Wahoo RGT (formerly RGT Cycling) Review: Virtual Cycling on Steroids? (2023)

Wahoo RGT Review: Screenshot from RGT Cycling app put into MacBook Pro mockup

NOTE: Wahoo Fitness acquired RGT Cycling and rebranded it to Wahoo RGT on the 26th of April, 2022.

Wahoo RGT is still one of the best “free” indoor cycling apps out there. In this Wahoo RGT (RGT Cycling) review, you learn about its advantages & disadvantages.

I will also compare it to other popular (mostly paid) indoor cycling app to help you decide, which one is worth using.

Wahoo RGT offers several virtual routes for free. Their selection is limited, so to unlock its potential you need to pay for a Wahoo X membership, which also gives you access to Wahoo SYSTM. RGT’s biggest strengths are the more realistic physics, the display of the drafting effect, and the Magic Roads feature. However, it falls short in most other respects (community, motivational system, etc.).

Wahoo RGT (RGT Cycling) Summary


  • Free (but limited) plan available
  • Possibility to use Wahoo RGT and Wahoo SYSTM with one subscription
  • Realistic graphics & physics
  • Growing community & user base
  • Magic Roads feature allows you to create your roads profile
  • Ability to adjust the graphics interface
  • Controllable via mobile app
  • Structured workouts and plans available


  • Limited route library
  • Poor motivation system
  • It cannot be used just with a cadence + speed sensor (you need a power source)
  • No ability to adjust workout intensity, etc.
  • Bad user experience mobile app

What is Wahoo RGT (RGT Cycling)?
Wahoo RGT (RGT Cycling) is an indoor cycling app that transforms real-world roads into a virtual form.

Its graphic is realistic and closer to the real world than any other app. You can take advantage of its structured workouts, organize group rides, ride solo, or race.

Who is Wahoo RGT for?
Wahoo RGT is for all people who want to try indoor cycling for free because it offers free membership.

It is also perfect for riders who appreciate real-world-inspired graphics and more realistic in-app physics.

Who is Wahoo RGT not for?
Wahoo RGT is not for people who want real-world footage to explore places from all over the world.

You also need to be self-motivated because it lacks a sophisticated motivation system.

My Experience with RGT Cycling

Below, I share my experience with initial setup, using the app, routes, etc.

Initial Setup

Until recently, you had to download two apps to get started with Wahoo RGT. A mobile app worked as a remote control, and a desktop app as a screen.

Thanks to the Project Échappée update, you can now use only the desktop app without the need to control it via your smartphone. (But you can still use it to control the desktop app if you want.)

RGT also introduced a web app where you can find and create events, manage your subscription, settings, etc.

Wahoo RGT web app
Wahoo RGT web app

The initial setup is straightforward and flawless. To connect both apps, you just pair them using a code. But as I explained earlier, you don’t need the mobile app anymore.

Remember that, unlike other indoor cycling apps, you can’t use Wahoo RGT with just a cadence and speed sensor.

Instead, you need a power meter or a smart trainer. RGT has no algorithm to calculate your power based on your cadence, speed, and trainer resistance.

I’ve used Wahoo RGT with Elite Direto 2 smart trainer (power, cadence, speed) and Wahoo TICKR HR monitor. The pairing was smooth, and I didn’t experience any issues.

TIP: Do you want to increase the comfort of your indoor training? Get a cycling rocker plate. Don’t also forget to buy a fan for indoor cycling, or check out these bike trainer accessories for more tips to make your indoor training more effective.

In-App Experience

One of the biggest advantages of Wahoo RGT is that you can join their free plan. Yes, it remained after the acquisition.

Wahoo also introduced Wahoo X. It’s a subscription that allows you to log into Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT, but of course, you have to pay the subscription fee.

Wahoo X subscription
Wahoo X subscription

The functionalities of the free RGT plan are limited, though. For example, you won’t be able to organize group rides or races and get access to Magic Roads and enhanced training.

Organize Races or Group Rides (screenshot from the mobile app)
Organize races or group rides

Wahoo RGT has more realistic and sophisticated physics than some similar apps.

For example, your avatar slows down before hairpins, so it doesn’t look as ridiculous as in Zwift.

Drafting is another area where RGT stands out. It is shown on-screen, including your watt savings, and works more realistically than in Zwift.

Unlike in Zwift, where avatars are a mess, RGT avatars don’t ride through each other. This means you have to pedal more to overtake them.

If you like virtual racing, you will have to keep an eye on your positioning and ride more strategically. For example, ride in the front before you hit a climb, etc.

Me riding in Wahoo RGT (Wahoo branding)
RGT Cycling to Wahoo RGT – Wahoo branding

Controlling the app using your smartphone also brings a few advantages (you can chat with friends, browse the internet, or read while training), but also one disadvantage.

When you have sweaty hands, it can be tricky to use touchscreens. So, make sure you have a towel prepared.

I got used to controlling the app via the phone quickly. However, I am glad that RGT rolled out the desktop app. It’s faster to do some things (like adjusting settings, etc.) on a desktop.

Before you start riding, you can choose a bike, kit, glasses, and helmet when setting up your avatar. They won’t influence your avatar’s speed as in Zwift, though.

Bikes available in Wahoo RGT
Bikes available in Wahoo RGT
Jerseys available in Wahoo RGT
Jerseys available in Wahoo RGT

I like the realisticness of the camera angles. You can switch between:

  • FPV camera
  • Third-person camera
  • Moto camera
  • Drone camera
  • Motorbike camera
  • Race camera (static cam)
  • Auto switch
  • Look behind

Honestly, I am not a fan of the Wahoo RGT graphics. But, don’t take me wrong. It looks amazing and much more realistic than Zwift.

But I don’t see the point of building real-world-inspired routes from scratch when apps like ROUVY or FulGaz offer high-quality footage.

This also brings me to the next topic…


Wahoo RGT doesn’t include almost any motivation system.

There are no challenges, levels, virtual currency, etc. This is what should change after the acquisition.

Wahoo will want to implement more gamification features. Just like I suggested in my original review:

If RGT Cycling wants to attract more users, they should work on a motivational system to keep riders engaged. I am also afraid that it doesn’t include enough hooks to motivate people to use RGT Cycling more often.

On the other hand, you can organize group rides and events if you subscribe to their premium plan.

The app also includes an in-built public chat but no ride-ons or power-ups like Zwift.

Although a social element is enough for some riders, for me, it is not enough. I expect a little bit more. Fingers crossed, Wahoo will do the job well.


Wahoo RGT route library is pretty limited. It is one of this app’s biggest disadvantages because it gets repetitive after a while.

Creating a virtual world from scratch is not easy, even if you can inspire yourself in the real world. I expect Wahoo will add more routes and locations in the future.

When writing this review, the following routes were available:

  • Dirty Reiver
  • De Ronde
  • Borrego Springs
  • Canary Wharf
  • Cap De Formentor
  • Mont Ventoux
  • Paterberg
  • Pienza
  • Stelvio
  • Tempelhof Airport
  • Leuven
  • Iron Horse
RGT Cycling to Wahoo RGT - Wahoo branding
RGT Cycling to Wahoo RGT – Wahoo branding

The good news is that you can send the RGT team a .gpx export of your ride. They will take its profile and put it into a prebuilt world.

This feature is called Magic Roads and is only available in the premium plan.

To compare free and premium plans, visit the Wahoo RGT pricing page.

Creating the Magic Road takes a few days. Here is how it looks:

Pretty cool, huh?


Professional coaches designed RGT’s workouts, contributing to the rich library.

You can access structured training plans via TrainingPeaks.

First, you need to have a TrainingPeaks account. From there, you join the training plan and upload it to RGT. Check out this page for more info.

Remember that you need to subscribe to the premium plan for uploading workouts from TrainingPeaks.

One downside of Wahoo RGT is that it doesn’t include a workout builder. However, thanks to the integration with TrainingPeaks, it is not such a big deal because you can create the workouts there.

And, if you leverage the Wahoo X subscription, you can use Wahoo SYSTM with more refined workout plans.

User Friendliness

I have mixed feelings about Wahoo RGT.

On the one hand, it offers some cool features like adjusting the graphic user interface, so you can hide the names of other users, your ride data, segments, etc.

On the other, RGT developers ignore easy in-app readability by using a tiny font. In some tabs, swiping (from R to L and from L to R) works; in some, it doesn’t. Sometimes, it is unclear how to return to the previous tab/screen, etc.

GUI Settings of RGT Cycling
RGT Cycling GUI Settings
RGT Cycling Bike Detail and description written with small font underneath
RGT Cycling Bike Detail – Small Font

On the other hand, it doesn’t feel as intuitive as apps like Wahoo SYSTM or TrainerRoad. RGT developers have a lot of things to improve.

Again, I expect these issues to be solved because Wahoo is pretty good in terms of user experience and ease of use of its products and apps.

Platforms Availability

Wahoo RGT is available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Apple TV.

Since the Project Échappée update, the desktop app doesn’t act only as a screen anymore.

You can use it to control the app itself (the previous version was controlled via smartphone apps only).

The mobile app kept the ability to control the desktop app, though. This is one of the features that sets Wahoo RGT apart from other indoor cycling apps.

Screenshot from rgtcycling.com website
Wahoo RGT platform availability

I’ve been using Wahoo RGT (RGT Cycling) on macOS and iOS, and it worked fine. There was only a very short latency between these two apps.

For example, when I clicked on a button on a mobile app, the effect in the desktop app was not immediate.

I tested the apps again after the Project Échappée update. Controlling the desktop app directly was much quicker and more responsive.

Wahoo RGT Cycling Alternatives

There are plenty of indoor cycling apps out there, but only a few are worth it. The following ones are my favorite.

  • TrainerRoad – is a fully performance-oriented cycling app with a comprehensive workout library and structured training plans. It only shows you your ride data, no virtual world or video footage.
  • Zwift – utilizes a virtual world built from scratch. It doesn’t have as comprehensive a route library as ROUVY. It is much closer to being a game, but its graphics are less realistic than Wahoo RGT. Learn more in my Wahoo RGT vs. Zwift comparison.
  • ROUVY – uses real-world footage augmented with avatars and other objects. It has a huge route library and allows you to explore beautiful places from the comfort of your home.
  • Wahoo SYSTM – includes traditional cycling training, yoga for cyclists, strength and mental training to make you a better, faster, and more resilient cyclist. It also offers workouts for runners and swimmers (triathletes).
  • FulGaz – uses real-world footage of routes worldwide. It has a comprehensive route library. It doesn’t feature augmented reality as ROUVY. This means there are no avatars or artificial objects.
AppPriceFree TrialWorldMultiplayerConnectivityPlatform Availability
Zwift14.99 USD / month7 daysVirtualYesANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth, BLE FTMSAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, Apple TV
ROUVY15 USD / month
144 USD / year
14 daysRealYesANT+ FE-C, BluetoothAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, Apple TV
TrainerRoad19.95 USD / month
189 USD / year
n/a²n/aNoANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth, BLE FTMSAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS
Wahoo SYSTM (formerly The Sufferfest)¹14.99 USD / month
149 USD / year
14 daysRealNoANT+ FE-C, BLE FTMSAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS
Wahoo RGT (formerly RGT Cycling)¹Free or
14.99 USD / month
149 USD / year
14 daysVirtualYesANT+ FE-C, BLE FTMSAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, Apple TV
Android, iOS (remote)
Kinomap11.99 EUR / month
89.99 EUR / year
429 EUR / lifetime
14 daysRealNoANT+ FE-C, BLE FTMSAndroid, iOS (screen mirroring available)
FulGaz12.99 USD / month
108.99 USD / year
14 daysRealYesANT+ FE-C, BLE FTMSAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, Apple TV
List of the best indoor cycling apps with the info about their price, free trial period, type of the world, multiplayer option, connectivity, and platform availability.
Updated on the 12th of September, 2023.
¹You can only subscribe to the Wahoo X subscription and get access to Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT.
²30-day money-back guarantee

The following table shows my ratings of specific areas on a scale of 1–5 (5 is the best).

AppPriceEase of SetupEngage-
RoutesTrainingUXPlatforms AvailabilityTotal
Wahoo SYSTM²454355430
Wahoo RGT (RGT Cycling)²552242323
Tacx Training App352435426
My indoor cycling apps rating on a scale of 1–5 (5 is the best)
¹TrainerRoad is different from other apps and doesn't offer any routes.
²You can only subscribe to the Wahoo X subscription and get access to Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT.

Wahoo RGT Cycling FAQ

My Verdict

Do I recommend Wahoo RGT (RGT Cycling)?
Yes. People who want to try indoor cycling for free can join Wahoo RGT’s free membership.

In addition, the realistic graphics and physics of this app are unique and appealing.

There are things and features to improve in Wahoo RGT. For example, the mobile app UX, motivation system, or route library. I am sure Wahoo will work on that.

Do I recommend it to everybody?
No. Wahoo RGT is unsuitable for people looking for a sophisticated motivation system.

Due to the limited road library, you may also get bored after a while.

You will also need a power source (power meter, smart trainer), so the initial setup may get expensive if you don’t have it yet.

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3 thoughts on “Wahoo RGT (formerly RGT Cycling) Review: Virtual Cycling on Steroids? (2023)”

  1. Profile picture of Petr Minarik - the founder of cyclistshub.com

    Your ratings are good but don’t account for RGT’s excellent magic roads feature, which provide for essentially unlimited routes. Programs like GPXMagic (web app) or processGPX (command like tool on github) help create high-quality magic roads buy smoothing the relatively crude GPX files produced by routing apps like Strava Route Builder or GPX Studio. The biggest downside of RGT is a shortage of riders, so look for community events with a dedicated turnout: RGTDB or the soon to be available RGTHub are places to check for event schedules.

  2. Profile picture of Petr Minarik - the founder of cyclistshub.com

    The number RGT users is limited, but the bots (not mentioned) are really good. The real-bots are acting quite good as real riders. When you create a even for yourselves you can chose how many bots you want to ride against. You can also invite your friends. They can participate even with a free account.
    The Magic roads make it possible to train a route for your an upcoming event anywhere on earth, without the need to travel. Creation of a “Magic Roud” takes a couple of minutes. You can upload and start riding within 15 minutes.
    In RGT there are many good training plans. Together with System it is an excellent platform to create training plans and do your training.
    RGT is a very good replacement for real road cycling if you don’t need extra motivation or gameplay.

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