BKOOL vs. ROUVY: Which One Should You Use in 2023?

BKOOL vs. ROUVY: BKOOL in-app screen on the left vs. ROUVY in-app screen on the right.

This is my comparison of BKOOL vs. ROUVY. You will learn which one is better and worth your money.

I tested them in-depth to learn their differences, pros, and cons. Here is my summary:?

The main difference between BKOOL and ROUVY is that BKOOL uses real-world footage and has some routes in 3D graphics. ROUVY augments its real-world footage but has no 3D graphic courses. On the other hand, ROUVY is more suitable for racing, group rides, and events.

Based on multiple criteria, I believe ROUVY is better than BKOOL.

Below, I explain why.

BKOOL and ROUVY Summary

The most significant difference between these two apps is the world you ride in.

While ROUVY’s designers and developers created a virtual world from scratch, BKOOL uses real-world footage from places worldwide.

It also has a few routes recreated in 3D graphics, but in much worse quality than ROUVY.

I summarized the essential features in the following table.

WorldReal and VirtualReal with AR elements
MultiplayerYes but very limitedYes
In-game ChatNoNo
Races & EventsNo races, occasional eventsYes
Workouts BuilderYes*Yes*
Platforms AvailabilityAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOSAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, Apple TV
Free Trial30 days14 days
Price9.99 EUR / month
96 EUR / year
15 USD / month
144 USD / year
In-Depth ReviewBKOOL ReviewROUVY Review
Comparison of the main features of BKOOL vs. ROUVY
*Workouts builder is available in the web apps only.
Updated on the 22nd of September, 2022.

Features Comparison

Let’s now dive deeper into the individual features.


In BKOOL, you can choose from thousands of routes worldwide. Their filtering is basic, though. So, finding the route for the given moment may be difficult.

Screenshot from BKOOL routes library with its basic filtering.
BKOOL routes library filtering

BKOOL routes are available as footage, in 3D, or as a map view.

As you can see from the pictures, the video and graphics quality is poor.

ROUVY also uses real-world footage, but it’s higher quality and often* augmented with 3D objects like riders’ avatars.

*Not all routes are available with augmented reality (AR).

It’s clear from the pictures above that ROUVY footage is much higher quality.

Other ROUVY advantages are that they count outside riding into your overall progress, and you can compare your Strava PRs thanks to the ROUVY–Strava integration.

Winner: ROUVY

PRO TIP: Use an indoor cycling fan to stay cooled down. You will perform better and feel more comfortable.

Multiplayer & Social Interactivity

Both apps are on the other side of the spectrum regarding social interactivity.

In ROUVY, you will see avatars of other people. However, you can’t chat with them, like in Zwift and Zwift Companion.

BKOOL is even more limited. You won’t even see the avatars of others (real-time leaderboards are available).

So, ROUVY and BKOOL are more suitable for people who don’t mind riding alone.

Thanks to the presence of riders’ avatars, ROUVY has a slight edge here.

Winner: ROUVY

Races & Events

ROUVY is racing-friendly. They often host races and events inspired by real-world events (La Vuelta, IRONMAN, etc.).

You can also compare your times on selected routes with pro athletes. This feature is unique to ROUVY.

BKOOL, on the other hand, hosts some events from time to time but no races. Therefore, I recommend Zwift if you are into e-racing.

Winner: ROUVY

TIP: Use a cycling rocker plate to make indoor training more comfortable.


If you are looking for an app that allows you to do structured training, both will satisfy your needs.

BKOOL workouts library has only basic filtering but many workouts to choose from.

Screenshot from BKOOL workouts library with its basic filtering.
BKOOL workouts library

ROUVY has more sophisticated workouts.

I don’t have the expertise to evaluate which workouts are more effective. However, both companies claim pro coaches and athletes created their workouts.

Both apps also have a workout builder in their web version. But Wahoo SYSTM or TrainerRoad or another level. Use those if you are into efficient training.

Winner: It’s a draw


ROUVY has the edge over BKOOL in gamification because it uses more gamification elements.

Its career consists of 80 levels that you complete by collecting coins. You get them by riding (regardless of the type of ride you do – indoor or outdoor).

You can then spend these coins on new gear and customize your avatar just like in Zwift.

By completing levels, you also get extra rewards from ROUVY’s partners like TrainingPeaks (30 days premium account for free), Elite (discount on nutrition related-products), etc.

ROUVY rewards from partners like TrainingPeaks, Elite, etc.
ROUVY rewards

BKOOL is almost gamification-free. The only thing that BKOOL offers is buying new equipment.

Choosing a Quick-Step jersey in BKOOL app.
BKOOL equipment – jerseys

The equipment and bike selection are limited. You can only buy a new jersey or bike for the in-game currency.

Winner: ROUVY

User Friendliness

The user-friendliness (how easy it is to use the app) is similar in both apps.

In short, it could be much better. Both apps deserve a redesign. BKOOL feels a bit outdated and laggy, and its screen is not responsive…

BKOOL dashboard.
BKOOL dashboard

ROUVY feels gloomy, and I miss the explanations of some of its features (like the riding modes).

ROUVY in-app dashboard (routes, events, etc.)
ROUVY Dashboard

Winner: It’s a draw

I recommend downloading BKOOL routes in advance if you have a slow internet connection (under 20MBit/s) for an uninterrupted experience.

Platforms Availability

BKOOL and ROUVY are available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

However, BKOOL, unlike ROUVY, is not available for Apple TV.

BKOOL Cycling platforms availability (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows).
BKOOL platforms availability
ROUVY platform availability (iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, etc.)
ROUVY platforms availability

Winner: ROUVY
Overall winner: ROUVY (5), BKOOL (0), It’s a draw (2)


FulGaz is the closest alternative to ROUVY. It also uses real-world footage but doesn’t augment it with AR.

Due to the nature of BKOOL (video + 3D graphics), it has multiple alternatives. I recommend checking out:

  • FulGaz for its high video quality
  • Kinomap for its sports versatility (cycling, running, rowing)
  • and Wahoo RGT for its real-life physics in a virtual world


The Winner

ROUVY wins against BKOOL thanks to higher video quality, better use of gamification elements, and overall user experience.

It also allows you to participate in races, compare your times with pro athletes or your PRs from Strava, and it counts outside activities too.

BKOOL tries to offer many things but doesn’t excel in any. It would deserve a major update and cleanup of the poor-quality routes.

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