on a steel cylinder. This means I don’t have to push it so hard against the tire, further reducing the tire wear.

Ease of Setup

Naturally, like most wheel-on trainers, the Novo Force is easy to set up. Just remember to replace your quick-release skewer with the one included.

I also like the lever that allows you to set the cylinder against the tire quickly, so you don’t have to tighten the knob every time. It’s much faster.

wheel-on trainer cylinder is not touching the tire (view from the rear)
Lever with a knob for adjusting the cylinder
wheel-on trainer cylinder is touching the tire (view from the rear)
The cylinder set against the tire

Unlike the Sportneer bike trainer, Novo Force doesn’t have adjustable feet, so if your floor is uneven, you will need to find something to support the trainer to avoid wobbling.

Read the following article to learn How to set up a bike trainer?.

Resistance Sufficient for Many

Elite Novo Force’s maximum resistance is 690W. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s sufficient for most riders who don’t do sprint drills.

I can’t sustain 690W for longer than 30 seconds and hardly ever use the hardest resistance levels.

Novo Force offers 8 resistance levels, which is two more than Sportneer. I mostly use levels 1-5, and as with Sportneer, the resistance control dial can be attached to the handlebar.

Road Like Feel

One of the most significant differences between Novo Force and Sportneer bike trainers is their road-like feel.

Elite feels much more natural and doesn’t create as many vibrations at a higher cadence than Sportneer.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect anything like smart bike trainers that usually offer a much better road-like feel.

Noisiness – The Main Flaw of This Trainer

Elite Novo Force is noisy. Here are the values I measured during my test:

  • 63 dB at 80 RPM (16.2 mph | 26 km/h)
  • 64.5 dB at 90 RPM (17.4 mph | 28 km/h)
  • 67.5 dB at 100 RPM (18.6 mph | 30 km/h)

For comparison, the Sportneer bike trainer was about 2 dB quieter on average. The noise is most significant when you use low gear on a trainer and hard gear on your bike with a high cadence. I used the same gear on my bike and the same 3rd gear on both trainers.

So, because of the noisiness, you will have to turn up the volume of your favorite movie, music, or whatever you want to watch or listen to.

It also makes it unsuitable for people who need a quiet trainer because of their neighbors or loved ones.

Folded Elite Novo Force trainer on a wooden floor.
Folded Elite Novo Force trainer.
Unfolded Elite Novo Force trainer on a wooden floor.
Unfolded Elite Novo Force trainer

Elite Novo Force Alternatives

Here are some Elite Novo Force bike trainer alternatives worth your attention:

  • Sportneer magnetic bike trainer – is much more affordable and provides similar features. It is just not as well-built and sturdy.
  • Kinetic Road Machine 2 – provides higher resistance (of up to 1400W vs. 690W) than Novo Force, and it is also pretty stable. You can also upgrade it with a Kinetic inRide Power Sensor to make it smart, so it will measure your power.

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Elite Novo Force Bike Trainer FAQ

My Verdict

Elite Novo Force belongs to more expensive wheel-on trainers, so my expectations were high.

It fulfilled them partly. I was surprised by its build quality and pretty realistic road-like feel.

On the other hand, it could be quieter to allow me to watch movies without increasing the volume so much.

So, should you buy it? The answer is: It depends on your preferences.

If you appreciate craftsmanship and quality, yes, go for it. But if you need a quiet trainer, consider getting a direct-drive trainer.

Also available at competitivecyclist.com and performancebike.com

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