Winspace vs. HUNT: Is One Brand Better Than the Other? (2021 Comparison)

Winspace vs. HUNT

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After reading internet discussions and forums, I noticed many people decide between Winspace vs. HUNT wheels. Maybe you are one of them.

Both brands produce mid-range and premium carbon wheels at similar price ranges, so it is difficult to choose.

However, there are rumors that HUNT wheels are just rebranded Chinese wheels and Winspace HYPERs are over-hyped thanks to Youtubers…

Are these rumors true? And are the wheels of one brand better than the other?

Let’s find out!

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About Winspace & HUNT

Winspace was founded in 2011. They develop and produce high-end carbon frames, wheels, and other bike accessories. Their wheelsets offer is much narrower than HUNTs’. They focus mainly on road cycling and gravel, frames, and accessories. Winspace also develops its own components like hubs. In 2020, they established an in-house brand called Lún (Lún means a “wheel” in Chinese). Since 2021, their road bike wheels (HYPER and Lún Road Series) are UCI-approved.

Winspace logo

HUNT was established in 2015. This UK brand focuses mainly on wheels. They began by selling alloy road bike wheels but quickly added carbon road, gravel, and MTB wheelsets. Thanks to their direct-to-consumer model, they are more affordable than many other brands. In addition, HUNT sponsors multiple professional teams. For example, they sponsored World Tour Team Qhubeka NextHash and other smaller teams in the 2020/21 season.

Hunt logo

Winspace vs. HUNT Compared

Let’s now take a closer look at the highlights of Winspace and HUNT.

Winspace Highlights

  • Narrow wheelsets offer
  • UCI approved wheels (HYPER & Lún Road Series) & UCI approved frame (T1500)
  • Unique wheels production technology (butterfly effect)
  • In-house designed wheels & hubs
  • 30-day return policy
  • 2-year warranty on wheels
  • 3-year warranty on framesets

HUNT Highlights

  • Wide wheelsets offer
  • UCI-approved wheels (no framesets in their offer)
  • Used by WT Team Qhubeka NextHash (2021) and other professional teams
  • In-house designed wheels & hubs
  • 60-day ride & return policy
  • 35% crash replacement discount policy
  • 3-year warranty on wheels

Winspace products offer is wider, except for wheelsets, they also produce framesets and other accessories. However, their wheelsets offer is narrower than HUNT’s.

Winspace HYPER wheels and one model of Lún Road Series wheels are UCI-approved. HUNT has an advantage here because all their wheelsets are UCI-approved. You can check it here (look for ‘Hunt’ and ‘LUN’ brands).

HUNT sponsored a World Tour Team Qhubeka NextHash (and a few PCT teams) in the 2020/21 season, while Winspace doesn’t sponsor any WT (or PCT) team.

Both brands use in-house developed hubs on their wheelsets.

I contacted HUNT to find out whether or not it is true that they just rebrand open mold wheels from Asia. They replied that they started as a company that sold open mold wheelsets and third-party rebranded hubs. Nowadays, they have in-house development and engineering team, and they produce HUNT-exclusive wheels in Taiwan.

HUNT provides its customers a 60-day ride & return policy, so you can try their wheels and return if you don’t like them. Winspace return policy is 30-days.

HUNT also covers their wheelsets with a 3-year warranty (Winspace has a 2-year warranty on wheelsets) and a crash replacement policy (you get a 35% discount if you crash).

Both brands offer wheels in similar price ranges. However, thanks to the wider wheels offer, HUNT wheels are available at multiple price ranges.

HUNT alloy wheels start at around $500, and the carbon wheels at around $1000.

Winspace Road Bike Series and GRAPID start around $800. The HYPERs are more expensive and cost around $1200.

The table below shows a comparison of HUNT and Winspace.

Products OfferWide (wheels, frames, accessories)Narrow (wheels only)
Wheels OfferNarrow (road + gravel)Wide (road, gravel, MTB,...)
UCI Approved WheelsYes (selected models only)Yes
UCI Approved FramesT1500 onlyn/a
Live Chat SupportYesYes
Wheels Warranty2 years3 years
Frames Warranty3 yearsn/a
Return Policy30-days60-days
Crash Replacement ProgramNo35% discount
Discount CodeUse 'cyclistshub10' code to get 10% off your purchasen/a

What Do People Say About Winspace Wheels?

I’ve seen plenty of reviews of Winspace HYPERs. The following ones belong to the best.


Think whatever you want about Hambini, but his engineering knowledge and experience cannot be questioned.

He is a former aerospace engineer and aerodynamics expert with high demands. He tested dozens of wheelsets and framesets and destroyed them to pieces (figuratively speaking).

Winspace HYPERs surprised him, and as he said in one of his videos, he wouldn’t be ashamed of putting his name on them, which is a huge compliment.

Oz Cycle (Steven Leffanue)

In the following review by Steven Leffanue (oz cycle), you will see Winspace HYPER 60mm from inside, spoke tension, centering, and more.

Steven is an avid cyclist with in-depth technical knowledge. He reviews bikes and bike accessories. He shows hard data.

As he said in his video: “I am very, very impressed. They [HYPERs] are extremely well made.”

Luescher Teknik

Luescher Teknik (Raoul Luescher) reviews carbon bicycle products in-depth. He is one of the biggest experts on carbon out there.

Raoul cuts carbon products to check their internal structure and built quality. He also praises HYPERs built quality.

You can watch his review below. Raoul pointed out that these wheels are maybe too stiff.


Reviewers were often surprised by HYPERs excellent price-value ratio. They are well-made, very aerodynamic, and super-stiff.

Speaking of stiffness, this is probably their biggest disadvantage because they are too stiff for harsh roads. Some owners also reported that spokes are creaking.

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What Do People Say About HUNT Wheels?

At the time of writing this comparison of Winspace vs. HUNT, I didn’t find any as in-depth technical reviews of HUNT wheels as Winspace wheels above.

The Bike Sauce

Nolan Tsuchiya, more known as a host of a YouTube channel, The Bike Sauce, is a professor of mechanical engineering, licensed engineer, and former bike mechanic.

He explains in his video the difference between entry-level and high-end gravel HUNT wheels.

One of the main advantages of HUNT wheels he mentioned is the wide wheels offer. They are suitable not only for beginners who want an affordable upgrade but also for demanding riders.


Saul from Velotique is an experienced bike mechanic who explains the ‘why’ behind various cycling and skiing topics.

He values Hunt 33 carbon aero disc wheels as responsive, comfortable, quality, and low weight. He was ‘thoroughly impressed with the quality and thought that went into the design of these wheels.”


HUNT wheels are suitable for a wide range of people because HUNT has a wide wheelsets offer. If you have a limited budget, their entry-level wheels will be a worthy upgrade of stock wheels. The 60-day return policy and crash replacement are also a big plus.

Unfortunately, there are not many 3rd party reviews from experts that would review HUNT wheels in-depth. This means it is hard to compare their performance with Winspace wheels.

Winspace vs. HUNT FAQ

My Verdict

There is no clear winner between Winspace and HUNT.

The built quality and riding performance of Winspace HYPER wheels back up the hype. On the other hand, Winspace has a much narrower wheelsets offer and no crash replacement program, and only a 30-days return policy.

HUNT has much wider wheelsets offer than Winspace. Their wheels are suitable for beginners, advanced, or pro riders. You also get a 60-day return policy and a crash replacement program. However, their wheels were not much in-depth reviewed yet by unbiased reviewers and experts.

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Do you have experience with one of these brands? Let me know in the comments below.

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