BKOOL vs. Zwift: Surprisingly Easy Choice!

BKOOL vs. Zwift: BKOOL in-app screen on the left vs. Zwift in-app screen on the right.

In this article, I will compare BKOOL and Zwift and help you decide which one to use. After testing both extensively, I’ve discovered some key differences in their features, pros, and cons.

The main difference between BKOOL and Zwift is that BKOOL uses real-world footage, while Zwift offers a virtual world with better graphics and more social interactions. Although BKOOL has some 3D routes, it’s not as socially oriented as Zwift, which incorporates gamification elements and encourages user interactions.

Zwift is the better choice. It offers a more engaging experience thanks to gamification and a thriving community of users.

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BKOOL and Zwift Summary

The biggest difference between these two apps is the type of world you ride in.

Zwift has a completely virtual world created from scratch by its designers and developers.

On the other hand, BKOOL uses real-world footage from various locations worldwide, although it also has a few 3D routes that aren’t as high-quality as those in Zwift.

To help you compare the apps, I’ve summarized their essential features in the table below.

WorldReal and VirtualVirtual
MultiplayerYes but very limitedYes
In-game ChatNoYes
Races & EventsNo races, occasional eventsYes
Workouts BuilderYes*Yes
Platforms AvailabilityAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOSAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, Apple TV
Free Trial30 days7 days (limited to 25 km)
Price9.99 EUR / month
96 EUR / year
14.99 USD / month
In-Depth ReviewBKOOL ReviewZwift Review
Comparison of the main features of BKOOL vs. Zwift
*Workouts builder is available in the BKOOL web app only.
Updated on the 22nd of September, 2022.

Features Comparison

Let’s now dive deeper into the individual features.


For many people, graphics are one of the most critical features when choosing an indoor cycling app, and I’m no exception.

BKOOL offers thousands of routes worldwide, but their basic filtering options make it difficult to find the route you want.

Screenshot from BKOOL routes library with its basic filtering.
BKOOL routes library filtering

BKOOL routes are available as footage (video), in 3D, or as a map view…

…but the video and graphics quality are poor.

In contrast, Zwift has multiple worlds to ride in, including Watopia, London, Paris, and Richmond (you can see all of them here).

However, only three worlds are available at any given time, with Watopia being permanently open and the other two rotating on a schedule.

The downside of Zwift is that the number of routes in each world is limited, which can lead to repetition.

However, the visual experience in Zwift is vastly superior to BKOOL. Take a look for yourself:

Zwift prioritizes quality over quantity, which sets it apart from BKOOL.

Winner: Zwift

PRO TIP: Use an indoor cycling fan to stay cooled down. You will perform better and feel more comfortable.

Multiplayer & Social Interactivity

Zwift crushes BKOOL in these aspects.

Thanks to its larger community and fewer routes, Zwift routes are more lively, and you’ll always encounter other riders.

BKOOL is more suited for people who prefer riding alone or don’t want to socialize. If you’re an introvert, BKOOL may be your better option.

Unless you’re riding in a special group ride mode, you won’t see other BKOOL users*. However, real-time leaderboards are available.

*Real-time leaderboards are available.

BKOOL also doesn’t offer gestures like waving to greet in-game friends or giving likes (“Ride Ons”).

Winner: Zwift

Races & Events

Zwift is ideal for racing enthusiasts and is the most active indoor cycling app. You can easily find races and events on the Zwift calendar.

My avatar in a bunch in Zwift race.
Screenshot from Zwift race

On the other hand, races and group events are rare in BKOOL. If you’re into racing, Zwift is the way to go.

Winner: Zwift

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Both BKOOL and Zwift offer structured training options for people seeking this feature.

It’s probably no surprise that I prefer Zwift’s workout offerings due to its easier filtering, better user interface, and overall quality.

BKOOL’s workout library only offers basic filtering options.

Screenshot from BKOOL workouts library with its basic filtering.
BKOOL workouts library

In contrast, Zwift has more sophisticated workouts and training plans, and you can create customized workouts using the Workout Creator or upload pre-made workouts.

Zwift also offers pace partners–bots that you can use to maintain a constant tempo if you prefer not to ride with friends.

While BKOOL does offer customized training plans, its web interface can be difficult to use, so I don’t recommend it.

Winner: Zwift


Another area that sets BKOOL and Zwift apart is their approach to gamification.

Zwift is a game that uses many gamification elements, such as collecting in-game currency (drops), achievements, finishing routes, and building equipment. These elements add extra motivation to ride more.

In contrast, BKOOL is largely gamification-free, with the only comparable feature being the equipment selection in BKOOL’s Garage.

Choosing a Quick-Step jersey in BKOOL app.
BKOOL equipment – jerseys

However, BKOOL’s equipment and bike selection is limited, with users only able to purchase new jerseys or bikes using in-game currency. Additionally, BKOOL lacks power-ups, a feature present in Zwift.

Winner: Zwift

User Friendliness

User-friendliness, or how easy an app is to use, is also a significant factor to consider when choosing between BKOOL and Zwift.

BKOOL feels outdated, and its screen is not even responsive (!), making it challenging to use.

BKOOL dashboard.
BKOOL non-responsive dashboard

Zwift dashboard, on the other hand, underwent a complete redesign in 2022, resulting in significant improvements. The new design is less cluttered, with fewer confusing buttons and a more intuitive and responsive interface.

Zwift Dashboard screen (available worlds, events, etc.)
Zwift Old Dashboard
Zwift Dashboard 2022
Zwift New Dashboard

Overall, Zwift is more user-friendly than BKOOL, with BKOOL feeling laggy and many users reporting issues with its mobile app, which is known to crash often.

Winner: Zwift

I recommend downloading BKOOL routes in advance to avoid dropouts during your ride, especially if you have a slow internet connection.

Platforms Availability

BKOOL and Zwift are available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. However, BKOOL is not available for Apple TV, unlike Zwift.

BKOOL Cycling platforms availability (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows).
BKOOL platforms availability
Zwift platform availability (iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, etc.)
Zwift platforms availability

Winner: Zwift

Total Score: Zwift (7), BKOOL (0)


Due to the nature of BKOOL (video + 3D graphics), it has multiple alternatives.

To name a few, I recommend checking out:

  • FulGaz for its high video quality
  • ROUVY for its unique video + AR approach
  • Kinomap for its sports versatility (cycling, running, rowing)
  • and Wahoo RGT for its real-life physics in a virtual world

Wahoo RGT is the closest alternative to Zwift as it also offers a virtual world for riders. However, Wahoo RGT’s graphics and physics are more realistic than Zwift’s.

On the downside, it doesn’t offer the same sophisticated mechanisms as Zwift that can help motivate you to ride more.

BKOOL vs. Zwift: FAQ

The Winner

Zwift is the clear winner over BKOOL, with a sophisticated motivational system that rewards frequent users, better graphics, and an easier-to-use app.

In addition, Zwift has a thriving community of users, allowing you to socialize, race, or just ride with others.

In contrast, BKOOL’s video and graphics quality is poor, and it’s challenging to find any aspect in which BKOOL is better than Zwift.

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