Trifox WT11 Wheels Review: Affordable and with Potential, but…

Trifox WT11 review: 50mm disc brake carbon road bike version leaned against each other in a park.

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Trifox introduced a new wheelset, Trifox WT11, a few weeks ago.

They contacted me and asked if I was interested in reviewing them. I accepted their offer but only under one condition – I will write the good, the bad, or the ugly if necessary.

So, in this Trifox WT11 review, you learn whether these wheels are worth your consideration and how they stand against other Chinese carbon wheels.

In short: My in-house tests revealed issues with trueness and spoke tension consistency. Luckily, ride-wise, they ended up much better.

Continue reading for more info.

Trifox WT Lineup Summary

Trifox’s WT wheels line includes three wheelsets:

  • WT11 disc brake road bike wheels (this is the model I tested)
  • WT17 rim brake wheels with T17 hubs
  • WT18 rim brake wheels with T18 hubs
Trifox WT11, WT17, and WT18 road bike wheels (screenshot from Trifox online store).
Trifox WT carbon wheels lineup

All wheels are available in 40, 45, 50, and 60mm rim depths. The WT17 are not available in 40mm rim depth. So…

Who are these wheels for?
Based on their price and specifications, they are suitable for beginners or people looking for a set of training carbon wheels.

Their weight of above 1550g put’s them on the heavier side of the spectrum. This makes them ideal for flats and steady efforts. Climbers should look for lighter wheels.

Unfortunately, Trifox WT wheels are not tubeless tires compatible, so this can be a dealbreaker for some riders.

Let’s check their features more in-depth.

Main Features

Here is a quick summary of the Trifox WT11 wheels’ features and specs.

Main Features

  • Clincher (not tubeless-ready)
  • Pleasant hub noise
  • Nice ‘whoosh-whoosh’ noise
  • Good crosswind stability
  • Rim tape included
  • 4 spare spokes included
  • Valve extenders are not included
  • 2-year warranty

Technical Specification

  • Brake Type: Disc
  • Weight
    1. Front Wheel: 769g
    2. Rear Wheel: 874g
    3. Measured weight: 1643g
    4. Claimed weight: 1664g (±15g)
  • Measured rim width: 
    • Internal: 18.4mm
    • External: 25.1mm
  • Rim depth: 50mm
  • Spokes: Pillar steel spokes
  • Hubs: Trifox T11
  • Rider’s weight limit: 100kg (220lb)

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First Impressions and Unboxing

Trifox WT11 wheels came in an unbranded scratch-free box.

Trifox WT11 box
Trifox WT11 box came scratch-free

I don’t fully understand why Trifox doesn’t have branded box. Building a brand is important for success in today’s competitive market. This is a (big) missed opportunity.

Based on the packing and the included protection, I didn’t expect any issues with the wheels.

Trifox WT11 wheels seamingly safely packed in the box.
WT11 Wheels in the box

But I was wrong. Something caused scratches on the rims. They seemed like scratches from the cardboard or something. Luckily, I could clean them easily, so the rims are intact.

Rims scratched by something inside the package.
Trifox WT11 rim scratches
Hubs were protected with end cup protectors.
Trifox WT11 hubs protection (see the scratches on the rims)

By the way, the wheels came with four spare spokes and two rim tapes:

Rim tapes and four spare steel spokes on a wooden table.
Rim tapes and four spare spokes

Here are a few pictures of the details like the spoke pattern, hubs, and rims.

In-House Tests

I conducted the following tests before I started using these wheels:

Lateral and Radial Trueness

I put both wheels on a truing stand and checked their lateral and radial trueness.

Both would deserve more attention from the wheel builder. The rear wheel was relatively true. I noticed just a small deviation in one place.

The front wheel ended up worse. A larger area (3-5 spokes) was deviated by about 0.5 mm.

I got similar results from the radial test. So, I couldn’t wait to check out the spoke tension.

Spoke Tension

I started with the rear wheel. The results were relatively promising except for one spoke that didn’t meet the 10% limit (deviation from the average) and a few spokes that exceeded 5%.

Trifox WT11 rear wheel spoke tension readings showing relatively consistent spoke tension.
Trifox WT11 Rear Wheel Spoke Tension Readings | Source:

Unfortunately, the front wheel ended much worse. The spoke tension was inconsistent and all over the place.

One spoke had even a tension that differed by more than 20% from the average.

Trifox WT11 front wheel spoke tension readings showing inconsistent spoke tension.
Trifox WT11 Front Wheel Spoke Tension Readings | Source:

I guess the wheel builder tried to true the wheels regardless of the consistency of the spoke tension. Maybe the rim was poorly made, so he had no other choice.

However, these were the worst results of all wheels I tested so far. I am not sure how the front wheel could pass the internal quality control.

This doesn’t have to be such a big deal ride-wise. However, I expected better attention and build quality.

Rim Centering (Dishing)

I was expecting that the dishing won’t end up well either, based on the results of the spoke tension. And I was right.

The dishing tool showed that the hubs were not properly centered. Below, you can see the gap between the center of the dishing tool and the end cap.

A dishing tool placed on the left side of the rear wheel.
Rear wheel (left side)
A dishing tool placed on the right side of the front wheel.
Rear wheel (right side)

And here is the front wheel:

A dishing tool placed on the right side of the front wheel.
Front wheel (right side)
A dishing tool placed on the left side of the front wheel.
Front wheel (left side)

Luckily, I could adjust my disc brakes easily, so they don’t rub.

Difficulty to Put the Tire On

WT11 are not tubeless-ready, so I only tested how difficult it is to put Tufo Comtura 4 TR 28mm tires on the rims without seating them.

It was honestly relatively easy, and I didn’t need tire levers. Because I used tubes, they seated without issues.

However, I broke out in a sweat when I tried to take them off and change them for Kenda Kross tires. It took me about 15 minutes and a lot of effort.

The table below shows the individual criteria of all wheels I tested and my rating.

Reviewed WheelsetBuyAverage
Lateral TruenessRadial TruenessSpoke TensionRim CenteringTire On*Rim depthWeight (F | R | Pair)Rim Width (I)Rim Width (E)Note
YOELEO C50|50 SAT DB PROCheck Price
Check Price (
4.85555450mm705g, 830g, 1535g18.5mm25.5mmAffordable and easy-to-service wheels suitable for flats and steady efforts.
Lún HYPER 50mmCheck Price
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44444450mm650g, 779g, 1429g19mm26mmStiff, responsive, and lightweight wheels suitable for hilly and mountainous terrain. Not too stable in crosswinds.
Elitewheels DRIVE 45mm DiscCheck Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB to get 15% OFF
44445345mm562g, 718g, 1280g21.4mm28.8mmStiff, responsive, and lightweight wheels suitable for hilly and mountainous terrain. Not too fast on flats.
Farsports Ventoux SCheck Price
Use code CYCLISTSHUB150 to get 150 USD OFF
3.84444345mm637g, 755g, 1392g19.2mm25.5mmStiff, responsive, and premium wheels suitable for most terrains.
YOELEO C50|50 SAT DB PRO 2022Check Price
Check Price (
4.65545450mm705g, 830g, 1535g18.5mm25.5mmAffordable and easy-to-service wheels suitable for flats and steady efforts but with too loud hubs.
Trifox WT11Check Price
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3.84433550mm769g, 874g, 1643g18.4mm25.1mmAffordable and comfortable, but not well assembled.
Farsports WaveCheck Price
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4.45543545/50mm736g, 880g, 1616g21.0mm28.7mmAffordable, easy-to-service, unique-looking wheels suitable for flats and steady efforts.
Superteam All-Carbon Ultra 2023Check Price
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55555550mm633g, 769g, 1402g21.3mm28.7mmNot overly stiff, but responsive. Stable in crosswinds and ideal for most terrains, questionable reliability.
My scoring of the Chinese carbon road bike wheels with a note and other technical details.
The scale for each feature is 1-5 points, where 5 is the best. The rating can be retrospectively adjusted based on the comparison with other wheelsets.
*How difficult it is to put a Tufo Comtura 4 TR 28mm tubeless tire on and properly seat it.

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Riding Experience

I wondered how the wheels would perform after the not-very-well in-house test results. Would I be able to notice any issues?

I am a pretty lightweight rider (my weight fluctuates around 147lbs [67 kg]), so my weight won’t push the wheels to their limits.

However, even with my relatively low weight, I noticed they are simply not as stiff and responsive as other wheels I tested (Elitewheels DRIVE, Lún HYPER 2020, etc.).

Their responsiveness is also reduced by the higher overall weight. This weight is added by tubes (~200g) and rim tapes (~35g).

I should correctly use standard and not tubeless tires because standard tires are lighter.

Tufo Comtura Duo 28mm (non-tubeless alternative to Comtura 4TR) weighs 250g, which is about 30g less per tire.

On the other hand, tubeless tires use tire sealant (~80g).

Considering these wheels are about 100-200g heavier than the above-mentioned ones, we get about a +200g difference.

The 100g per wheel is a noticeable difference.

Theoretically, they should roll and maintain their speed on flats better than lightweight wheels, thanks to their better inertia. So, what’s the reality?

They remind me of the original YOELEO SAT PROs. WT11 feel more stable in crosswinds but doesn’t feel like they maintain their speed as well.

Their stability worsened during speeds exceeding 60 km/h (37 mph). I had to be more careful when descending in crosswinds. I don’t remember this happening on other wheels.

However, the differences with wheels from a similar price range are marginal, and unless you ride them side by side, you probably won’t notice a difference.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by their overall riding quality. They can absorb more vibrations and bumps than stiff wheels like Elitewheels DRIVE or Lún HYPER, so they are more comfortable.

I like their hub sound. Maybe it’s because I used YOELEO SAT PROs 2022 wheels before, which have a very loud and shrill hub sound that I don’t like.

Trifox WT11 hub sound

So far (after about 500 km), I haven’t noticed any issues caused by the poor build quality. I will update this review if I do.

I also took them to terrain (gravel and forest roads to see how they handle harsher terrain. Again, no issues.

My blue YOELEO R12 with Trifox WT11 50mm deep wheels after the cross ride leaned against a tree.
My YOELEO R12 with Trifox WT11 wheels after the cross ride

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Trifox SAT PRO 2022 Alternatives

Trifox WT11 have multiple alternatives:

  • Elitewheels BWT have optionable hubs from DT Swiss and Sapim CX-Ray spokes (use the code CYCLISTSHUB to get 15% OFF). 
  • Farsports Kaze are almost fully customizable. The price differs based on the components (use the code CYCLISTSHUB50 to get 50 USD OFF).
  • ICAN AERO are well-built and, according to Hambini, belong among the fastest carbon wheels at this price range.
  • YOELEO SAT PRO 2022 are a little more expensive but have a unique rim finish and are lighter. I reviewed them here.

Trifox Wheels FAQ

My Verdict

Initially, I was pretty disappointed by the results of my in-house tests because of the build quality of these wheels.

Luckily, they ended up much better outside. I like their hub noise, crosswind stability, and overall riding comfort.

On the other hand, they are not too responsive, and I don’t feel they maintain speed as well on flats as the other wheels I tested.

Considering their price, it’s also understandable they are not tubeless-ready.

I honestly struggle a little with where to put these wheels. They surprised me ride-wise but disappointed me with the build quality and quality control. Maybe I was just unlucky?

When deciding whether to buy them, remember that you will have to also pay for the shipping, which is around $80. But you can use my code below and get about $50 off.

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The product for this review was kindly provided by the manufacturer. This did not influence my overall verdict or my opinion about the product.

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