YOELEO vs. Winspace – Which Brand is Better? (2023 Comparison)

YOELEO vs. Winspace: YOELEO frameset, logo, and wheels on the left side and Winspace wheels, logo, and frameset on the right side

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This is an unbiased comparison of YOELEO vs. Winspace – two Chinese carbon manufacturers that produce high-quality carbon products.

You will find out whether one is better than the other, how my test of their customer support ended, my experience with their products, and much more.

Let’s dive in.

About YOELEO & Winspace

YOELEO was established in 2011, but their story began in 2007 when they started manufacturing carbon fiber products for other brands. Over the years, they gained a lot of experience that they transformed into improving their products. YOELEO portfolio includes frames, wheels, and accessories for road, mountain, gravel, track, and other types of bicycles.


Winspace was founded in 2011. They develop and produce high-end carbon frames, wheels, and other accessories. Their product offer is narrower than YOELEOs’. They focus mainly on road bike components like wheels, frames, and accessories. Winspace also develops its own components like hubs. In 2020, Winspace established an in-house brand called Lún (a “wheel” in Chinese), and since 2021, their road bike wheels (HYPER and Road Series) are UCI approved.

Winspace logo

YOELEO vs. Winspace Compared

Let’s now take a closer look at the differences between YOELEO and Winspace.

YOELEO Highlights

Winspace Highlights

If you live in Europe, you will appreciate that YOELEO has a European warehouse. This means that European customers get faster shipping, and the import fees are already included in the product’s price. However, not all products that are available in their Chinese warehouse are available in the European warehouse. Winspace has no warehouse outside China yet.

YOELEO has no framesets certification, but their wheels are UCI approved (although this approval is from 2016). Winspace has a UCI approved T1500 aero frameset and also UCI approved wheels (HYPER and Lún Road Series).

Both companies offer live chat support. So I decided to try it. I sent a few questions to both of them at around 8:30 AM (GMT+2), 2:30 PM (GMT+8).

Hello YOELEO / Winspace
What is your current approximate order processing time for wheels? How long does it take to ship them to Europe with standard and express shipping? And how much are the shipping and import fees for wheels?
Thank you in advance for your answer.

YOELEO was around 15 seconds quicker than Winspace. Both agents connected immediately. However, none of the agents answered my questions on point. They answered only 1 or 2 of my questions, so I had to ask follow-up questions. Unfortunately, it took significantly longer for the Winspace agent to answer them, and he stopped responding in the middle of our chat session. Huge fail. YOELEO is the clear winner here.

Maybe I was unlucky because being connected to a new, inexperienced agent or Winspace support is more overwhelmed. I waited about half an hour, but the agent did not get back to me.

In case you are interested in the answers to my questions, here they are:

YOELEO (see transcript)

  • Processing time 10-15 days
  • Delivery time with prepaid ($80) tax shipping 20-25 days
  • No additional import fees

Winspace (see transcript)

  • Processing time up to 10 days
  • Delivery time up to 25 days (free shipping)
  • No answer to the import fees question

Please, keep in mind that these time periods may vary and are not guaranteed.

Both brands offer products in similar price ranges. YOELEO wheels start at around $650, and frames at around $1,100. Winspace is slightly more expensive. Their HYPER wheels cost $1,200, and frames start at around $1,180. Lún wheels cost $698.

The table below shows a comparison of YOELEO and Winspace.

Product OfferWide (road, triathlon, MTB, CX, gravel, track...)Narrow (road, MTB, gravel)
European WarehouseYesNo
US WarehouseNoNo
UCI Approved WheelsYesYes
UCI Approved FramesNoT1500 only
Live Chat SupportYesYes
Wheels Warranty3 years2 years
Frames Warranty6 years3 years
Crash Replacement ProgramNoNo
Discount CodeUse 'CYCLISTSHUB' code to GET 2% OFF your purchaseUse 'CYCLISTSHUB10' code to GET 10% OFF your purchase
Comparison of YOELEO and Winspace that includes multiple criteria like the established date, products offer, warehouse availability, UCI approval, and more.

YOELEO Popular Products

YOELEO road wheels (C50|50), frames (R9, R11, R12), and integrated handlebar (H9 and H10) belong to one of the most popular YOELEO products. Let me explain why.

1. YOELEO SAT C50|50 PRO Wheels

YOELEO SAT PRO review: YOELEO SAT C50|50 DB PRO in front of a brick wall
My YOELEO SAT PRO 50mm wheels – read this YOELEO wheels review for more info

These UCI approved wheels can compete with wheels of mainstream brands not only thanks to the affordable price but also thanks to their riding characteristics. They are available in multiple widths (23, 25, 27 mm). The 25mm wide option weighs around 1520g which is more than Winspace HYPER.

Further reading: I also compared all YOELEO road bike wheelsets to explain their differences and help you choose the right ones.

They are stiff, responsive, and aero optimized. Based on Hambini independent testing, they absorb 185 watts at 30km/h (18.64mph). This is less than the Zipp 303 45mm (189 watts) or Giant SLR 42mm (190 watts).

Use this YOELEO discount code CYCLISTSHUB on yoeleobike.com during checkout to get 10% OFF your purchase. It’s also applicable to YOELEO Canada, Europe, and Japan. Share this code via email.

You might also be interested in this selection of the best Chinese carbon wheelsets.

2. YOELEO R11 Lightweight Frameset

YOELEO R11 frameset review: Golden/green R11 with Lún HYPER wheels and SRAM RED groupset
YOELEO R11 road bike frame – read this YOELEO R11 review for more info

R11 is an affordable lightweight carbon frame that weighs 850g in 54cm size. This makes it ideal for climbers. It is available for rim and disc brakes, in multiple colors and you can order a custom paint job too.

TIP: Check out the comparison of all YOELEO road framesets.

When you equip it with other YOELEO components, like the above-mentioned C50|50 wheels and H9 integrated handlebar, you can build an ultimate climbing machine with fully integrated cable routing.

3. YOELEO H9 V2 Integrated Handlebar

Best Chinese Carbon Road Bike Handlebar: The YOELEO H9 handlebar on my road bike detail
YOELEO H9 handlebar

This is the second generation of the YOELEO handlebar. YOELEO improved the internal cable routing of their H9 V1 handlebar in the H9 V2 version. It ensures easier cable installation. There are also other slight improvements in the material and construction.

You can choose their width (380, 400, 420, or 440 mm) and stem length (90, 100, 110, 120 mm) to maximize the fit.

Also available at yoeleoeurope.com

Winspace Popular Products

If you heard about Winspace, you probably heard about their HYPER wheels. People took Winspace online store by storm after Hambini’s review. But Winspace also develops other products.

1. Lún (Winspace) HYPER Wheels

Lún (Winspace) HYPER review: Lún HYPER 50mm disc brake in front of a brick wall
My Lún (Winspace) HYPER 50mm wheels – read this Lún HYPER wheels review for more info

Lún (Winspace) HYPER wheels look amazing. They are well-built, fast, and UCI approved. Even Hambini admitted he would be proud of putting his name on them.

They are available in multiple rim depths (38, 50, 65 mm) and also for rim or disc brakes. The 50mm rim option weighs just around 1349g (pair). Their only main disadvantage is that they are slightly more expensive than YOELEO SAT PRO C50|50.

A Few Words About Lún
Lún wheels by Winspace take the best from the flagship Winspace HYPER wheels. Lún wheels are slightly more affordable, focusing on the best price-performance ratio. Read this HYPER vs Lún Road Series article to find out which wheels to buy.

Use this Winspace discount code CYCLISTSHUB10 at winspace.cc or lunwheels.cc during checkout to get 10% OFF your purchase. Share this code via email.

2. Winspace T1500 Frameset

Winspace T1500 Review: T1500 during a sunset
Winspace T1500 aero road bike frame

Winspace T1500 is an aero frameset that includes seatpost and fork. It is UCI approved so you can use it in official UCI events. The frame weighs 1050g. It is available for disc and rim brakes.

My only complaint? The font of the logo. Anyway, if you equip it with HYPER wheels and a Winspace Zero handlebar, you get a nice aero machine.

If you are interested in a custom Winspace T1500 build, I recommend watching the Cam Nicholls series on YouTube.

Use this Winspace discount code CYCLISTSHUB10 at winspace.cc or lunwheels.cc during checkout to get 10% OFF your purchase. Share this code via email.

Don’t miss this selection of the Best Chinese Road Bike Frames.

3. Winspace Zero Integrated Handlebar

Winspace Zero road bike handlebar integrated with stem (view from the front)
Winspace Zero handlebar | Source: winspace.cc

Winspace Zero integrated handlebar is compatible with all Winspace frames. It is available in multiple stem lengths (85, 95, 105, 115, 125 mm) and widths (380, 400, 420, and 440 mm).

Of course, they were properly stress-tested so you can rely on them in any situation.

Use this Winspace discount code CYCLISTSHUB10 at winspace.cc or lunwheels.cc during checkout to get 10% OFF your purchase. Share this code via email.

YOELEO vs. Winspace FAQ

My Verdict

So, who is the winner in the YOELEO vs. Winspace duel? Both these brands produce quality carbon products that you can rely on…

If money weren’t a problem for me, I’d probably lean towards Winspace HYPER wheels. Their “butterfly” design is unique, and the Lún wheels also look great. However, Winspace’s offer of frames is very limited, so I would look for a frame and other components at YOELEO.

The only thing I’m sorry about is my experience with the Winspace live chat. There is clear room for improvement here for Winspace.

Due to the unfortunate experience with Winspace customer support, I recommend YOELEO.

I recommend yoeleoeurope.com for European customers (you get faster shipping and import fees are included in the product’s price)

Use this Winspace discount code CYCLISTSHUB10 at winspace.cc or lunwheels.cc during checkout to get 10% OFF your purchase. Share this code via email.

Which of these 2 brands is your favorite? Or do you prefer another Chinese bicycle brand? Let me know in the comments below.

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      However, I believe the stiffness differences between these bikes will be minimal. 🙂
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