The Sufferfest Has Just Become Wahoo SYSTM

Screenshot from the brand new Wahoo SYSTM website

I’ve been working on reviews of indoor cycling apps when I noticed something strange. The Sufferfest’s website stopped working. I dug deeper to find out what happened.

The Sufferfest has just been rebranded to Wahoo SYSTM. Its new website is live already. At the time of the writing of this news, the old website ( was not redirected yet, and the in-app hypertext links didn’t work.

Wahoo SYSTM website
Wahoo SYSTM website (click to enlarge)

The pricing ($14.99/mo or $129/year) remained the same.

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There are at least two big updates. Wahoo added a new sport – swimming – and there is now an app for Android.

You can download the SYSTM app for iOS from the App Store or for Android from Google Play, or for macOS/Windows directly from their new website.

The interesting thing is that the version for macOS is available for laptops with Apple Silicon and Intel processors.

Wahoo SYSTM Availability
Wahoo SYSTM platforms availability
Wahoo SYSTM App Store
Wahoo SYSTM in App Store
Wahoo SYSTM Google Play
Wahoo SYSTM in Google Play

Based on the info I got for my round-up of the best indoor cycling apps from The Sufferfest’s marketing manager, they planned to introduce a “game-changing feature” at the beginning of the 2021/22 season. It seems that this rebranding is a gradual preparation for its launch.

Wahoo SYSTM Training App
Official launch video
Wahoo SYSTM Training App Tour
Official SYSTM video tour

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