Zwift vs. Wahoo RGT: Which App Is Better for YOU? (2023)

Zwift vs. Wahoo RGT: Zwift in-app screen on the left vs. Wahoo RGT in-app screen on the right

This is my comparison of Zwift vs. Wahoo RGT. Both these apps belong among the best indoor cycling apps, but is one better than the other?

I tested them to help you decide which one you should pay for. The answer depends mainly on your personality and preferences.

The main difference between Zwift and Wahoo RGT is that in Zwift, you move through virtual, cartoonish worlds (Watopia and a few maps inspired by the real world). Wahoo RGT offers more realistic, real-world-inspired maps. Zwift better leverages gamification elements, but RGT has more realistic physics.

Continue reading to learn more.

NOTE: RGT Cycling was acquired by Wahoo and rebranded to Wahoo RGT in 2022.

Zwift and Wahoo RGT Summary

The most significant difference between these two apps is the graphics.

While both apps use worlds built from scratch (they don’t augment real-world footage like ROUVY), Zwift is more cartoonish, while Wahoo RGT is more realistic.

Zwift better leverages gamification elements and has a larger community of users, more races, events, etc.

But, Wahoo RGT has more realistic physics and, after the Wahoo acquisition, also the ambition to be an equal opponent.

I summarized their main features in the following table.

AppZwiftWahoo RGT
In-game ChatYesYes
Races & EventsYesYes
Workouts BuilderYesNo
Platforms AvailabilityAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, Apple TVAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, Apple TV
Android, iOS (remote)
Free Trial7 days14 days
Price14.99 USD / month14.99 USD / month*
149 USD / year
In-Depth ReviewRead Zwift ReviewRead Wahoo RGT Review
Comparison of the main features of Zwift vs. Wahoo RGT.
*You also get access to Wahoo SYSTM with the Wahoo X subscription.
Updated on the 15th of November, 2022.

Features Comparison

Let’s now compare every area in detail.


For many people, the graphics aspect is one of the most important features they consider when looking for a new indoor cycling app.

Zwift has multiple worlds like Watopia, London, Paris, Richmond, Makury Islands, etc. (check them all here).

However, only three worlds are available at the same time. The Watopia is available permanently, and the other two worlds change based on a schedule.

Naturally, the number of routes in every world is limited. This is one of the most significant downsides of Zwift – the routes get repetitive.

In Wahoo RGT, you can choose from just a few roads inspired by the real-world recreated into realistic graphics.

Their library is pretty narrow. When writing this article, it included only 12 routes (Stelvio, de Ronde, Cap de Formentor, Mont Ventoux, etc.). So, they get repetitive even faster.

I expect the number of roads will increase thanks to Wahoo’s acquisition of RGT Cycling and more resources for future development.

In addition, thanks to the ‘Magic Roads’ feature, they can create a route based on your .gpx export. It will simulate the gradient changes but not the surroundings.

I like the graphics of RGT more than Zwift. But, the number of RGT routes is very limited. For this reason, I rate this area as a draw.

Winner: It’s a draw

TIP: Use an indoor cycling fan to stay cooled down and perform better when training indoors.

Multiplayer & Social Interactivity

Both apps have multiplayer. This means you can meet others in-game.

Zwift’s community is much larger, so their roads are thriving. You always meet somebody.

Wahoo RGT is not as popular (yet). So, you will meet more bots than real people.

While both apps offer an in-built chat, Zwift also has a dedicated Zwift Companion app. It’s perfect for browsing events, chatting with others, and more.

Additionally, you can wave to others in Zwift. This feature is not available in Wahoo RGT.

So, if the social aspect is something you are into, Zwift is the clear winner.

Winner: Zwift

Races & Events

You can race and do group rides in both Zwift and Wahoo RGT.

Zwift races are more crowded and frequent thanks to the larger community and user base.

My avatar in a bunch in Zwift race.
Zwift race

Additionally, official events like the UCI Cycling eSports World Championships take place in the Zwift app.

If you want to race in Wahoo RGT, I recommend arranging with your friends to have someone to compete against.

RGT has a lot of catching up to do. Will Wahoo succeed? Only time will tell.

Winner: Zwift

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If you are looking for an app that allows you to do structured training, both will satisfy your needs.

Zwift offers a workouts library, structured training plans, and a workouts builder.

Additionally, Zwift has so-called pace partners. So if you need a “company” to maintain a constant tempo, you can use these bots instead of friends.

Zwift Pace Partners: Categories from the quickest (A), to the slowest (D)
Zwift Pace Partners

Wahoo RGT also has a workout library but doesn’t offer structured training plans, a workout builder, or pace partners.

Wahoo RGT Workouts library
Wahoo RGT Workouts library

For structured training plans, Wahoo SYSTM is a better choice. But more about it and the Wahoo X subscription in the pricing section.

Winner: Zwift


Another area that sets these two apps apart is their approach to gamification.

While Zwift is basically a game that uses many gamification elements, Wahoo RGT doesn’t leverage them.

In Zwift, you collect drops (an in-game currency), achievements, finish routes, build your equipment, etc. These elements add extra motivation for riding more.

Wahoo RGT is pretty much gamification-free except for choosing some equipment like your bike, jersey, helmet, etc.

Bikes available in Wahoo RGT
Bikes available in Wahoo RGT
Jerseys available in Wahoo RGT
Jerseys available in Wahoo RGT

Winner: Zwift

User Friendliness

The user-friendliness, in other words, how easy it is to use the apps, is pretty similar.

Zwift user interface was pretty bad in the past, but it’s more usable now, thanks to the 2022 update.

Zwift Dashboard screen (available worlds, events, etc.)
Zwift Old Dashboard
Zwift Dashboard 2022
Zwift New Dashboard

Wahoo RGT kept the original RGT Cycling interface. However, I expect it to change because it could be done better, and Wahoo is known for its focus on ease of use and excellent user experience.

Wahoo RGT Dashboard
Wahoo RGT Dashboard

Pairing sensors and the initial setup is easy in both apps. I didn’t encounter any issues.

Winner: It’s a draw

Platforms Availability

Wahoo RGT and Zwift are available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Apple TV.

There are two differences, though. Zwift also develops the Zwift Companion app for iOS and Android. It’s an extension of Zwift that allows you to chat with others, give ‘Ride Ons,’ etc.

The old RGT Cycling had to be fully controlled via a smartphone. However, the use of their mobile app is optional now.

Zwift platform availability (iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, etc.)
Zwift platform availability
Screenshot from website
Wahoo RGT platform availability

Winner: It’s a draw


Zwift costs 14.99 USD/month (or 14.99 EUR, 12.99 GBP).

Wahoo RGT is still available for free with limited functionality (you won’t get access to structured workouts, you won’t be able to host events, etc.).

Or, you can pay for a Wahoo X subscription for 14.99 USD/month (129 USD/year) and get access to Wahoo RGT and Wahoo SYSTM.

You can read my Wahoo SYSTM review to learn more about it, but in short, it’s a comprehensive training platform focused on endurance athletes.

This deal makes the Wahoo X subscription very appealing because you get access to 2 apps for the price of one.

Winner: Wahoo RGT

Overall score: Zwift (4) | Wahoo RGT (1) | It’s a draw (3)


Both apps have alternatives. The most similar app is probably BKOOL, which also uses the virtual world (and video footage).

Depending on your preferences, you might be interested in Wahoo SYSTM, TrainerRoad, FulGaz, ROUVY, and other apps.

They differ from Zwift and RGT in their approach. You learn more about them in my roundup article.

Zwift and Wahoo RGT FAQ

Zwift vs. Wahoo RGT: The Winner

Zwift is a clear winner in this duel.

It offers more maps and roads, so although they may get repetitive over time, the offer is much wider than in RGT.

Zwift also has a much larger user base, leading to more frequent and crowded races and events.

And last but not least, Zwift better leverages gamification elements that will motivate you to continue riding indoors.

The two areas where Wahoo RGT beats Zwift are the physics and the Wahoo X subscription.

The drafting and the behavior of the avatars are more realistic. Some people, including me, also like the realistic graphic more than the cartoonish graphic in Zwift.

And, thanks to the Wahoo X, you also get access to Wahoo RGT and Wahoo SYSTM for the price of one app.

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  1. Profile picture of Petr Minarik - the founder of

    Good article.
    I’ve tried both and after using Zwift since it’s inception, I wanted to try the new RGT from Wahoo.
    It’s OK, the graphics are better but there’s something a bit sterile about RGT that didn’t make me switch from Zwift. It’s begging for a basic open world map of its own, rather selecting pretty basic courses like Canary Wharf or a mountain on its own. If it had that then RGT would definitely make me want to switch. As itvstands though, it’s just all too easy to jump straight jnto Zwift and do a quick 40 mins spin before work, whereas with RGT you have to go through all the map options to pick something that might fit the bill. Its limited and I prefer the open road nature of Zwift.
    I hope Wahoo really ramp up RGT because it’s got potential, but it’s just not there yet. It’s got Magic Roads which is a good option, but again, it’s not an open world you can just dive into.

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