The 5 Best Chinese Bicycle Brands Worth Your Attention

A YOELEO worker holds unfinished carbon wheel

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This is my selection of the best Chinese Bicycle brands worth your attention.

I selected them based on my in-depth market research in which I considered several important areas like quality control, customer reviews, customer support, etc.

I also contacted the companies to learn more about how they work, what standards they follow, and their values.

Below, you find out which of these brands have warehouses in the US and Europe, so you won’t have to wait weeks for the delivery of your brand new frame, wheelset, or any other bike part you order.

Continue reading to learn how import customs duty works if you decide to order directly from China and how long the delivery from China takes.

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What Are the Best Chinese Bicycle Brands?

All following Chinese bike brands have an online store and ship internationally so that you can order from them directly.

When choosing them, one of the most important criteriums was the quality of their products. All the below-listed companies have in-house testing centers.

In addition, some of these brands offer UCI-approved framesets and wheelsets or meet other quality standards like ISO 4210.

To learn more about my criteria, click here.

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1. YOELEO – UCI-Approved Chinese Carbon


YOELEO was established in 2011. Yet, their story began in 2007 when they started manufacturing carbon fiber components for other brands. Over the years, they gained a lot of experience that they transformed into YOELEO.

They have a huge selection of products – dozens of different carbon wheels, frames, and accessories for road, MTB, cyclocross/gravel, track, and triathlon bikes. Furthermore, they assemble and sell complete carbon road and triathlon bikes.

One of their main benefits is that their wheels are UCI approved, and frames have TÜV certification confirming high quality. YOELEO also sells fully assembled bikes, so if you look for a complete bike, you know where to buy it.

YOELEO factory tour

YOELEO sponsors a pro cycling Italian team, CYKELN, since 2016, and they also founded their own UCI cycling team, 4 Mind Project, in 2021.

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Find out more about YOELEO

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2. ICAN – Great Value for the Money

ICAN logo

ICAN was founded in 2009. They manufacture a wide selection of carbon products, including complete bicycles, bike frames, wheelsets, and other components for road, mountain, cyclocross, and track bikes.

One of the main benefits of ICAN is that they have warehouses in the US, Japan, and Germany. This means that if you live in these areas, you get faster delivery, and you don’t pay for import fees separately because they are included.

ICANs’ products are covered by a 3years warranty (standard rims have two years warranty). ICAN also has a crash replacement policy. This means that if you damage the frame or rim during a crash (or misuse), you get a 15% discount on the retail price.

By the way, if you will come across a TRIAERO brand, you can easily associate it with ICAN. It is a brand launched in 2017 that specializes in carbon bike frames.

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Find out more about ICAN

  • UCI approved products – yes
  • Customized frame painting – no
  • Live chat support – yes
  • Warehouse in the US – yes
  • Warehouse in Europe – yes (DE)
  • Factory tour
  • ICAN Trustpilot Reviews

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3. Winspace – Premium Chinese Carbon

Winspace logo

Winspace caught my attention when I browsed YouTube one day. I watched a review of their HYPER wheels and immediately started looking for more info because they were very positive.

Winspace is on the market since 2011. Their product range is pretty narrow (they focus mainly on road and gravel frames, wheelsets, and accessories). However, the quality of their products is high.

Their HYPER and Lún Road Series wheels have been UCI-approved since 2021 (learn more).

Winspaces’ frames are covered with 3 years’ warranty, wheels with two years, and accessories with one year.

By the way, Winspace claims that their HYPER wheels are faster than other (often several times more expensive) wheels of manufacturers like Zipp, Enve, Mavic, etc. The testing was done by Hambini Engineering, and you can check the results on the Winspace website.

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Find out more about Winspace

  • UCI approved products – yes
  • Customized frame painting – no
  • Live chat support – yes
  • Warehouse in the US – no
  • Warehouse in Europe – no

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4. Farsports – Experts on Carbon Wheels

Farsports Logo

Farsports has specialized in developing and manufacturing carbon wheels since 2004. Their wheels are UCI-approved and meet ISO 4210 quality standards.

They produce entry-level, mid-range, and high-end road, gravel, MTB, and track rims and wheelsets. They come with a 2-year warranty.

According to engineers like Hambini or Peak Torque and their in-depth reviews, Farsports wheels belong to the best ones on the Chinese market.

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Find out more about Farsports

  1. UCI approved products – yes
  2. Live chat support – yes
  3. Warehouse in the US – no
  4. Warehouse in Europe – no

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5. Trifox Bike – Quality Carbon for a Good Price

Trifox logo

Trifox has been on the market since 2008. Their offer includes carbon framesets, bicycles, and other accessories for mountain and road bikes.

Trifox products have a 3-year warranty. In addition to the warranty, they also have a crash replacement program, which provides a 12% discount on the retail price.

By the way, Hambini ‘roasted‘ one of the Trifox frames, and (spoiler alert!) it ended pretty well (for Trifox).

Trifoxs’ blog is also worth visiting if you have spare time because it is full of useful tips and advice.

The only issue with Trifox is their customer support that is probably the worst of all brands included in this selection.

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Find out more about Trifox

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BrandEst.Frame WarrantyWheelsets WarrantyUCI Approved ProductsCrash ReplacementLive Chat
YOELEO20113 years3 yearsYesNoYes
ICAN 20093 years2 yearsNoYes (15%)Yes
Winspace 20113 years2 yearsYesNoYes
Farsports 2004n/a2 yearsYesYes (35%)Yes
Trifox 20083 years3 yearsNoYes (12%)Yes

How to Find Out If a Chinese Bicycle Brand Is Good?

Below, I explain the five main areas you should consider before buying Chinese carbon products online.

1. Quality Control & Certifications

Every successful company has well-developed quality control. If a company sells defective products and does not improve them over time, look elsewhere.

Some manufacturers describe their quality control processes directly on their website (example). This is always a good sign.

One important certification you should look for is UCI Approved sticker. If the product is marked with it, it meets necessary technical rules and can be used in official UCI events. Feel free to find out more about the UCI Approval procedure.

Also, if the brand sponsors a professional cycling team, it is proof that its products meet all quality requirements and specifications from UCI.

2. Customer Reviews

I read and watch customer reviews from various sources. The more expensive the product, the more info I need to know before deciding to buy it. It helps me decide whether the product is worth my money or not. I recommend you a similar approach.

You may argue that there are lots of fake reviews or sponsored content on the internet. Yes, you are right. But, people with integrity won’t recommend a bad product, or they will at least point out its flaws.

3. Customer Support

Quick, responsive, and helpful customer support that can answer your questions is another sign of a company that is reputable and trustworthy.

If you sent an email and didn’t get any response for weeks, something is probably wrong, and you should be aware.

Live chat is also becoming an increasingly popular improvement in customer service. According to Gartner, more than 85% of businesses will offer live chat by 2022. If a company offers a live chat, you can be sure it takes care of its customers.

4. Warranty & Refund Policy

Even the best and highest quality products can break or fail. The question is what the company is willing to do about it. Will you get a replacement, refund, or a discount for your next purchase?

Make sure to read the warranty & refund policy carefully to know what it applies to. If the company refuses to claim a defective product, be careful with your next purchase, or consider alternatives.

5. Shipping

One of the things you shouldn’t underestimate is shipping. Don’t just consider the delivery time, but also the package condition upon delivery.

Reviews from other customers will help you significantly here. If the company sends its products poorly packaged, there is a risk that they will be damaged during transport.

Therefore, choose a brand that delivers products packaged with enough packing and protective material and will also provide you with a tracking number.

Chinese Bicycle Brands FAQ

Final Thoughts

Based on several metrics (certifications, customer support, customer reviews, etc.) I chose the following best Chinese bicycle brands. These include:

  2. ICAN
  3. Winspace
  4. Farsports
  5. Trifox

In the second part of the article, I explain how to find whether the brand is worth your attention or not and what to look out for before you decide to buy its products. Here is a quick summary of them:

  • Good quality control & certified products
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Responsive and helpful customer support
  • Transparent warranty & refund policy
  • Reliable shipping and protective packaging

I am also curious about your comments. Let me know in the comments section below what is your favorite Chinese bicycle brand.

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6 thoughts on “The 5 Best Chinese Bicycle Brands Worth Your Attention”

    1. Hi Jeroen,
      My first impression of their website was not very good. They have a lot of unbranded carbon products. They seem to be a middle man and not the manufacturer, which doesn’t have to be bad. The reviews on their website look positive, but when you search outside their website, there are a few pretty negative ones. No company is 100% bulletproof against manufacturing defects, so that these customers could be just unlucky.
      To wrap this up, I would pay a little more for a branded carbon frame (ideally a certified one). It is not the cheapest way for a new build but in comparison with mainstream brands still much cheaper. 🙂

      I hope it helps.
      – Petr

  1. Thank you very much for the information, I appreciated it very much.
    What is your opinion about the Workswell or Lightcarbon frames?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      I am glad it helped!

      It seems that both, Workswell and Lightcarbon sell open-mold frames. I heard about Lightcarbon already, and there are positive reviews about them out there. My “problem” with them is their website. I couldn’t find the prices of their products, and you have to order them via email, which is not exactly a user-friendly process.

      I heard about Worskwell for the first time from your comment. Again, no pricing, orders via email. I also couldn’t find many reviews out there.

      – Petr

    1. Hi Alvin,
      There are not many reviews of SEKA bikes out there. However, based on a few videos, they seem pretty good except for the finish. When you pay $2000 for a frameset, it should be flawless, and the finish should be exceptional.
      They also remind me of Factor bikes a little bit. I will keep an eye on them and maybe, create some content related to them. 🙂
      – Petr

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