YOELEO vs. Farsports – Which Wheels Are Better? (2021 Comparison)

YOELEO vs. Farsports

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This is a comparison of YOELEO vs. Farsports. Two Chinese carbon manufacturers with rich experience and high-quality products.

YOELEO’s product offer is pretty comprehensive. They manufacture wheelsets, frames, and accessories for road, gravel, and track bikes.

Farsports, on the other hand, specializes in wheels manufacturing. They make road, gravel, CX, track, and MTB carbon wheels from all price ranges.

Is one brand better than the other? And which of their products are the most popular?

Let’s find out.

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About YOELEO & Farsports

YOELEO was established in 2011, but their story began in 2007 when they started manufacturing carbon fiber products for other brands. Over the years, they gained a rich experience that they transformed into improving their products. YOELEO portfolio includes frames, UCI-approved wheels, and accessories for road, mountain, gravel, track, and other types of bicycles.

Yoeleo logo

Farsports was founded in 2008. However, it flew under the radar of international customers for the first years of its existence. They focus mainly on developing and manufacturing road, gravel, MTB, track, and other carbon wheels from all price ranges. Farsports also designs its hubs. Their wheels meet (and exceed) ISO 4210 standards and are UCI-approved.

Farsports logo

YOELEO vs. Farsports Compared

Let’s now take a closer look at the differences between YOELEO and Farsports.

YOELEO Highlights

Farsports Highlights

  • Narrow product offer (wheels only)
  • UCI-approved wheels
  • Products meet ISO 4210 quality standards
  • In-house designed hubs
    Source: Farsports.com

YOELEO’s product offer is much wider. Except for wheels, they also produce carbon frames and accessories for road, gravel, etc. Farsports focuses on wheels only.

Farsports, on the other hand, offers wheelsets from various price ranges. They also develop their hubs and use technologies (like this unique braking surface for better stopping power) that improve the final product.

Both companies offer UCI-approved products and products that meet high-quality standards. However, keep in mind that not all Farsports wheels are officially UCI-approved (check out this list for more info).

YOELEO has a slight advantage over Farsports thanks to their European warehouse. The import fees and taxes are already included in the price, so you don’t have to deal with customs yourself.

Unfortunately, Farsports have no European warehouse. This means you have to pay import fees separately.

Customer Support Test

I also tested the customer support of both brands. I sent the following email at 8:06 AM GMT+2 and waited for the answer.

Hello YOELEO / Farsports
I am looking for a road bike wheelset that combines the best price-value ratio. Which one of your wheelsets would you recommend?
What is your current approximate order processing time for wheels?
What is the approximate delivery time to Europe?
Thank you.
– Petr

My first question was pretty tricky. I expected that the agents will ask me what type of rider am I, how and where do I ride to provide me with a relevant recommendation.

In case you are interested in the answers to my questions, here they are:

YOELEO (see transcript)

  • Wheel recommendation – the agent asked follow-up questions, but the final recommendation was not on point.
  • My question on processing time was not answered.
  • Delivery time can take around 3 weeks to Europe.
    More details are below.

Farsports (see transcript)

  • Wheel recommendation – agent recommended one of their best-selling wheelsets without asking follow-up questions. The recommendation was on point, though.
  • Processing time can take up to 15-20 days because they have to assemble the wheels based on your specification.
  • Delivery time can take up to 25 days to Europe.
    More details are below.

Please, keep in mind that these periods may vary and are not guaranteed.

YOELEO Customer Support Summary

The YOELEO’s agent asked me a few follow-up questions and then recommended me these wheels based on my answers. The rim depth is ok (for flat and hilly terrain), but I don’t understand why he recommended CX wheels instead of standard road bike wheels.

Because I know the YOELEO wheels lines, I also expected a comment on the difference between STD, SL, and PRO wheels. Unfortunately, the agent did not provide any comment on this.

He also forgot to answer my other two questions, so I had to ask him about them specifically. Then I got the answer.

On the other hand, I was offered a discount if I decided to order the wheelset soon (the blacked-out part in the email).

Farsports Customer Support Summary

The Farsports agent recommended me straight away one of their most popular wheelsets based on sales data. The rim depth of 45mm is ok because it is pretty versatile and suitable for flats or hilly terrain I ride the most often.

Farsports wheels offer is pretty broad, so I would appreciate a comment about the differences between their Kaze, Feder, Classic, or Ventoux series. They also offer multiple hub options and other configurations, but these were not discussed either (probably due to the complexity of this topic).

The agent answered the other two questions in the first email and also provided me with a pre-quote. In addition, she asked me for the exact address to provide me with the exact price after adding shipping and import fees.

Once I answered her follow-up questions, I got the exact quote within a few hours.

Customer Support Wrap Up

I am fully aware of the limitations of this test. For example, the customer support agents could be new, tired, or busy. So I don’t make any definitive conclusions. Customers shouldn’t be affected, though.

Both customer supports were responsive. I got answers from both companies within a day. There is room for improvement, though, especially in the preciseness of the answers.

The best-case scenario would be an email with several follow-up questions and then an in-depth explanation of why these wheels are good for my use case (a comparison with its alternatives) and a price quote.

Price Range

Both companies offer wheels in similar price ranges.

YOELEO road bike wheels start at around $650 (STD), $850 (SL), and $950 (PRO). I explain their differences in this in-depth comparison.

Farsports road bike wheels start at around $650 (Classic), $750 (Kaze), $1150 (Feder), $1300 (Ventoux).

The table below shows a comparison of YOELEO and Farsports.

Product OfferWide (wheels, frames, accessories...)Narrow (wheels)
European WarehouseYesNo
UCI Approved WheelsYesYes
UCI Approved FramesNon/a
Live Chat SupportYesYes
Wheels Warranty2 years2 years
Frames Warranty3 yearsn/a
Discount CodeUse 'cyclistshub' code to get 2% off your purchaseUse 'cyclistshub50' code to get 50 USD off your purchase

YOELEO Popular Products

Below are the most popular YOELEO products. They include carbon road bike wheelsets and carbon road bike frames.

1. YOELEO SAT C50|50 PRO Wheels

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Main Features

  • UCI-approved & SGC certified
  • A large number of types and options
  • 2-year warranty
  • Clinchers are tubeless-ready

Technical Specification

  • Brake Type: Rim
  • Tires Type: 23mm (clincher), 25mm (clincher, tubeless), 27mm (clincher, tubeless)
  • Weight: Around 1510g depending on rims depth, width, and hubs
  • Rim widths: 23mm, 25mm, 27mm
  • Rim depths: 50mm
  • Weight limit: 105kg (231lb)

YOELEO produces UCI-approved wheels that are becoming more and more popular. Their road bike wheels line includes PRO, STD, and SL wheels that differ in hubs and weight (learn more).

The PRO line is the most advanced and also the most popular. These wheels come with DT Swiss hubs, are available in multiple rim depts ranging from 30mm to 88mm, and rim widths.

The clinchers are tubeless-ready, or you can choose tubular. Additionally, you can pick the hub body compatible with either Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo cassette.

The packing includes titanium quick releases, ceramic brake pads, extra spokes, and valve extenders, which is a nice plus.

YOELEO wheels are covered by a 2-year warranty.

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Also available at yoeleoeurope.com (Europe)

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2. YOELEO R12 All-Rounder Road Bike Frameset

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YOELEO R12 All-Rounder Frameset | Source: yoeleobike.com

Main Features

  • TÜV certified
  • 3-year warranty
  • Seatpost and handlebar included
  • Integrated cable routing

Technical Specification

  • Type: Hybrid (road all-rounder)
  • Frame Weight: 1000g (54cm size)
  • Brake Type: Disc
  • Tire clearance: up to 32mm tires
  • Crash replacement: n/a
  • Bottom bracket: BB386

This all-rounder frameset is the most popular YOELEO’s frameset. Here is why.

R12 can accommodate up to 32mm wide tires. This means you can use it with wider tires that are more comfortable on the rough tarmac, or you can try light gravel.

Based on YOELEO’s customers’ reviews and this in-depth R12 review, the frameset is comfortable thanks to relaxed geometry and its properties.

This frameset is also ready for full internal cable routing, making it clean and modern. Additionally, it is compatible with electric and mechanical groupsets.

Of course, you can choose handlebars width + stem length to ensure the best fit possible.

You can choose from up to 7 sizes, including sizes for short women and various colors.

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Also available at yoeleoeurope.com

3. YOELEO R11 Lightweight Frameset

YOELEO R11 Lightweight frameset
YOELEO R11 Lightweight Frameset | Source: yoeleobike.com

Main Features

  • TÜV certified
  • 3-year warranty
  • Seatpost and handlebar included
  • Integrated cable routing

Technical Specification

  • Type: Lightweight (road all-rounder)
  • Frame Weight: 850g (54cm size)
  • Brake Type: Rim or Disc
  • Tire clearance: up to 30mm tires (rim brakes), up to 32mm tires (disc brakes)
  • Crash replacement: n/a
  • Bottom bracket: BB86

YOELEO R11 is a lightweight frameset that includes a frame, fork (390g), handlebar, and seat post (204g). It is available as an option for rim or disc brakes.

When placing your order, you can opt for the handlebar width and stem that suit you best.

R11 frameset can also accommodate up to 30mm (32mm) wide tires, which is great if you need wider tires for light gravel and dirt roads.

The frame has improved internal cable routing (compared to its previous version) thanks to new EPS+Latex frame molding so that internal cable routing won’t be a hassle.

It is available in multiple colors and sizes (49cm, 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, and 59cm). Together with YOELEO PRO wheels, it is going to be the ultimate climbing machine.

Farsports Popular Products

Farsports offers multiple wheelsets lines for road bikes and also wheelsets for MTB, track, etc. The Ventoux, Kaze, and Classic lines belong to the most popular.

1. Farsports Ventoux-S

Farsports Ventoux-S wheels | Source: wheelsfar.com

Main Features

  • In-house designed hubs
  • A large number of types and options
  • Meet ISO 4210 and UCI quality standards
  • 2-year warranty

Technical Specification

  • Brake Type: Rim or Disc
  • Tires Type: 23mm (clincher), 25mm (clincher, tubeless), 27mm (clincher, tubeless)
  • Weight: Around 1400g depending on rims depth, width, and hubs
  • Rim widths: 26mm
  • Rim depths: 35mm, 45mm, 55mm
  • Weight limit: n/a

Ventoux wheels line is the best and most advanced wheelset line that Farsports offers.

Hambini, a former aerospace engineer and aerodynamics expert, tested their Ventoux-C model (same wheels as the Ventoux-S but with Sapim spokes). The result was pretty positive (for Farsports).

These UCI-approved wheels cost a fraction of the price of wheelsets from mainstream brands, but their properties and riding characteristics are comparable.

  • They come with quality, in-house designed hubs. According to Peak Torque, an experienced engineer, these are some of the best-sealed hubs he saw.
  • Their braking surface includes Brachistochrone-curve-inspired drainage channels for effective breaking (rim version).
  • Their spokes are made of carbon. According to Farsports, they are 34% lighter and stiffer than steel spokes.

You can also choose from:

  • Tubeless and tubular
  • Shimano, Campagnolo, or XDR hub
  • Multiple rim depths

Farsports Vetnoux-S are available for rim or disc brakes and in various rim depths (35, 45, and 55mm).


Use the code ‘cyclistshub100‘ at www.wheelsfar.com at the checkout page to get 100 USD off your Ventoux-S wheels. This offer is valid until the 5th December 2021.

2. Farsports KAZE Disc Road Bike Wheels

Farsports T1500 frameset | Source: wheelsfar.com

Main Features

  • A large number of types and options
  • Excellent price-value ratio
  • Meet ISO 4210 and UCI quality standards
  • 2-year warranty

Technical Specification

  • Brake Type: Rim or disc
  • Tires Type: Clincher (tubeless-ready), tubular
  • Weights: Depending on your configuration, around 1500g
  • Rim widths: 26mm, 28mm
  • Rim depths: 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, and more
  • Weight limit: 120kg (265lb)

Farsports Kaze is a mid-range carbon wheels line, offering an excellent price-value ratio.

Kaze wheels are characteristic with their simple design and a large variety of options.

You can customize almost everything – from the wheel type (clincher, tubular, tubeless-ready) through rim depth, width, finish, to hubs and nipples.

These wheels are high-quality and cost a fraction of the price of mainstream brands. They are covered by a 2-year warranty.

The only main disadvantage of the Kaze line is that they are not UCI-approved.

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3. Farsports Asymmetric 29″ MTB Wheels

Farsports Zero integrated handlebar | Source: wheelsfar.com

Technical Specifications

  • Wheel size: 29″
  • Rim width: Optionable (from 28 to 36mm)
  • Rim depth: Optionable
  • Tires: Clincher (tubeless-ready), hookless
  • Optionable finish
  • Weight: Depending on the specification (1280-1460g)
  • Hubs: Optionable (DT Swiss)
  • Axle:
    • F 15*100mm / R 12*142mm
    • F 15*110mm / R 12*148mm
  • Weight limit: 120kg

Farsports’ Ultralight MTB wheels series includes Asymmetric 29er wheels—their asymmetry results in better durability and stiffness.

These wheels meet the ISO 4210 standard, and according to Farsports, their internal impact tests are even stricter, so you can be sure they are highly durable.

You can choose the rim finish (UD matte or satin finish), hub spec depending on your axle, hub (Shimano, XD, or XTR), and also nipples (black alloy, black brass, red alloy).

The rim depth and width vary depending on the specific option that you can choose as well.

Farsports Ultralight Asymmetric wheels are covered by a 2-year warranty.

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YOELEO vs. Farsports FAQ

My Verdict

There is no clear winner between Farsports and YOELEO. Both brands produce high-quality carbon wheels that meet high-quality standards, are certified or UCI approved.

I have a recommendation for you, though:

Go for YOELEO if you look for simplicity. Their wheels offer is narrower, so it is easier to pick the right wheels. Choose between YOELEO SL, STD, and PRO line (here is how), multiple rim depths, and wheel type (clincher tubeless-ready or tubular).

Buy wheels from Farsports, if you appreciate customizability and a wider product offer.

Farsports manufactures multiple road wheelset lines from multiple price ranges (Kaze, Feder, Ventoux, Classic) and wheels for MTB, gravel, etc.

At Farsports, you can customize features of some wheelsets like the hubs, nipples, rim finish, etc. This is great news for people who know what they want.

Use this YOELEO discount code ‘cyclistshub‘ on yoeleobike.com or yoeleoeurope.com during checkout to get 2% off your purchase.

I recommend yoeleoeurope.com for European customers (you get faster shipping and import fees are included in the product’s price)

Use this Farsports discount code ‘cyclistshub50‘ at www.wheelsfar.com during checkout to get 50 USD off your purchase.

So, which brand will you give a try? Or do you prefer another Chinese bike brand? Let me know in the comment section below.

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