The 5 Best Chinese Carbon Road Bike Handlebar (Standard + Aero) in 2021

Best Chinese Carbon Road Bike Handlebar

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This article includes the best Chinese carbon road bike handlebars from established and reliable Chinese manufacturers. You will find both standard and integrated handlebars in this roundup.

All handlebars in this article were properly tested to meet quality and safety standards so you can be sure they are safe to use.

You also learn how to choose the handlebar and what other features to consider.

What Are the Best Chinese Carbon Road Bike Handlebar?

The handlebars below are produced by established and reliable Chinese carbon manufacturers. They have strict quality control processes. Their products are certified and covered by warranty.

ICAN HB015 Road Bike Handlebar | Source:

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YOELEO H9 | Source:

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Classic road bike handlebar
Rinasclta classic road bike handlebar

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NOTE: Modern handlebars integrated with stem usually don’t look good on bikes that are not designed for internal cable routing. Custom 3D-printed spacers can solve this issue.

YOELEO H9 (v2)

YOELEO H9 | Source:

Main Features

  • Weight: ±400g
  • Available widths: 380-440mm
  • Available stem lengths: 90-120mm
  • Drop: 125mm
  • Reach: 80mm
  • Internal cable routing ready: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • TÜV certified

YOELEO H9 v2 handlebar is an improved version of H9 v1. The main improvements of v2 are the following:

  • They support internal or external cable routing.
  • The internal cable routing is easier thanks to bigger holes and improved internal design.
  • They are compatible with steering sizes 28.6mm or 31.8mm.
  • They have printed decals with the handlebar measurements.
  • The bike computer mount is better embedded into the handlebar so it is more aero.

You can watch YOELEO’s comparison video of H9 v1 and H9 v2 here.

This handlebar is available in multiple widths and stem lengths to ensure the best fit possible.

You can also choose from several types of spacers, depending on the frame you use.

YOELEO H9 v2 handlebar passed all quality standards and is certified by Austrian third-party authority TÜV Rheinland.

According to customer reviews, the cable installation is easy thanks to bigger holes and better internal design.

H9 also comes with a computer holder that is maybe a bit too long but does the job and spacers that fit all YOELEO frames.

YOELEO also offers the H10 handlebar that looks almost identical but has a shorter reach of 70mm and is only compatible with the steering diameter of 28.6mm.

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Also available at

Winspace Zero

Winspace Zero | Source:

Main Features

  • Weight: n/a
  • Available widths: 380-440mm
  • Available stem lengths: 85-125mm
  • Drop: 125mm
  • Reach: 75mm
  • Internal cable routing ready: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

Winspace Zero is the first generation of Winspace handlebar. It is similar to YOELEO H9, but there are a few differences.

Except for the internal and external design, the reach is shorter by 5mm, the stem lengths are 85-125 mm, and you get only one year warranty.

Zero is ready for internal cable routing, making your bike more aero and clean. It is also compatible with bike computer mounts.

This handlebar went through series of fatigue and strength tests. It had to absolve 100,000 cycles of 40kg load (same direction) on both sides and 30kg load (opposite direction) on both sides.

The strength testing was done using an impact test. The handlebar was dropped from 52cm with an 8kg load on both sides. It passed the test with sufficient reserve.

The main downside of this handlebar is its price that is higher than the price of H9.

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Rinasclta Classic Handlebar

HB010 Handlebar.jpg
Rinasclta Classic Handlebar | Source:

Main Features

  • Weight: ±206g
  • Available widths: 400-460mm
  • Drop: 118mm
  • Internal cable routing ready: No
  • Warranty: 2 years

If you look for a classic handlebar, the Rinasclta classic handlebar is the way to go. It is lightweight, available in multiple widths, and in two finishes (glossy and matte).

It is the lightest handlebar on this list, so if you plan to build a lightweight bike, you will appreciate its low weight of ±206g.

Naturally, it is not compatible with internal cable routing, but it is shaped in a way that eases the routing under the bar tape.

This handlebar is covered by a 2-year warranty, and customers from the European Union get free shipping.

Riders looking for a more aero-shaped classic handlebar should check out the Rinasclta aero handlebar.

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ICAN HB015 Road Bike Handlebar

ICAN HB015 Road Bike Handlebar | Source:

Main Features

  • Weight: ±368g
  • Available widths: 400-440mm
  • Available stem lengths: 90-120mm
  • Drop: 125mm
  • Internal cable routing ready: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years

Riders with a limited budget should check out ICAN’s HB015. This handlebar integrated with stem is an affordable option and a great alternative to YOELEO H9 or Winspace Zero.

The sizing is as follows:

  • 400mm width, 90mm stem
  • 420mm width, 110mm stem
  • 440mm width, 120mm stem

Additionally, they are fully compatible with internal cable routing, so you keep your headset nice and clean.

There are also two bolts for a bike computer mount, but this mount is not included.

A nice detail is also the roughened surface that helps to keep your hoods in one place so they won’t slip off (as they may on a smooth carbon).

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Rinasclta Aero Handlebar

carbon fiber road bike aero handlebar.jpg
Rinasclta Aero Handlebar | Source:

Main Features

  • Weight: ±230g
  • Available widths: 400-440mm
  • Drop: 120mm
  • Internal cable routing ready: No
  • Warranty: 2 years

This handlebar is a more aero version of the Rinasclta Classic Handlebar. The sizing, weight, and drop are similar. The main difference is in their shape.

I use a similar-shaped handlebar on my bike. I like them because it allows me to comfortably ride in time trial position even without TT time trial bar extensions.

You can choose from the matte and glossy finish or order a custom pain if you want to add a unique touch to your bike.

Rinasclta’s classic handlebar is covered with a 2-year warranty, and EU customers get free shipping.

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FanWeightWidthsStem lengthsDropReachInternal routingWarranty 
YOELEO H9±400g380-440mm90-120mm125mm80mmYes2 yearsCheck Price
Winspace Zeron/a380-440mm85-125mm125mm75mmYes1 yearCheck Price
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Rinasclta Classic Handlebar±206g400-460mmn/a118mmn/aNo2 yearsCheck Price
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ICAN HB015 Road Bike Handlebar±368g400-440mm90-120mm125mmn/aYes2 yearsCheck Price
Rinasclta Aero Handlebar±230g400-440mmn/a120mm75mmNo2 yearsCheck Price
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My Verdict

Before you buy a Chinese carbon road bike handlebar, ensure it was properly tested to comply with quality standards.

All handlebars in this article are produced by reliable Chinese bike brands and are safe to use.

The best handlebar overall is the YOELEO H9 (also available at This handlebar integrated with stem comes in multiple sizes and widths, so every rider chooses.

You can decide whether you route cables externally or internally. Internal cable routing with this handlebar is easy and hassle-free.

This handlebar also comes with a bike computer mount that is too long but will hold your Garmin, Wahoo, or any other head unit securely.

How to Choose the Best Chinese Carbon Road Bike Handlebar?

Before you decide to buy a carbon handlebar, I recommend checking the manufacturer’s reputation. Make sure the handlebar has a certification or was properly tested.

Below, I guide you through handlebar selection and what the market has to offer.

Width (& Stem Length)

Handlebar width is important to ensure proper bike fit. The most widespread handlebar widths are:

  • 380mm
  • 400mm
  • 420mm
  • 440mm

The general rule is that the handlebar should be as wide as your acromioclavicular (AC) joints. Simply said, the same width as the two ‘bumps’ on your shoulders. But, there are two approaches to this.

  1. Wider handlebar provide you with a better leverage that is good for sprints or in steep sections where you ride out of the saddle. They also open up your chest so you will breathe a little easier.
  2. Narrower handlebar will force you to ride in a more aerodynamic position so you won’t spend as much energy when riding at the same speed. According to Bike Rumor, they also reduce muscular fatigue.

If you buy an integrated cockpit (e.g., handlebar with stem), you need to consider the stem length to ensure a reach that will be comfortable for you. And here, things get tricky.

You have two options:

  1. You can either choose the same length as your current stem, so your riding position won’t be affected.
  2. Consult the stem length with a bike fitter if your reach is not ideal (too short or too long).

The main downside of an integrated cockpit is that you can’t replace the stem, so you have to make sure to choose its right length.

Drop & Reach

Handlebar drop indicates how deep the handlebars are (check out the picture for a better illustration). It varies between 120mm and 150mm.

Choosing the right drop is tricky. Again, you can either choose the same drop as your current handlebar (to keep your current riding position) or choose a different drop.

The second option requires riding experience or a consultation with a bike fitter. If your current riding position is comfortable, I recommend keeping it.

Handlebar reach is the horizontal distance between the center of the furthest extension of the bend (the place where you place the hoods) to the center of the handlebar top.

road bike handlebar drop and reach
Drop & reach of road bike handlebar

Weight & Stiffness

If you count every gram, you probably look for a lightweight carbon handlebar. Keep in mind that weight is not everything, and you should also take stiffness into consideration.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to determine the handlebar stiffness if there are no reviews from other customers.


Road bike handlebars come in three basic types:

  1. Classic
  2. Aero
  3. Handlebar integrated with stem
Classic road bike handlebar
Classic road bike handlebar | Source:
Aero road bike handlebar
Aero road bike handlebar | Source:
Integrated road bike handlebar
Integrated road bike handlebar | Source:

Nowadays, road bike handlebars integrated with stem are popular because they are more aerodynamic and allow you to route shifting cables internally.

Some people don’t like them and prefer classic or aero handlebars. It depends on your preference.

Cable Routing

Road bike handlebars also differ in a way, how they allow you to route the shifting cables. There are 3 basic types:

  1. Standard handlebar – they don’t allow you to route cables internally.
  2. Internal cable routing ready handlebar – they allow you to route cables internally but they are not integrated with a stem.
  3. Stem integrated handlebar – are usually fully compatible with internal cable routing.

Other Features

When choosing your new handlebar, you can also consider these less important features.

  • Rotation markers for easier and precise positioning.
  • Bar tape limit mark for more convenient bar tape wrapping.
  • Roughened surface for keeping hoods in one place.

Chinese Carbon Handlebar FAQ

This post is regularly updated to provide you with the most up-to-date tips on products. If you find a product that is not up to date, please, contact me.

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