Trifox X10 Review: Well Built But Affordable

Trifox X10 review: Trifox X10 road bike on a street

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In this Trifox X10 review, you learn what to expect from X10 because I contacted one of its owners and asked him a few questions regarding his experience with Trifox and this frame.

You learn valuable insights that help you decide on the next frameset for your build.

Additionally, you get an 8% discount on the website.

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About Gean

Gean comes from Jaraguá Goiás, Brazil. He is 36 years old, and he has been cycling for 7 years.

Trifox X10 Build Summary

Trifox X10 is one of the few road bike framesets from Trifox. It’s an affordable aero road bike frameset popular among beginners or people who want to build their own road bike.

Below is a summary of the main specifications and features of Gean’s build.

Gean’s Trifox X10 Build Main Features

  • Claimed Frame Weight (size M): 1247g
  • Weight (with/without pedals): 8.9 kg / 8.6 kg (size 52)
  • Wheels: Vzan Concept Rims 38mm, 100*12,142*12, 24 holes ARC hubs
  • Groupset: Shimano 105, 11spd
  • Handlebar: Carbon 440mm (180g)
  • Saddle: Selle Italia SL
  • Tires: Continental Grand Sport Race 25mm
  • Bottom Bracket: BSA BB68

Trifox X10 Pros & Cons

Below, we summarized the pros and cons of the X10 frameset. 

Trifox X10 Frameset Pros

  • Available in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • Available in multiple colors
  • High finish quality
  • High build quality
  • Very affordable

Trifox X10 Frameset Cons

  • Available for disc brakes only
  • The handlebar is not included in the price

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Trifox X10 Purchase & Build Experience

Gean built this bike by himself. So, I asked him a few questions regarding the pre-order and build process.

Gean, can you please explain why you decided to buy Trifox X10? What was its main selling point for you?

I decided on Trifox because, during my research, I didn’t find any complaints about them. Additionally, their affordable prices, and I liked this frame model very much.

Where did you order the frame? How was the purchase? Did everything go smoothly?

I ordered the frame from the Trifox official store on Aliexpress. They answered all my questions, and everything went normal. I received the frame in less than 5 days. (Note: Gean ordered the frame from Aliexpress Brazil.)

Did you experience any issues when building the X10 bike (especially with the bottom bracket area and internal cable routing)?

No! By the time the frame arrived, I had researched all the parts needed. I prepared them before the assembly. Because I am a bike mechanic, I didn’t experience any issues when building the bike.

Trifox X10 Riding Experience

Below, you will learn more about Gean’s riding experience with Trifox X10.

X10 is an aero frameset. Does it feel and ride like a proper aero road bike? Or does it feel sluggish?

Because it is an aero bike, it is fast on flats, in descents, etc. But it also climbs well. Feel sluggish? No! It’s very responsive.

Aero bikes are known for their high stiffness. Does the X10 meet these criteria? 

Yes, very well.

What about the riding comfort? Could you rate it on a scale of 1-10? How do the frame and wheels handle harsh roads?

Because of its relatively aggressive geometry, I experience hand numbness during long rides (around 150 km). But overall, I would rate it 8/10. Unfortunately, local roads are not very good.

Trifox X10 complete build from the left side
Trifox X10 from the left side

Is the bike stable at high speeds, especially in descents?

Yes! It’s very stable and gains speed very quickly. It shakes slightly when entering/exiting a draft, but all bikes I’ve ridden were like that. 

What are your overall impressions from riding Trifox X10? What surprised you the most about this frameset?

I was very surprised by the quality of the finish done and its low weight.

Is there anything you don’t like about this bike?

I believe it delivers great value for the money. Its build quality is great, so you can rely on it and feel safe when riding it.

Is there anything you don’t like about this bike? 

No! I am very satisfied.

Trifox X10 Alternatives

Check out the following Trifox X10 Chinese aero road bike alternatives:

Trifox Products FAQ


Gean, would you recommend the Trifox X10 frameset? Is it worth its price?

Yes, I can definitely recommend it. It’s worth it. I’m very satisfied.

What are the overall costs of your build?

Approximately 2000 USD.

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  1. Profile picture of Petr Minarik - the founder of
    Douglas Zanatta

    I have bought a Trifox X18 frame from AliExpress for approximately USD 800 in December 2022. I professionally assembled it and started using it in January 2023. I have ridden the bike for about 600 miles or 1000km, and suddenly a significant crack appeared on the top part of the frame. I contacted the seller, providing 30 photos and several minutes of detailed videos, but unfortunately, they did not offer any assistance. They claimed that the crack may have been caused by a crash and therefore, the warranty does not apply. Despite this major manufacturing flaw, there is not a single scratch on the bike. I strongly advise against purchasing products from Trifox due to my negative experience. Please exercise caution!

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