Farsports Ventoux S Review: The BEST Chinese Carbon Wheels?

Farsports Ventoux S review: 45mm road bike carbon wheels leaned against each other in a park.

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This is my Farsports Ventoux S wheels review. Review of the most expensive and high-end wheels I’ve ever tested.

If you would ever tell me that I would buy and review wheels that are almost twice the price of my first road bike, I would laugh in your face.

But the day is here, and I am excited to present the results of my in-house testing and ride experience.

Spoiler alert: They passed all tests (although with flaws), and ride-wise, they are great.

Continue reading to find out more and to claim a 100 USD discount I negotiated for you.

Let’s dive in!

About Farsports

Farsports has been developing and manufacturing carbon wheels since 2004. They belong to the most experienced Chinese bicycle brands.

Their Ventoux wheels line includes Ventoux C, Ventoux C EVO, Ventoux S, and Ventoux S EVO. They differ mainly in their price, weight, and parts (EVO wheels are the most advanced).

I opted for Farsports Ventoux S wheels with in-house designed hubs and spokes (more about their specs below). They are one of the most high-end Chinese carbon wheels you can buy. However, they also offer the Ventoux S EVO series, which is even more expensive (and lighter).

Farsports currently has two websites:

  1. farsports.com, where they sell ready-to-ship wheels that you can’t customize.
  2. wheelsfar.com, where you can choose from many wheelsets and customize the components, but you have to wait weeks for the wheels to be built.

Main Features & Specs

Farsports Ventoux S series wheels have a few features worth explaining further.

The first is the layout of individual carbon layers. Farsports reinforced rim areas near spoke ends and reduced the amount of carbon where it is not needed. This optimization results in lower overall weight but the same stiffness.

The second is their ‘Anti-Aqua Rim Brake Surface Design’ on rim brake wheels. It leverages Brachistochrone-curve-inspired drainage channels for better braking performance in wet conditions.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t test it because I have the disc brake version. But according to reviews online, its braking performance is great.

Main Features

  • UCI-approved
  • Clincher (tubeless-ready)
  • 2-year warranty
  • 35% crash replacement policy
  • In-house designed hubs and carbon spokes
  • Rim profile optimized for a smoother transition between the rim and the tire
  • No tubeless valves included

Technical Specification

  • Brake Type: Disc (also available for rim brakes)
  • Measured Weight
    • Front Wheel: 756g
    • Rear Wheel: 637g
    • Pair: 1393g
  • Rim width: 19.2mm (internal), 25.2mm
  • Rim depth: 45mm
  • Spokes: Farsports carbon spokes
  • Hubs: Farsports
  • Rider’s weight limit: 125kg (276lb)

NOTE: As you can see from the pictures above, the logo is an ordinary sticker. This means you can remove it but also damage it relatively easily. So be careful when using tire levers, for example. On the other hand, the stickers are reflective, increasing your visibility in low-light conditions.

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First Impressions and Unboxing

Wheels came in a compact branded box, securely packed to avoid damage.

Unfortunately, unlike with Lún HYPER, the unboxing experience didn’t feel premium.

My biggest disappointment was seeing spare spokes, a cassette spacer, and some orange plastic things in a plastic bag (not in a box or something better than a plastic bag).

Three spare spokes, spacer ring and plastic pieces for filling nipple holes
Three spare spokes included with a few extra accessories

I knew the plastic things (after some googling, I found out they are called Veloplugs) are for filling the spoke holes, but I doubted their usefulness with tubeless tires. I will talk more about them in the Difficulty to Put the Tire On section.

In-House Tests

Let’s now examine every area individually.

Lateral and Radial Trueness

I have high expectations when I buy a product that costs almost $2000. But here is where another disappointment came.

Their lateral and radial trueness was not on point. In fact, it was the worst from the wheels, including Lún HYPER, YOELEO SAT PRO, and Elitewheels DRIVE.

I am not sure if this was caused by poor quality control in the factory or if the wheels got hit during shipping. My guess is the first option.

Spoke Tension

Based on the lateral and radial trueness tests, I expected more variable results of spokes tensions than on other wheels. And I was right.

The front wheel looked pretty fine. All spokes except one on the right side (spoke 10 – 5.3% variation) were within 5% of the average.

Farsports Ventoux S 45mm Disc Front Wheel Spoke Tension Readings
Farsports Ventoux S 45mm Disc Front Wheel Spoke Tension Readings

But the real wheels didn’t end up so well. Left-side spokes 3, 5, and 6 passed the 10% limit, but 4 and 7 didn’t pass the 15% limit.

To put this number into context, all spokes of wheels like YOELEO SAT PRO, Elitewheels DRIVE, and Lún HYPER were within 5% accuracy.

Farsports Ventoux S 45mm Disc: Rear Wheel Spoke Tension Readings
Farsports Ventoux S 45mm Disc: Rear Wheel Spoke Tension Readings

Look, I am not saying this will significantly affect the riding experience. The rim deviation was relatively small (within 1mm). But as I said earlier, I expected better standards. Maybe I was just unlucky.

Rim Centering (Dishing)

Luckily for Farsports, the hub was almost perfectly centered, as shown in the following pictures.

Checking out the hub position of the front wheel (left side)
Farsports Ventoux S dishing front wheel (left side)
Checking out the hub position of the front wheel (right side)
Farsports Ventoux S dishing front wheel (right side)
Checking out the hub position of the rear wheel (left side)
Farsports Ventoux S dishing rear wheel (left side)
Checking out the hub position of the front wheel (right side)
Farsports Ventoux S dishing rear wheel (right side)

Difficulty to Put the Tire On

I first tried to put the Tufo Comtura 4TR 28mm tubeless tires on Ventoux S wheels without supplied Veloplugs or rim tape. It was tough, so I had to use tire levers.

Then, I added Veloplugs. No surprise, it was almost impossible. This is because the Veloplugs increased the overall circumference of the wheel, making it even harder to put the tire on.

So, I decided to use tubeless rim tape. Unfortunately, putting the tires on was the most difficult of all wheels (Lún HYPER, Elitewheels DRIVE, and YOELEO SAT PRO).

On the other hand, seating tubeless tires (once the tires are on the rim) was the easiest of all wheels. I could seat them without a tire sealant or compressor. I only used my floor pump. Of course, I added the tire sealant later in case of a possible puncture.

To wrap this up, once you get the tubeless tires on, properly seating them is almost effortless (unlike with YOELEO SAT PROs, for example).

The table below shows all wheels I tested.

Reviewed WheelsetTire On*Lateral TruenessRadial TruenessSpoke TensionRim CenteringAverageBuyRim depthWeight (F | R | Pair)Rim Width (I)Rim Width (E)
YOELEO C50|50 SAT DB PRO455554.8Check Price (yoeleobike.com)
Check Price (yoeleoeurope.com)
50mm705g, 830g, 1535g18.5mm25.5mm
Lún HYPER 50mm444444Check Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB10 to get 10% OFF
50mm650g, 779g, 1429g19mm26mm
Elitewheels DRIVE 45mm Disc344454Check Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB to get 15% OFF
45mm562g, 718g, 1280g21.4mm28.8mm
Farsports Ventoux S344443.8Check Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB150 to get 150 USD OFF
45mm637g, 755g, 1392g19.2mm25.5mm
YOELEO C50|50 SAT DB PRO 2022455454.6Check Price (yoeleobike.com)
Check Price (yoeleoeurope.com)
50mm705g, 830g, 1535g18.5mm25.5mm
Trifox WT11544333.8Check Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB to get 8 % OFF
50mm769g, 874g, 1643g18.4mm25.1mm
My scoring of the Chinese carbon road bike wheels and other technical details.
The scale for each feature is 1-5 points, where 5 is the best. The rating can be retrospectively adjusted based on the comparison with other wheelsets.
*How difficult it is to put a Tufo Comtura 4 TR 28mm tubeless tire on and properly seat it.

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Here is where I add outside (unscientific) speed tests once I finish them. The weather is still against me, so it will take longer than expected.

Riding Experience

I will be honest with you. I was afraid of using these wheels during the first kilometers. They are by far the most expensive I’ve ever used.

But I got used to them pretty quickly. I was curious if I could notice a difference between these and less expensive wheels like the SAT PROs 50mm from YOELEO.

The short answer is yes. I was. The Ventoux S are about 200g lighter, making them more responsive.

Petr Minarik (cyclistshub.com) with his bike and Passo Giau behind.
Me with Farsports Ventoux S wheels at Passo Giau in the Dolomites

They are more suitable for climbing, punching, and attacks, thanks to their lower weight. But what about rolling and flat terrain where they have lower momentum? And how do they differ from similar wheels like Elitewheels DRIVE 45mm?

Well, I noticed a difference mainly in maintaining/gaining speed on flats and the responsiveness of these two wheelsets. Ventoux S are in another league which is not a big surprise considering the price difference.

Ventoux S accelerate quickly and don’t lose their momentum as the DRIVE wheels. This makes them ideal for constant changes of pace like in criteriums or other races.

However, I feel like the crosswind stability is better on Elitewheels DRIVE. I assume it’s because of the wider rim depth and different rim profiles combining the U/V shapes. But I may be wrong.

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Farsports Ventoux S Alternatives

There are a few Farsports Ventoux S alternatives worth mentioning.

  • Lún (Winspace) HYPER are cheaper, but also come with in-house designed hubs and carbon spokes. Additionally, they have a unique and cool rim finish. Based on multiple independent reviews online, they set a new standard for Chinese carbon wheels. Use the ‘cyclistshub10‘ discount code at www.winspace.cc to get 10% off your purchase or read the entire Lún HYPER review.
  • Elitewheels DRIVE are even lighter than Ventoux S (they weigh only 1280g in the 45mm option). They also come with in-house designed hubs, carbon spokes, and a unique rim finish. Surprisingly, they are even cheaper than HYPERs. Use the ‘cyclistshub‘ discount code at www.elite-wheels.com on the checkout page to get 15% off your purchase or read the entire Elitewheels DRIVE review.
  • YOELEO SAT PRO are the most affordable of these wheels. They come with DT Swiss 350 hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes. They are about 200g heavier than Ventoux S, but are very stable in crosswinds thanks to their higher weight and can better maintain their momentum on flats. Read the entire YOELEO SAT PRO review.

If these wheels are too expensive for you, I recommend you browse my selection of other Chinese carbon road bike wheels that also includes more affordable wheelsets.

Farsports Ventoux S FAQ

My Verdict

After unboxing and concluding my in-house tests, I was slightly disappointed by the results of such an expensive wheelset. However, once I put them on my bike and tried them, I forgot all the shortcomings.

They are extremely responsive, which will suit punchers or criterium racers who need to accelerate quickly.

Their crosswind stability is better than Lún HYPER (50mm) but a little worse than Elitewheels DRIVE (45mm).

Ventoux S are also great at gaining and maintaining momentum, so you won’t lack the pace on flats. Additionally, they create a cool-sounding ‘whoosh, whoosh’ effect.

To sum these wheels up, buy them if you are looking for a set of racing wheels from a premium manufacturer that puts a lot of effort into research & development.

You get a quality product covered by a crash replacement policy. So, if you crash, you get a discount on your next wheelset from Farsports.

I hope you find this review of Ventoux S wheels helpful. If you plan to purchase them, claim the discount code below.

This way, you will also support my website so that I can do more reviews like this in the future.

Use the Farsports.com discount codeCYCLISTSHUB150‘ at farsports.com on the checkout page to get 150 USD off from wheels. Share this code via email

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